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Data Coordinator United States

Long Beach, MS, 39560
January 30, 2024

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William (Will) Preston Dunaway Jr.

**** ***** ******* *****, **** Beach, MS 39560

Cellular: 804-***-****



Bachelor of Science - Marine Science, Coastal Carolina University, (2007)


Passionate, enthusiastic, team oriented, marine survey professional with 16 years of hydrographic, and bathymetric experience. I have worked in various bodies of water (shallow and deepwater) all over the world for the United States Government, predominantly performing bathymetric/hydrographic mapping and Side Scan Sonar mapping, with additional experience with magnetometer and high-resolution sparker seismic data. Most recently (last 5 years) have been focused on client based offshore wind farm and cable route investigations including Multibeam, subbottom, katria/magnetometer, and side scan acquisition Multibeam and sidescan processing, as well as navigation for vessels in the North Atlantic.


Marine geophysical surveying (Side Scan Sonar, Subbottom Sonar)

Hydrographic surveying (Multibeam and Singlebeam Echosounders)

Geotechnical sampling (Vibracoring, Grab Sampling)

Vessel Navigation and Positioning

Data Coordinator

Business Strategy

Project Execution

Comparative Analysis

Resource Allocation

Competitive Analysis

Strategic Planning


Hydro (Caris (HIPS and SIPS and BASE), Qimera (formerly fledermaus), PosPac, SeaView, SonarWiz, SonarPro, FMMidwater, Maglog, ENVI)

Spatial (ArcGIS, QGIS, Global Mapper)

General (Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe)


Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey Norwood, NJ

Hydrographer April 2021 – present

Work focused on multiple client-based offshore wind projects that have included: (1) the collection of 24 geotechnical, geochemical, & geo-archeological CPTs associated with the Fugro RWE GWO project, offshore New Jersey and New York. Geophysical (1 each) Bosaklis, SouthCoast, ERM, and Equinor projects, offshore East Coast, (5) Dominion Wind Project, offshore Virginia, and (3) Vineyard Wind, offshore Massachusetts, whose responsibilities included:

Back Deck Operations

Marine geophysical surveying (Side Scan Sonar, Subbottom Sonar)

Hydrographic surveying (Multibeam and Singlebeam Echosounders)

Geotechnical sampling (Vibracoring, Grab Sampling)

Vessel Navigation and Positioning

Data Coordinator

Fugro USA Marine, Inc Lafayette, LA

Senior Data Processor April 2020- April 2021

Work focused on multiple client-based offshore wind projects that have included: Geophysical (5) Shell/Mayflower Wind project, offshore Massachusetts and (4) Ørsted skipjack Wind Project, offshore Massachusetts, whose responsibilities included:

Back Deck Operations

Process Side Scan Sonar, Multibeam and Backscatter data.

Mobilize survey vessel for sea trials and beginning of client project.

Run and network cables to enable computers to process data.

Fugro USA Marine, Inc Lafayette, LA

Data Processor February 2019- April 2020

Back Deck Operations

Process Side Scan Sonar and Multibeam data.

Apply correctors needed for 24 hour and extended deliveries.

Ensure all data is within required Specification of the given client.

Make sure logs are up to date and accurate for handover to next crew.


Naval Oceanographic Office Stennis Space Center, MS

Physical Scientist August 2007 – February 2019

Lead Hydrographer

Represented NAVO (Naval Oceanographic Office) at Multi-Beam sonar conferences in New Orleans, LA and at the World Oceanographic Conference in: Goa, India DeNang, Vietnam; Casablanca, Morocco; and Manila, Philippines.

Presented briefs to Executive Management, Political Dignitaries, and high-ranking Military Officials, both foreign and domestic, including: JPAC, Lockheed Martin, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Hydroid, SAIC, IEC (Interstate Electronic Corporation), LEIDOS, Kongsberg, Trident research, and NOTU (Naval Ordinance Test Unit).

Subject Matter Expert (SME) in collection, coordinating, and processing of: oceanographic, acoustic, bathymetric, hydrographic, LIDAR, geologic, and meteorological data.

Provided SME-level training to subordinates and peers.

Precise Point Positioning (PPP) data acquisition.

Developed, maintained, and revised process flow charts for standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Implemented quality improvement, techniques, and presented data analysis reports.

Lead Bathymetrist

Evaluate and prepare data for government contractors and outside Agencies.

Present validation briefs on completed bathymetric and survey projects to supervisors and peers.

Team member in the development of a software programs for bathymetry line spacing to cover bathymetry overlap accurately and with improved efficiency.

Developed methodologies for analyzing, evaluating, and digitizing acoustic and oceanographic data for transferring into the Geographic Information System (GIS).

Created survey plans, survey areas, survey lines, and coverage grids for bathymetric surveys.

Lead Instructor for NAVO courses; including ISS-60.

Lead Oceanographer

Collected xbts and ctds as needed and ensure the sound velocities were correct.

Lead Side Scan Analyst

Collected, analyzed, and processed side scan sonar and bathymetric data for NGA charts and other maritime purposes.

Hydrographic Technician

Collected, correlated, and applied the corrections as needed.

Lead teams on software selection for various departments; including Mine Warfare Quality Assurance Branch and NAVO Bathymetric Validation.

Experienced in: tide gauge installation, geodetic bench marks installations, Global Positioning System (GPS) observations, buoy deployments, bathymetric surveys, hydrographic surveys, seismic surveys, AUV surveys (LBS), Q-route surveys, long-transit surveys, target surveys, cable running, equipment and software debugging, collecting sound profiles (XBT, MVP, CTD), multi-beam acquisition (all commercially available Kongsberg systems), acquisition of acoustic Doppler current profiler data, sub-bottom acquisition, bioluminescence intensity surveys, core and grab sampling, EARS survey (N9 Branch), tidal buoy deployment, and other metocean data acquisition.

Experienced using Microsoft Office Suite.


ZULU BRAVO- time sensitive data product (2018)

Survey Excellence Award from NAVO Hydrography Department - Above the Call of Duty (2013)

“On-the-Spot” Award from NAVO Bathymetric Validation Department (2010)

“On-the-Spot” Award from Mine Warfare Quality Assurance Branch (2007)

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