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Engineer Design

Flint, Michigan, United States
April 21, 2017

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Flint, Michigan – 48504



Automotive Engineering graduate from Kettering University (formerly GMI) with four years of working experience seeking a fulltime opportunity in the areas of Noise, Vibrations, Acoustics, Vehicle Dynamics or Structural Dynamics. Expertise in using NVH, FEA and Multi-Body Dynamics tools like LMS Test.Lab, LMS Virtual.Lab, MSC Adams, Abaqus and VIC-3D.


M.S. (Automotive Systems Engineering) – Kettering University, Flint – USA (GPA: 3.8) Oct. 2015 - Mar. 2017

Key course work – NVH, Experimental and Analytical Modal Analysis, Fundamentals of Acoustics for NVH Application, FEA with Structural Application, Vehicle System Dynamics, Chassis System Design, Vehicular Crash Dynamics

B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) – Walchand Institute of Technology, India (GPA: 3.7) Aug. 2007 - June 2011


NVH: LMS Test.Lab - MIMO, Impact Testing, Spectral Testing, Sound Intensity Testing & Sound Intensity Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, VIC – 3D (DIC), LMS Virtual.Lab, FEM Tools, TEMA Automotive, LabVIEW.

Multi-Body Dynamics: MSC Adams CAR, CarSim, SuspensionSim

CAD & CAE: Abaqus, NX, CATIA V5 R19, Autodesk Inventor, Siemens FactoryCAD, Autodesk Factory Design Suite

Programming Language: MATLAB, Simulink, Basics of C, C++ and Python


1.K. Patil, J. Baqersad, A. Sheidaei, “Extracting Mode Shapes of a Tire Using Digital Image Correlation” submitted to 35th IMAC, A Conference on Structural Dynamics, CA, 2017 (Accepted)

2.K. Patil, J. Baqersad, J. Bastiaan, “Effects of Boundary Conditions and Inflation Pressures on the Natural Frequencies and 3D Mode Shapes of a Tire”, SAE Noise and Vibration Conference, Grand Rapids, MI, 2017 (Accepted)

3.K. Patil, J. Baqersad, M. Behroozi, “Experimental Modal Analysis on a Tire - Lessons Learned”, submitted to International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration (IJVNV), 2017 (Review phase)

4.K. Patil, J. Baqersad “Extracting Vibration Characteristics of a Guitar using FEA, Modal Analysis and DIC technique” 5th Joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan, HI, 2016 (Accepted)


Graduate Research Assistant – Kettering University, Flint, MI Oct. 2015 – Present

The focus of my research is performing analytical and experimental studies in the areas of Noise and Vibrations and develop a new technique for vibration measurement that is easy, quick and provides precise results.

Thesis – “Full-field Dynamic Measurements of Vehicle Vibrations using Digital Image Correlation” [1]

Proposed a new approach that identifies a uniform scaling factor and enables us to stitch the operating shapes extracted using Digital Signal Processing (time domain to frequency domain) of the data obtained from different views of cameras

The results obtained using this technique correlated precisely with those obtained using conventional modal analysis

Teaching Assistant – Walchand Institute of Technology, India July 2013 – April 2014

Mentored students to build a formula style race car (SUPRA – FSAE India), an All-Terrain Vehicle (BAJA), Go-Kart and Effi-Cycle for the national and international competitions

Established a project management and individual performance tracking system during the execution of aforementioned projects which helped us complete the projects along with its documentation well within time

Design Engineer – TATA Technologies Ltd. India July 2011 – July 2013

Designed python based smart parametric factory objects using Siemens FactoryCAD and Autodesk FDS

Created virtual factory layouts using smart factory objects

Drafted release manuals and help files

Clients: Ford Motor Company (NA), General Motors (NA), Tata Motors, Gestamp, Kuttig


Effects of Boundary Conditions and Inflation Pressure on Vibration Characteristics of a Tire [2]

Conducted experimental modal analysis and correlation analysis on a tire in free-free and fixed condition & at inflation pressures varying from 26 psi to 36 psi to study it’s influence on the dynamic characteristics of a tire

The change in boundary condition substantially affected the mode shapes dropping the MAC value to 0.4 for the higher order modes however the natural frequencies were marginally affected

The change in tire inflation pressure did not affect the mode shapes (MAC:0.8 – 0.7) however, 7 – 10 % shift in the natural frequencies was observed

Experimental Modal Analysis on Tire using an Impact Hammer [3]

This experiment is a successful attempt to obtain the lateral and longitudinal mode shapes of a tire using a screw attachment to the impact hammer

The obtained mode shapes with this attachment correlated well with the shaker results up to 200 Hz and thus enables us to use the simple impact testing for the vibration measurement of a tire

Extracting Vibration Characteristics of a Guitar using FEA, Modal Analysis and DIC Technique [4]

Full field vibration characteristic of a guitar soundboard was obtained using the non-contacting Digital Image Correlation technique and validated the results using conventional modal analysis technique and FEA

Further studied the effect of guitar strings on the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a guitar

The vibration characteristics obtained using the DIC technique correlated precisely with the accelerometer results

Attaching the strings did not change the mode shapes of the guitar (MAC: 0.9-0.7) however, a small shift of less than 2% was observed in the natural frequencies of the guitar

Acoustical Experiments using Sound Intensity Probes and Microphones

Studied the source localization of the sound emitted from the guitar soundboard using the sound intensity probe

Studied the technique to obtain the acoustic modes experimentally and using Boundary Element Method(BEM) and further obtained the acoustics modes of a tire using LMS Virtual.Lab

The sound intensity mapping created using both MATLAB and LMS Test.Lab showed that the intensity of sound was maximum in area of guitar soundhole


Mini Sled Project Oct. 2016 – Dec. 2016

Performed a 1-D crash analysis (mini sled crash test) using paper cups and calculated the pre-impact and post-impact speeds analytically and further validated the results using TEMA Automotive and accelerometer data

The error in the analytical results were less than 10 % as compared to the results obtained using TEMA Automotive and accelerometer data which can be attributed to the assumptions made during the analytical calculations

Vehicle Dynamics Analysis of a 2010 Toyota Venza (V6 AWD) July 2016 – Sept. 2016

Calculated tire patch forces for acceleration, braking and cornering maneuvers, suspension spring rate, pitch rate, steering moment & quasi static rollover threshold

Performed wide open throttle (WOT), cornering, braking, rollover, suspension travel & static steer test simulations using CarSim and SuspensionSim and the percentage error in the results were within 8%

Parametrization of F-Tire April 2016 – June 2016

Studied the various linear and non-linear numerical tire models (Fiala, UOA, MF-Swift, F-Tire)

Analyzed every parameterization technique required to fit the F-tire model to a physical tire and performed the modal analysis on a tire required to fit a F-tire

Sensitivity Analysis of a Macpherson Strut Suspension System Parameters by OFAT Feb. 2015 – July 2015

Number of experiments were carried out by varying location of the hard points along all the three axes (x, y & z) for “Roll & Vertical Force” loadcase using MSC Adams

Further performed a sensitivity analysis of the results obtained from MSC Adams using One Factor at a Time method

This study will guide engineers achieve target response with minimal iterations. Additionally, it can also be used in tuning the suspension parameters on the production line at wheel alignment stations

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