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Systems Engineer

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
January 24, 2017

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Robert C. Childs

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Senior Systems Engineer (OOAD and Functional)

Space Flight Control Center Design, Development, Operations, and Project Management

Director of Operations for the AF Space Surveillance Center

Space Situational Awareness SME in C$ISR, Sensors and Requirements

Missile Defense Simulation Development, Analysis and V&V

Astrodynamics Software and Systems Design and Development

Missile and Space Systems Intelligence Collection and Analysis

Ballistic Missile Performance Engineer

NSA Staff Physicist/Staff Cryptologist

GPS Satellite Mission Analyst

Security Clearance: Top Secret SCI/SAP SSBI 14 December 2012

Computer Platforms: PC, Mac and Sun, IBM

Computer Software: UNIX, Microsoft Office, AGI STK 10 Comprehensive Training/ODTK, DOORS Administrator, Optical Processing at Lincoln (OPAL) SAA mission planning and data processing software, LIDS GMD System Simulation,, Razor CM tool, various other UML software packages, LIDS VTS V&V analysis and documentation software package, UNIX, Boeing Evaluation Environment software package, Real Time Orbit Determination (RTOD) (company proprietary software package).

Job History:

2007 – present: The Boeing Company. Senior Systems Engineer for the Space-Based Space Surveillance satellite system. I am the SME for Space Situational Awareness for Boeing and 1 SOPS. Currently, performs duties for Operations Engineering including SV payload calibration, analysis of mission data, development of tactics for system employment (TTP), and coordination with AF Space Command, JSpOC and NASIC to verify data integrity system performance and the conduct of special studies and analysis. One performance studies and analysis resulted in a 75% reduction in the number of failed collects. Writes maintenance manual procedure documents, work instructions and draft Technical Order updates. Authored System Specification and Interface Control Specifications for an advanced communication system associated with the program. Documented system sell-off procedures and work instructions for the SBSS Training Simulation (TSIM). In the beginning of the program I was responsible for the successful development of all operational procedures and process documents, and the coordination and approval process with the government customer. I created the DOORS database used to capture all procedures, related requirements, verification tests and training requirements. Authored sections for conducting mission planning, mission Day-in-the-Life, satellite vehicle calibration, and security of the SBSS Operations Concept document. Lead the effort to facilitate the development and improvements to the GOTS software (OPAL) used to perform mission planning and data processing to insure the capture of operational concepts not explicitly stated in the requirements. Conducted on-orbit tests for requirements sell-off, and for system capability characterization. Provided training for the Air Force operators during transition to blue-suit operations.

2001 – 2007: Northrop Grumman Mission Systems. Lead Systems Engineer

responsible for developing GMD system and element level Verification and

Validation requirements, plans and reports to assess missile defense models

and simulations. The DOORS administrator for compiling requirements, tests

methods, metrics, acceptability criteria, source specifications and all

message and data parameters necessary to support automated comparison

analysis of real world tests with simulation data, and the generation of

reports and briefings. Performed design, development and test of the

automated V&V Test Suite used for analysis of simulation data. Performs

duties as the resident Subject Matter Expert for missile defense radars,

BMC3, threats and interceptors, providing objective and subjective scoring

of test data comparisons. Serves as the Colorado Springs data manager for

all Integrated Ground and Flight Test data used to support simulation

software development, V&V analysis, and GMD system level interface design

and development. Provided liaison between GMD simulation software

developers, JNIC analyst, JPO, Missile Defense Agency, and the government

VV&A agent. Performed regression analysis, quality testing on intermediate

software builds, and FQT of simulation software deliveries.

1998 – 2001: Logicon Advanced Technology (Later Northrop Grumman).

Senior Systems Engineer with the National Missile Defense Lead Systems

Integration (LSI) contract producing the LSI Integrated Distributed

Simulation (LIDS) System Simulation element. Lead engineer responsible for

Object Oriented Analysis and Design of System Simulation requirements,

architecture, database structure, API, Pre-processor, Run processor, Post

-processor analysis reports, and the GUI using automated UML tools (Cool

Jex/ObjectTeam). Generated the B level specification for the LIDS system

and element level models. Provided design and development status

presentations to management and government on the progression of the system

simulation element. Coordinated interface modifications to support data

analysis to meet customer requirements for assessing simulation capability.

Write and respond to Software Anomaly Reports. Conduct studies and peer

reviews to provide continual improvements to all LIDS elements.

1993 – 1998: Logicon Ultrasystems/Applied Technology Associates (Later Northrop Grumman). Senior Systems Engineer. Lead engineer for the OOA&D of requirements,design and development for the Orbital Analysis and Mission Planning

segment of the Resource Management System (RMS) replacement for the Air

Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN). Wrote the winning Proposal and a

subsequent ECP that doubled the initial contract work. Responsible for

identification of company COTS products, their redesign and recoding from

Fortran to Ada. Development of new algorithms to support the orbital

analysis requirements. Designed the control GUI and database for this

segment. Integrated all the components into a single system. Performed

detailed reviews with the Prime Contractor and customer and delivered all

proposals, OO documentation (Rational Rose), schedules, and budget

materials as required.

Lead System Engineer for the Orbital Analysis Workstation (OAWS) to be

delivered to operational users of the AFSCN. Performed requirements

definition, software design, development, test and deployment of the OAWS

on time and under budget.

Systems Engineer providing new requirements definition and system

modifications for the Real Time Orbit Determination (RTOD) software product. Performed new business development tasks using RTOD for a solution to

three classified government users programs. Modified sequential filter

algorithms and biases, installed and tested the RTOD software in support of

DSP strategic and tactical missions.

Systems Engineer providing operational orbital analysis services support to

AFSCN users. Performed training, astrodynamics research and development of

new user capabilities (modified a batch fit program to perform weighted

sequential filtering of observations). Performed FQT of other contractor

provided software to the AFSCN.

1992 – 1993: Martin Marietta

Chief Orbital Analyst, Data Manager, and Satellite Performance Analyst for

the National Test Facility Center for Research Support (CERES). Performed

requirements analysis, operations research, design, trade studies, proofs

of concept demos, installation and testing of satellite control facilities

for the Brilliant Eyes, Brilliant Pebbles, and the ALTAIR space-based laser.

1991 – 1992: Vanguard Research

Systems Engineer providing SETA support for the development of the NTF

Center for Research Support. Responsible for analyzing budgets, schedules,

designs and planning documents. Wrote Functional Requirements documents,

Statements of Work, and A and B System Specifications.

1990 – 1991: Private Consultant

Proposal development for the orbital analysis software portion of the ICE

maintenance contract for Cheyenne Mountain AFB.

1978 – 1990: USAF

In reverse order from last job to first:

- 1st Space Wing Operations, Peterson AFB, CO. Responsible for writing

orbital analysis performance specifications and coordinating testing and local software upgrades of all phased array radar missile early warning assets to support

SPADOC 2 and 3 upgrades.

- Director of Operations 1st Command and Control Squadron, Cheyenne

Mountain AFB. Supervising Space Surveillance Center operations crews,

Training personnel, and Standardization and Evaluation personnel.

- Chief of the Orbital Analysis Branch of the AF Space Surveillance Element,

CMAFB. Responsible for performing radar bias determination, solar

effects modeling and contingency operations and planning for and during

solar max events. Coordinated all astrodynamics software upgrades and

operational testing.

- Falcon AFS, CO. GPS Mission Payload Analyst support and on orbit

monitoring and control of payload hardware and software. Coordinated

timing of all ground station and satellite payload clocks. Interfaced with

the user community to provide current satellite ephemerides and clock


- Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. Graduate

work in sequential filter technology, error covariance functions and high

fidelity force and error models. Additional work in Operations Research


- National Security Agency, Ft. Meade, MD. Lead analyst on all new/unknown

and deep space foreign space technology programs. Responsible for

scheduling intelligence assets, performing detailed analysis of collected

data and producing reports and briefings of findings. Chief orbit

operations and analysis support to DEFSMAC on mission indications and

warnings, and mission collection plans and contingencies. Performed

crypto-analysis of foreign communication traffic in support of new system

deployments. Determined through detailed analysis and research that a

National Intelligence gap existed that could be a cause of grave danger to

National Assets. Authored briefings and position papers for the Secretary of Defense, Director of Central Intelligence, Director of NSA and Commander USSPACECOM. Managed a technology investigation study funded through CIA that eventually became part of a deployed gap filler program for the National Intelligence gap that existed.

- Foreign Technology Division, Shemya AFB, AK. Chief of Intelligence

operations, collections and analysis for the Cobra Dane radar in support of

the SALT II Treaty. Responsible for directing collection operations

against foreign ballistic missile test activity, analyzing the data and

providing detailed reports and data to DoD intelligence agencies.

- Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. Ballistic Missile

Performance Engineer in the Free Flight and Reentry section. Assigned

specific ballistic missile types, plus all new systems under foreign test.

Used all source data for trajectory and payload deployment reconstruction.

Prepared reports and briefings for all DoD intelligence agencies.

- OLAA ADCOM (later SAC), Concrete MEWS, Concrete, ND. Crew Commander for

the PARCS Ballistic Missile Early Warning radar.

Education: BS Mathematics, East Carolina University, 1978.

Graduate work in filter technology and physics based

modeling, AFIT, 1986

Graduate work in Astrodynamics, University of Colorado

-Colorado Springs, 1998

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