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Manager Management

Colombo, WP, Sri Lanka
January 15, 2017

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My Curriculum Vitae

M. Niranjan Jude Perera Seneviratne

***/*/*, ************ *******,

Galahitiyawa, Ganemulla,

Colombo, Sri Lanka

E-mail :

Tel : +94-033-***-****

Mobile : +94-077-***-****,

Career Objectives

Obtain a challenging position that will allow me to expand upon my potential and continue to accumulate knowledge.


Positive thinker, efficient analytical personnel with the proven ability to meet deadlines of the given objective and Targets as well as an initiator and decision maker where it needed. A good communicator & fast learner and also experienced as very good team player by achieving as individual goals as well. Well achiever and go-getter to the success by improving continually drive reach the mile stone as world leader in of solid rubber tires by with the getting active involvement of all levels.


I have 23 years of experience in tire manufacturing industry by setting-up the individual workstation to mass production of Pneumatic and Solid Rubber Tires in LOADSTAR, Sri Lanka and gained several other facilities especially lean management philosophy and gradual implementation to the workstation in each value streams by leading and directing all functions of the world largest Solid Tire Manufacturing Plant of Material Handling Business Unit.

Production Management Health, Safety & Environment Management

World class manufacturing Management Operations and Performance Management

Total Quality Management Lean Based/Process Improvement Management

HR & Administration Management Engineering & Workshop Management

5S & TPM implementation management


Achieved Six Sigma Black Belt Certification : 2016

MBA in Project Management : European Continental University ( USA ) : 2014

MBA from International University of America, under affiliation of Post graduate Institute of Business management, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. ; 2013

Awarded HCM.UK,eminent certified member of CEA (Corporation of Executives & Administrators)

B.Sc., Physical Science Degree from University of Peradeniya., Sri Lanka with the following subjects Chemistry, Pure Mathematics &Physics : 1991

Diploma in Business Administration in University of Sri Jayewardenepura, SriLanka : 2002

Certificate training course followed at Indian Rubber Research Institute, Kottayam in Kerala, INDIA, 2001.

Participated Lean Summit in Quebec, CANADA in 2011 of CamoplastSolideal Inc., world leading in solid rubber tire manufacturer and also Rubber Tracks and wheels.

Participated the world leading Tire Exhibition in 2007 in Köln, GERMANY and actively linked with seminars and lectures to gain and share the knowledge among participants come from all continents.

Being an active member and as “change agent “of change management process as “Navodaya “program, leading with the World leader Mckinsey international.

Worked as the core member of the lean transformation process when implementing the Loadstar Production System as ‘LPS ‘at Loadstar Private Limited as world Leader in a Solid Rubber Tires.

Active member of ‘Capability Council ‘of the existing company (world leading company in solid rubber tires and tracks)

Diploma in Quality Management In SLSI : 2000

Certified auditor for QMS : ISO 9001 in 1999

Diploma in Rubber Technology in Sri Lanka Plastic and Rubber Institute : 1996

General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) – 1984

General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) : 1979


Set-up the 2nd Manufacturing plant at Kotugoda, Minuwangoda, Colombo, Sri Lanka of Industrial Pneumatic Tires in 1992 as a project based and successfully grown in a drastic way for growth of Loadstar was the turning point to the tire manufacturing in South-East Asia region. And drastic improvement of Pneumatic tires from the 8’-12” initially and fulfill the target of making up to 28” tires within 6-7 years’ time at Kotugoda plant.

I was the active member of the lean transformation journey: the change management process called ‘Loadstar Navodaya-journey to world class’ act as core member with collaborative support from the world leading consultants, Mckinsey International.

I have implemented the LPS: Loadstar Production System under lean based manufacturing set-up at the Ekala Tire Division of Loadstar a largest Solid Tire Factory within a group and the world situated at Ekala, Ja-ela and enhanced the production capacity the Capacity up to 120 ton per day, being in-charge of factory production process and other services units specially engineering unit through implementing and directing them.

Developed &established Team Leader centric management concept as TLBO: Team Leader based organization by empowering Team Leader, Group Team Leader for the direct business to touch the customer requirement directly it’s been processed for other manufacturing value streams as well.

I have manage the 1200 employees including nearly 100 staff members by motivating them of their abilities and get involved to take decisions in a professional manner to solve the problems which are facing day to day in the production process to reach the global customers by giving them the super quality products

Set budgets/targets. for each Production Module as profit centers and maintained the ISO Standards of ISO: 9001:2000 and ISO: 14001 to confirm the quality and the safe and better environment standards to achieve the world class level through lean based manufacturing methods and lead to ensure the safety, quality and cost levers to deliver the good in time with level of acceptable quality through enhance productivity.

By empowering the employees and encourage them to do innovation as kaizen improvement of their work to improve the process efficiency as well as the quality of the process to develop the work standard (through work combination charts and developing the process map in regular intervals), to improve the productivity by evaluating and monitored very closely with the coaches appointed of each production unit/value streams.

Achieved the best supplier for the Toyota USA, France & Europe within last 2 years by leading &directing the management and the team members by converting the mindset to world standard.

Also implemented the 5S standard practices for all cells and manufacturing loops to upgrade the employee work standard and the human & process safety and it’s being continuing with regular update.

Associated member of the Plastic and Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka.(SLPRI)

Project Consultant-Tire Factory /General Manager at Global Engineering Solutions Pvt Limited.

Currently engage as a project consultant in Tire Manufacturing Company in India while operating as General Manager in Global Engineering Solutions Private Limited

Factory General Manager at Adam Carbons Private Limited, a member of Adam Investments PLC.,

Currently working at the Adam Carbons Private Limited situated at Giriulla area, as Factory General Manager of the company Which produces Activated Carbons for the world purification solution, such as water, air and other aspect of extraction of Gold, Copper etc.

Currently I’m heading of all functions of production/operations, engineering Human Resources & Administration, Finance & Purchasing of raw materials etc..,

General Manager/ Plant Director at LOADSTAR Private Limited a manufacturing

Division of Camoplast Solideal from 2010 to 2014

* Headed the two manufacturing plants which of the world largest Solid Tire manufacturing plant as Ekala Tire Division at Ekala and the other one is situated at Opatha, Kotugoda which produces Air Tires in material handling category in major and SKS tire of solid Including biggest solid tires and also established recently, the latest robotics technological advancement of Solid SKS type tire Manufacturing unit.

* Leading with latest floor level management philosophy and mechanism as TLBO-Team Leader Based Organization process at Ekala Tire Division by empowering Team member and Group Team Leader by team leader centric establishment in daily business management.

* Mainly I have responsible for Cost, Delivery and Quality of the production process and products. And also to maintain the standard in accordingly as customer needs. Do the shipments as planned according to global order processing system (GOP) of Loadstar-Solideal. and to follow the Human Resources function including manage welfare functions to keep motivating the people and satisfying them and direct the subordinates to do proper evaluation in according to their performances.

* Currently operating as a General Manager position in world largest Solid Tire Manufacturing plant at Ekala having capacity of 180 tons In weight and over 4500 tires per day,under Loadstar private Limited as a manufacturing division of CamoplastSolideal Inc. in Québec, Canada Developed the process improvement teams and encouraged them to do continuous improvements as a team rather than doing individual always.

*Introduced the TQM process by empowered the shop floor employees by educating them, how to do the problem Solving and analyses in a systematic and proficient manner to lead the online quality control process and get the quality output.

*Lead the organization when the country situation and even political situation is not suited with the industry environment and run the highest production with the better quality products with them and guiding and directing through the worker councils and leaders of the tire modules and coached them in a proper manner without having any interruption to the planned shipments.

Factory Manager at Ekala Tire Division 1 from 2008-2010

Upgraded and modified and re-engineered the very first,oldest factory by re-lay outing and the redefined process flow to the efficient way to match with the manufacturing lead time with the minimization of tire building and preparation to enhance the curing capacities and develop the ergonomics of the people engaged.-up the Oldest Factory up to change the layout through the process mapping and by developing the value stream mapping under lean management philosophy and set up the work cell and the loos based on value streams with Team Leader centric work center management.

Apart from the factory manager, engaging of the lean transformation process introduction and implementing to the existing work practices and change the manufacturing process (at loadstar )by introducing cell/loop manufacturing to ensure the highly flexible manufacturing process for the future trends by adopting as a benchmark of TPS(Toyota Production System).

Factory Manager at Kotugoda Tire Division from 2002-2007

We builded up the latest technological advancement for the fabric calendaring division to enhance the productivity and minimize the waste and cost of production under my tenure and it will leads to product quality and deliver the product on time without failure or delay.

Manage the production tonnage of 100 tons of Pneumatic tires and Solid tires as highest consuming plant within a loadstar group. Implementing Lean Management systems and tools to the plant and identifying the Non-value adding processes and activities through the employees and leading the process among the Loadstar manufacturing plants by implementing 5S practices into behavioral aspect of up to the team member level on the shop floor.

Senior Production Manager at Kotugoda Tire Division from 1998-2002

We have established with the latest technological aspect of tire building techniques through the advancement through introducing through the new machinery and achieved highest productivity and quality of the product and also developed the people skills diverted to the new era through continual improvement coming from them as innovation and kai-zens.

Senior Production Executive at Kotugoda Tire Division from 1995-1998

As a 2nd plant of Loadstar leads the product implementation of pneumatic/air tires to the market were accelerated and throughout the process from the recruitment, training and development of the shop floor and the staff category done and with the development of the tires and the managing the process flow by establishing the quality standard by implementing IS0:9000 to the plant was highly recognition among the main customers including OEM.

Started as Management Trainee by Taking over the Air Tire Project and Production Executive at Kotugoda Tire Plant from 1992-1995

Initiated the 2nd Plant of the Loadstar in 1992 at Opatha, Kotugoda and started the Air Tire Project manager and started prototype production. To do this develop whole process mixing,fabric and layer calendaring,Tire Building,curing and post curing up to the customer gate /Final QC and aligned the machinery according to process flow after acquiring the Rubberite Limited which was situated at Kotugoda in 1992.

By developing and modifying the machines, specially tire building machines and the processes to enhance the productivity by upgrading and uplifting the people working standard and ergonomically and safely.

Worked for Lever Brothers Ceylon Ltd.,( currently known as Unilever Sri Lanka ) as Market Research Analyst in Market Research Dept. in 1987-88

Worked for Mercantile Credit Limited as an Insurance Accounts Clerk for one year period in 1984

Personal Data

Name in Full : Mawathege Niranjan Jude Perera Seneviratne

Address : 132C1, Ariyathilake Mawatha, Galahitiyawa, Ganemulla, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 10th of January 1965

Civil Status : Married

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Telephone : +94-033-***-****

Mobile : +94-077-***-**** (most preferable to contact)


Non-Related Referees

Mr. Koenraad Pringiers,

Senior Executive Director-Manufacturing, Construction BU,

Loadstar Private Limited, a manufacturing division of CamoplastSolideal,

Mobile: +940*********


Dr. Tissa Jinasena,


Board of Directors, CamoplastSolideal Inc.,

Quebec, Canada.

Mobile: +94-077-***-****


I do hereby certify that the above particulars given by me are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

M.NJ.P. Seneviratne

Date:10th Jan 2016

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