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Manager Management

Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines
150000/m/net of all taxes
October 31, 2016

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Director of Projects / Senior Projects Manager


Dear Sir,

Submitting herewith an up-dated (resume) {Director of projects, Senior Projects Manager } position for large scale Infrastructures Project / Construction Business Development and Executive Management of multi-function position. Manage projects operation, planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluations methods of detailing and financial management. Skillfully to contracts, tender and procurement processes anchored for design, cost and time management, commercially prepared but global in presentation due to awareness under Values of projects Civil Construction, Engineering and Technical Management in principle.

Captures an intent for position to impart solid, extensive, experience managing multiple projects of full scope of job order of multibillion dollars projects portfolio. Mega infrastructures projects,[Civil, Electrical and MEPF], Forest Development of 125,000 hectares land development’.[constructions, maintenance and reforestation projects] amounted - $1.8billion USD, for Phase I &2 of Projects cost .Vertical Constructions [hospitals, hotels,towers, condominiums, shopping malls, high rise building and high end residential homes, arena,stadium, and coliseum . Horizontal Constructions [roads and bridges and rail transportation] all category, Port and Harbor, Reclamation and Marine projects. Refineries, industrial, oil & gas petro chemical, water and sewerage system, airport, irrigation, dam and tunneling. Hydro power plants, mining, piping transport of Fuel, Oil, Gas on shore and off shore.

Career progression develops To continuing process for 35 years in the making, of honor most works experience gains from Master Property Developer and Investor, Real Estate Investment, Construction Industry, Consultancy company for engineering and projects management, Design engineering studies, planning, tendering, contract award and procurement process where-in exceptionally acquired from multi-billion dollars projects operated by multinational and international companies of high caliber 35.000 working groups, multicultural professionals, engineers and technical manage professional behavior.

Geographically works experience includes GCC regions, UAE, Dubai Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Southeast Asia Pacific, United States of America, Saipan, Guam, ASEAN Countries Singapore Philippines, Thailand Conveying and Accepting multi-challenge task of works assign to the position, if given merits my applications based on company standard, ready to tender professional services .“.Can Join Immediately”

Respectfully yours,

Arsenio D. Pascual



Career Progression develops by continuing process for almost 35years in a row with an Honor most worked experience proven in track record at level of capacity of category under Executive Management and Top management, as Senior Officer and Manager, obtained from Multinational International Companies with multibillions dollars projects portfolio. Engage Master Developer of large real property and Investment, Constructions industry, Holding Group Companies Engineering Management, Development and Construction Management) through Executive Business Philosophy Services and commitment substantiate deliveries of high quality Celebrity Mega Infrastructure Projects..

Extensive Experience managing variety of large scale and celebrity projects to perfectly positioned an Innovative Management Services as practical, effective solution to Clients requirements equating to dynamic chemistry by blending global expertise with local knowledge as specialist keen into deepest technical knowhow in Governance for Projects Developments and Engineering/ Construction Management services with ultimate goal and vision of exceeding client expectations on quality team management from inception to project completion within operation and financial investment.

Work Experience;


Position General Manager con Chief Operation Officer 2016

Quezon City, Philippines

Superior: Engr. Rommel Albino / Mr. Alex Acusar

Managing Partners

Projects - 8 New Town Towers Development

Mactan, Lapulapu, Cebu City

Job Description;

Manage the multinational complex projects with multi- function professional services.

Achieve all sets of program against timeline, projects executions, supervision and monitoring review and valuations.

Oversees day to day activities set in the program, manage company’s undertakings emanated in projects contracts shall be accomplish and in compliance of specified design specifications for the projects executions.

Organization management, staffing of projects management team, provides skill, and engineering & technical knowhow in connection to construction implementations.

Manpower performance, senior staff and officers implementing working group be evaluated versus production of executions and performance subject to quality and safety and security principles .

Staffing management shall strictly observe company’s standard of hiring and qualifying process Personnel management for manpower loading to come-up with master schedule of turn- over of high quality finish projects.

Manage company resources and allocated properly in accordance to projects demands and requirements. Obtain projects support from the top management always available being having authorize to discussions such projections of events for earlier closing projects.

Company’s representatives for any events that needs arises for project to accomplish program and planning perspective for (ROI) Return of Investment.

Manage and coordinate government authorities, local and national agencies in business location site, obtain all necessary permits, license and required payments or fees thereto.

Quality management system and quality assurance and control philosophy and principles shall follow and comply rules and construction methods.

Procurement of all materials shall be monitor as to quality, quantity and time line of deliveries for it will anchor to master schedule to execute on activities in a given fix period of time .

Prepares budget and cash flow schedules shall matches the requirements of projects. Profit

& Loss management presentations of data bank shall be realistic for financial report analysis and audit to furnish such report to investor, client, and company as well.

Lead the company management attending man com meeting, management meeting, coordination, workshop and proactive in issues deliveration, problems resolution for risk management.

Organize, manage good relations to all implementing individual for harmonious relationship in the organization to establish very strong productive, competitive company.

Monitor and review schedule of activities so as to exceed the expectations of the clients, investors, end users and or the sponsor corporations or country, organization.

Manage turn- over of documents safe, control and all built in plans and associated works that encounter during the tour of executions, projects implementations constructions executions.

Accept all other assignments or other job orders as directed by superiors of the company

IZUMO CONSTRUCTION &DEVELOPMENT CORP. / 4B CONSTRUCTION CORP. Position – Senior Projects/Contracts Manager - - 2013 - 2016 Superior – Cedrick Lee /Chairman/ President - ICDC

Superior -- Randy S. Villacrussis General Manager / 4BCC

PROJECTS – NAIA – TERMINAL 1 – TERMINAL 2 --- Reconstruction and Total Upgrading of Airport - P500 million and P400 million Projects Contract Cost Respectively.

PROJECTS - NRIMP /Upgrading National Roads /Sta. Ana - Arayat -Nueva Ecija/ P500 million

MNTC - Upgrading/ Tool-ways / Roads – NLEX --Marilao, Exit- / P120 million


Manage business operations of day to day activities large projects sites and monitor the executions implementation for quality system management, perform of project management team.

Achieve attending meetings and proactively active in deliberation of issues, problems risk management, with exchange views to consultant, engineers and contractors / suppliers for resolution.

Manage and immediate approval of all shop drawings and all constructions plans that needs an immediate attention and or approval of the consultant, owner for construction execution.

Responsible in carrying out company policy on construction methods and rules and regulations be enforce at site, and for compliance to every employee with- out excuses.

Manage and oversees the quality control and assurance strictly observe and compliance for projects safety and to safeguard the return of investment of clients thru projects delivery of high quality.

Responsible in monitoring the schedules of activities in a given fix period as indicated in the master schedule of construction planning for period of implementations of projects.

Risk management shall be fully attended so as to eradicate delay of loadings of projects requirements as such; materials / manpower/ tools or equipment added financial cash flows for timely releases.

Manage and responsible for the maintenance of all heavy equipment as well as light equipment and all vehicles of the company, manage motor-pool and ensure that all fully equipped available for equipment loading for the projects execution as dated schedule for utilization.

Manage warehousing system and always have an inventory of all equipment accessories, spare-parts, tools and machineries, monitor the availability of same when needed as part of planning and company policy for proper maintenance of equipment. Manage [profit and loss] report for status of the financial management and proper information of top management for their proper actions.

Manage and responsible for periodic and preventive maintenance of all equipment and all service vehicles ready for trading or lease or for rental on construction company or individual requirements.

Manage procurement of spare-parts and achieve the 100% running conditions for projects utilizations as link to projects schedule of activities for the company to undertake and monitor the performance and workability of all motor pool personnel and to achieve the productions to accomplish as demand. .

Responsible for safety and security measures during the entire duration of projects implementations and security for to achieve the zero accident goal of executions up turn over the project with accepted quality that suffice the demand and requirements of the client or end users.

Responsible for the motor pool supervision all operators, drivers, mechanics, auto electricians and office personnel, ensure the on time deliveries of services to the performance rate as expected from them to undertake per job order / assignment / task to deliver to the company as expected by the

Responsible to manage all necessary documents of for insurance from time to be ready if in case accident happens for the company to ready to claim for any appropriate money claim purposes

Manage in obtaining all permits and licenses that requires the implementations of projects in compliance with the requirements of government authorities and or line agencies in the government

Manage all punch lists from the consultant shall be perform of high quality in rectifications methods shall be follows and complied turnover and inspected of joint investigation and resolution .

Manage the performance of the team in compliance to architectural features and structural component of the project for further evaluation and assessment of the clients and the engineers.

Manage the materials specifications shall be on top to consider for giving the production of quality in finish to have production be in quality as expected both companies the contractor and clients and .

Responsible for the team to have good environment of all, improving the housekeeping always so as to have healthy working environment and best working place and safe not hazard to health.

Manage the preparations and approval of realistic report and for the transformation of the progress status.

Manage a well discipline turn over projects, ensure the quality and safe for the client investment obtains acceptance of the owners and transfer of responsibility on project financial aspect.

HILMARCS CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION POSITION -- SENIOR PROJECTS MANAGER /Projects Contracts Manager (2009 2013) SUPERIOR -- ROBERT HENZON / PRESIDENT OF HCC. EFREN M. C ANLAS / CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Projects: Manila Bay Resorts & Hotel Projects, Manila City – Multibillion Dollar Projects Costs 1.) Lopez Tower Project, Rockwell, Makati City - Multimillion Project Cost 2.)Manila Bay Resort Mega Project - Multibillion Dollars Projects JOB DESCRIPTIONS;

Reporting to the Chairman of the Board and President of the company for large multifunctional projects assign job order to undertake at position level.

Manage and direct project control procedures, monitor projects operations executions.

Directing, coaching, and manage a rounded profile, anchor to planning, analysis, Process, system

and commercial considerations

Manage projects kick–off meeting attend conference and coordination meeting for all projects management team and consultants for development.

Provides support, advice and assistance to department across the organization managing the projects for delivery in agreed scope and time scale.

Manage, coach, mentoring provides good resolutions for issues and problems and projects wide concern being most senior officer of the company all risk management must achieve.

General Manager and Projects Administrator for projects engage by the company. Ensure a good sign off on implementing projects and handing over to clients.

Approve projects construction plans and sequence of construction methodology planning, strategy for operation, monitor executions for timely completions as schedule. Responsible skills development of learning, enhance organizations technical / construction governance.

Achieve massive revenues on projects, turn- over ahead from schedule and within budget Manage, responsible and define budgets for projects cash flows and responsible for the monitoring on valuations of project plans as self -accountable.

Approve,establish procurement process system adapted and implement consolidate total resources at site assuring the quality and availability as per technical specifications for value of engineering, projects constructions materials

Manage motor pool orderliness and all equipment be at working conditions, monitor performances of individual equipment. Maintain the availability of requirements, minimize the cost of motor pool expenditures within the period of contracts.

Provide resolutions on projects problems and issues, technically and manage works of activities of sub -contractor must be parallel to client /contractor schedule.

Senior officer acts for projects control head,for quality management system shall governed and compliance to contracts requirements for quality control and assurance,

Ensure that all commissions on testing and laboratory test shall be attended and complied with the design specification of projects.

Achieve the quality of turn- over of projects response the requirements as expectations of the client be professionally elivered that anchor the good relationship with the investor.

Reef Real Estate and Investment Co. Llc. {2005 -2009} Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Position - Director: [Business Development Group &Projects Management Group]

Senior Projects Manager-/ Senior Contracts Manager

Projects; handle Projects Descriptions Project Amount

A. MADINA TOWER @ 3BG+1G+4P+38F+2M @ AED 450, 586,000. 00

REEF TOWER @3BG +2G+4P+40F+2M @ AED 598, 235,000.00

BUSINESSBAY HOTEL @ 3BG+2G+42SF+4P+2M @AED 535, 452,000 .00

CORP. EXEC. HOTEL, @ 2BG+2G+38F+4P +2M @ AED 345, 560,000. 00

B. CONSTRUCTION OF 3,500 units of VILLAS - JVS @ AED 1.500, 000,000.00

C. Construction and Site Development for real state purposes 5,000has of sand dunes land, to include constructions of motor pool for 500 units D/T, 50 units back hoe loader, 20 units pay- loader 10 units motor grader 6 units road roller, vibratory motor,5 units water trucks, 25 units service vehicles,i units concrete paver, i unit asphalt paver and other equipment for constructions and developments, and gasoline stations .

J JOB DESCRIPTIONS - Director: Projects Developments Group and Projects Management Group

Critical Role: Achieve Business Objective of the company, Manage the rapid growth on resources/ property development with goal of establishing to be the leader and most respected property development organization in the region .To generate financial returns in keeping the corporate objectives, business strategies. Massive products of high quality projects and for revenues increment at stake. Delivery of projects within time frame and budget cost range as dated in master construction schedule.

Responsible for commercial and conceptualization of property development for company integrity to other allied businesses e.g. real estate business, projects and construction industry, commercial and consultancy services.

Manage, responsible to translate the vision and mission of the companies and statements of the corporate portfolio of major projects success factor of the goal.

Demonstrate full detail knowledge of the property market and to conceptualize project ideas, analytic skills undertake high level review of commercial and feasibility studies.

Manage budgets (domestic preparation but globally presentation) achieve commercial negotiation for approval of corporate officers. Has the skills in maintaining a high level of autonomy to operate pro-actively and to maintain a regular cross-functional interface with all the division management group and work as company.

Act as arbiter for executive, corporate decision, positioning elements for projects development on design, quality, rise market profile, commercial structure on top at stake market position during development process.

Multi experienced in expensive business/developments and international level with a wide range of categories, on scale appropriate development .Promoting, instill among division employees, corporate values, professional behavior adhere decisions making.

Provide preparation of differing development strategies for business plans and strategies planning. To monitor, evaluate, report progress of business developments, inform the CEO/the client of progress and critical issues, ensuring the suitable time/cost and quality monitoring system on all aspects of business activities.

Develop business relationship with strategic partners as internal systems, procedure and practices design to continually enhance the efficiency of the business activities.

Overseas manage and responsible all areas of divisions activities, input functions of planning, design, construction, legal, communications, asset management, finance, marketing shall be coordinated development concept are achieves and delivered as posted.

To ensure process and methodology of all studies, standard as well as management group are proficient in the financial analysis and obtain board approval through the CEO.

Among is to maintain a high level of moral development of divisions staff motivating the team, achieving the business plans and the companies mission

Responsible, manage, coordinate division management group for cooperation, manage directly, large projects sites and interfaces on decision makings for the development and management of business on time of deliveries and within budget.

Sr. Projects Manager and Contracts Administrator

Manage and responsible maintaining the procurement process in preparation [review, evaluate, analyze, and make proper documentations marked contracts.

Achieved to review all (legal/technical/administrative) all instruments of contracts finality, execution and owners approval

Review, evaluate, analyze all the tender documents of all the “consultancy bidders”, make recommendations and obtain from the Managing Director for award of the contract to contractors bid advantageous to the company.

Prepare letter of invitations to the contractor for possible negotiations or final amount posted in the contract, including terms and conditions thereto.

Letter of intent and acceptance letter shall be accomplished by the contractor with dated submittals per contract requirements and condition

Background check up for the financial/technical/administrative capabilities of all the participating bidders / consultants/suppliers/sub-contractors and contractors

Monitor the progress of work activities of the contractor, the engineer, the project constructions supervisions and management after which in detail all must within the versions of the contract.

Monthly Progress Report and Monthly Certificate of Payments with careful review, evaluation, computed, value of engineering methods of calculations of payments for Payment Certificate)

Prepare documents for transfer of property to the official custody of the client for accountability

Manage implementations projects, pre constructions s implementation stage and completions

Manage awareness of all requirements of lodging, constructions implementations such as site take over general requirements like permits, licenses, all temporary facilities at site, manpower requirements, equipment, and financial budgeting.

Manage and prepare for mobilizations, constructions budget approval, blue prints of projects ready for implementation.

Conduct meetings, conferences, dialogs and give instructions on work item of assignments to include working discipline office rules and regulations to enforce with no excuses.

Prepare and manage Planning, QA/QC, Quantity Surveyor, Administrative, Project Support, and also Logistics Safety and Security Management

Secured the overall constructions supervisions and management into all phases of constructions items of activities, and submit reports thereto Ltd

Shinsung Engineering, Consultant & Construction. Co. ltd [2003 –2005]

Position; Projects Contracts Director / Chief Projects Engineer --

South Korea, Dubai, UAE. .Philippines

Supervisor - Mr. Lee Moon Hee/ Country Manager-General Manager

PROJECTS :CONSTRUCTIONS OF NORTH CENTRAL LUZON EXPRESSWAY[ NCLEX] GAPAN – SAN FERNANDO- OLONGAPO (Roads & Bridges ) - P 1.80 Billion / 25km BUKIDNON- COTABATO -DAVAO CITY [ Roads & Bridges -P1.63 Billion / 50km DAVAO- TAGUM CITY [ National Roads and Bridges Projects ] P1.50 Billion / 30km

Constraction of Dubai Railways Transit [ 50KMS] Length buildings and structures .


The Country Manager be the superior of the position report and received direct orders and execute .deliver the Management professional Services multifunction complex projects job order.

Manage, and provide construction detailed methodology for construction direction of team in the implementation of projects development, monitor and evaluate the executions.

Conduct kick off meeting, all project management group for implementing guidelines on projects, management where-in minutes be recorded and all attendees be, official name of the company and representative with complete identification and contact numbers established time and venue of coordination meeting..

Manage and obtained from government authorities all necessary licenses / permits / NOC to be able to commence the job order and evaluate for control of document.

Prepare provide complete requirements for perfection of contracts such as; performance bond .bank guarantee, and insurances.

Require all necessary pre-requisites for take -over of site from the enabling contractor thru the consultant or the client after which mobilization take place .Participate in join site inspection with the consultant and client for the preparations of construction of temporary facilities, determining the limits of constructions as government instructions and property boundaries assessment of existing environment of the projects site.

Systematized the constructions organization manpower resources, deployment of equipment.

Information dissemination of instructions for every department requirements in launching the construction, emphasized the needs of proper coordination and cooperation all managers and all field engineers and supervisors. Carry-out job order under responsibilities functions and accountability

Conduct spot supervision monitor and evaluation’ on progress status of accomplishment report.

Oversees entire procurement process and assured the control and quality of materials referred in the code of materials specifications as projects manual.

Conduct the evaluations of qualifications of all sub –contractors participating in the tenders of the projects. Prepare bids documents and make proper review and evaluations with their tenders before contract of award. Award to most responsive, qualified most advantageous to corporations.

Managing schedule on construction as planned quantity estimate be monitored and the implementations quality of works in fabrications of sub structures of bridge (PC– GIRDER).

All services for this concern of individual to accomplished and submitted ahead to avoid delays.

Monitor the approve constructions budget, prepare cast flows for remaining construction activities for allocation and must be properly distributed as to approved schedule,

Conduct re- measurement of approved variations order for cost price valuated claimed for payment.

Manage pre- approval of monthly billings be approve and oversees HSE program for safety orderliness,preserve the originality of environment in compliance authorities requirement.

Coordinates with align agencies for test commissioning of electricity and water, for execution on concrete pouring, asphalting, installations of girders in bridges,for the completion certificate,

Ensure, survey team all survey data supplied in the office be accurate and make approval for confirmation of consultant, and clients, ready for execution of projects implementation.

Roads and bridges, structures in drainage,constructions methodology shall be approved and all materials shall be deliver time in accordance with implementation guidelines for quality acceptance

Manage and coordinate with the planner team and approval of projects schedules [PERT CPM/ Bar Chart, Cash Flows .Man-Power and Equipment utilization correspond constructions scheduled as set in S- Curve against the master projects schedule.

Responsible in the preparation and submission of all documentary submittals required and obtained approval prior the delivery of projects to client and issue the completion of the project certificate

Manage the program and evaluate the process of QA & QC .within the executions of projects development for projects quality. Manage on reporting system lead technical inspectorate team approving worked accomplished by working group. Issuing of non-conformity in any findings of projects executions, provide reports for reference as basis for crush schedule.

Manage and conducts meeting with the management implementing group on a regular basis reinforcing of awareness in relations to quality assurance standard by client. .

Samwoo Rken Construction & Development Corporation

Samwoo Holdings & International Consultant [2001-2003] Country, South Korea, Philippines, Dubai

Position- President/ Chief Executive Officer

Projects -Construction Transmission Lines and Erections of Steel Towers

Construction Telecommunication /Hotel /Malls/ Towers High Rise Building

Construction - Infrastructures / Electrification, Bridges and Roads

Constructions and Land Site Development Construction of 1,000 unit housing projects


Chairman /President be the superior, reporting for job order execution on multifunction tasks.

Managed all studies on Project Review, Evaluation, on all business development that procure of secure approval from Project Steering Committee, Responsible and manage the business growth in accordance with Asset and Management System catering company’s performances growth as expected on targets.

Provides Approved Plans, Specifications, and well-organized Staffing Pattern for Human resources for projects ready for loading per schedules of utilization.

Manage, responsible budget preparations of project computed technically giving wide margin of Profit to the Company.

Manage and approve, coordinate planning division, study and review providing technique on the schedule of sequences of activities for completion of contract. .

Provide Technical Profitable Strategies on constructions detailed methods impart to the Operation Manager, Sr. Managers, Construction Manager for projects execution.

Conduct/attend meetings and conferences upon the direction of the Chairman, the Committee on infrastructure dissemination on implementations on policies and guidelines in, effective Corporate Policies Guidelines for Management and Operations.

Provide recommendations .solution / alternatives on technical issues internal /external smooth operations, Independent Management resolution for alternatives solutions.

Coordinate Foreign Consultants and officers on allied offices projects developments.

Approved, Review (Construction) on Plans, Specifications, bill of Materials on quality take off cost estimates of the project as well as the (PERT/CPM) the proper schedule on Sequences of activities

Provide/, Manage basic functions such as: Organizing, Planning, Directing, Staffing, and Controlling

Responsible for the delivery of good, high quality products beyond the expectations of the client within time and budget, sustain quality services multinational group of professional with company.

Responsible for performance evaluations of Senior Officers, Managers and Department Heads and Deputies for yearly standing.

Conduct and Chaired Management Committee provides

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