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Engineering Engineer

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
October 29, 2016

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Mohamed Barakat Abdelfatah Gibril

Mobile: 058******* / 055*******


Address Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

Date of birth 17 / 1 / 1987

Religion Muslim

Nationality Sudanese

Passport no P02200553

Marital status Single

Languages Arabic and English

Saudi Iqama Transferable

Driver’s License: Yes

Surveying, Remote Sensing & GIS:

Land surveying, Global Positioning

System (GPS). Radar/ SAR, Multispectral

and Hyperspectral Data Processing,

Multi-criteria Analysis, Satellite Image

processing, object based image analysis,

analysis of spatial data, Cartography,

thematic maps design and production.


ArcGIS 10.x, ENVI, eCognition

Developer, QGIS, AutoCAD, Google


Surveying Equipment:

GPS, Total station and levels

Mohamed Barakat Abdelfatah Gibril

Surveying Engineer,

GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist

A bright, talented, dedicated, hardworking and ambitious surveying engineer with a strong background in land surveying, geographic information system

(GIS) and remote sensing, who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Reliable team player, deadline and result oriented. I am looking forward to a suitable position where I can use my skills and abilities to make significant contributions toward the achievement of institution goals.

Masters of Remote Sensing and GIS (2015)

University Putra Malaysia (UPM) First Class, CGPA 3.94/4.0 Bachelor degree in Surveying Engineering (Geodesy) (2010) Sudan University of Science and Technology, honour, First Class EBDAAT FAN ALMAMAR Engineering Consultancy, Saudi

Arabia, Taif (November 2015 to May 2016 (

Senior Survey Engineer and GIS Specialist: Capturing spatial data from different data sources. Establishing spatial data base and producing thematic maps. ZOHAL for Engineering and Training Centre, Sudan (August – October 2015)( May – August 2016).

Teaching remote sensing and GIS courses including ArcGIS, ENVI, and eCogntion Developer software.

University Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2013-2015) Researcher: Remote sensing and GIS researcher focused on urban mapping applications including identification of impervious surfaces from very high resolution satellite Images utilizing object based image analysis. I was also PERSONAL DETAILS





Mohamed Barakat

Associate Prof. Dr Helmi Zulhaidi

Mohamed Shafri Faculty of Civil

Engineering - UPM University in

Serdang Malaysia. Expert in Remote

Sensing and Urban Mapping and smart

city. Masters of Remote Sensing and

GIS Programme Coordinator (UPM)

Email Address:

Cell phone: +6019 – 685-6744

Office phone +603-****-****

Author and Associate Professor Dr

Biswajeet Pradhan – Geospatial

Information Science Research Center

(GISRC), Faculty of Engineering,

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Recipient of Humboldt Foundation

Award for “Best Scientist from the

year 2016”

Email: biswajeet24@gmail .com

Office phone +603-****-****

Fax: +603-****-****

Focusing on the fusion of RADAR (SAR) images with optical data to improve LULC feature extraction in a tropical agricultural areas. EBDAAT FAN ALMAMAR Engineering Consultancy, Saudi

Arabia, Taif (2011 – 2013(

Surveying Engineer: Land surveying, contouring and topographic surveys. Staking out of constructional designs, and housing schemes, Land subdivisions. Detailed mapping and drawings preparation for the Taif municipality. Detailed mapping, data processing, analysis, design, and thematic maps production using AutoCAD and ArcGIS software. Geographical information system and spatial data establishment. SEDIC Sudan Engineering and Digital Information Centre

(October 2010 - September 2011)

Surveying Engineer: Land surveying, contouring and topographic surveys. Geodetic networks establishment. Setting out of constructional designs, pipelines and power transmission lines routes. Feasibility studies and detailed mapping . GNSS data Processing, and map production. Geographic information system. Applying various GPS techniques including static, differential GPS, and RTK. Sudan University of Science and Technology

Teaching assistant for surveying camps in surveying engineering department (2011) National-Telecommunication-Corporation.

Internship in geographical information system department (Sudan, 2011). Internship in department of Topography & Photogrammetry (Sudan, 2008) High-level of professional training and experience on the latest geospatial software products including: ArcGIS, eCognition Developer, ENVI, and other geospatial software. Capable of performing advanced image processing techniques such as Object Based Image Analysis, Pixel Based Image Analysis, features extraction, and data fusion, as well as utilizing GIS software to solve diverse scenarios. With over five years’ experience in surveying Engineering, I have exceptional skills and experience in utilizing various advanced survey equipment and techniques in versatile applications. Excellent communication skills, public relations, problem- solving and leadership skills, combined with my deep knowledge of the underling theory of surveying, remote sensing and geographical information system. REFERENCE




P - Principles of Geographic Information System course - Dreams Tower Compute Institute, 2 2009, Sudan.

- Autodesk Land Development - Sudan Engineering and Digital Information Centre. 2011, Sudan.

- Advanced GIS course “Multi-criteria Analysis” - Geo-Technology Engineering and

- Geo-technical Training Centre, 2011, Sudan.

- Membership of Saudi Engineering Council.

- Membership of Sudanese Engineering Council

- Participant and co-author of a paper presented in the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Energy and Industry in Regional and Global Context Malaysia Society of Agriculture Engineers and UPM in Malaysia (KL), 2015.

- Participant in the International conference of remote sensing in Saudi Arabia 2016 Courses and Recognition


Mohamed Baraka A.Gibril, Suzanna Binti Abu Bakar, Kouame Yao, MO Idrees, Biswajeet Pradhan

(2016), Fusion of RADARSAT 2 and multispectral optical remote sensing data for LULC extraction in a tropical agricultural area. Geocarto International, 1-14. Available online on: Kamil Muhammad Kafi & Mohamed Barakat A. Gibril. (2016). GPS Application in Disaster Management: A Review. Asian Journal of Applied Science, Vol 4, No 1. Available online: 7&path%5B%5D=1881

Mohamed Barakat A. Gibril, Helmi Z.M. Shafri, and Alireza Hamedianfar, A new semi-automated mapping of Asbestos-cement roofs using rule-based object-based image analysis and Taguchi optimization technique from WorldView-2 images (Accepted and it’s in the process to be published in the International journal of Remote Sensing)

[4] Mohamed Barakat A. Gibril, Kouame Yao, MO Idrees, Helmi Z.M. Shafri, Biswajeet Pradhan, Improving land use and land cover extraction from multi-sensor remote sensing data using integrated Taguchi optimization and data mining techniques (In the write up process and it has been planned to be sent to Journal of Applied Remote Sensing)

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