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Customer Care Specialist

St. Louis, Missouri, 63129, United States
26,000 TO 39.000
October 05, 2016

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Gerry Arb

**** ********* ***** *****

Oakville, MO 63129

314-***-**** wireless/home 314-***-****

Service Activation Rep (QC) 2008 to 2015

My current position of a SAR is to enter into the Charter Business billing system orders for phone, internet, and video services from customers. I receive these orders in the form of Sales Force opportunities. The opportunities are created by AC’s who receive orders via phone call from salespersons working for Charter Business. I must have a vast knowledge of all systems used by Charter Business. I began my career with Charter checking phone porting documents and then also checking phone order billing for order entry errors which if done incorrectly, would result in a customer not being able to port their telephone order to Charter, or in some cases the telephone order was installed but features were missing or not set up properly to be provisioned. The ultimate goal of the position was to make other SAR employees learn by feedback via cases in Sales Force or email, or instant messaging. Tact and great communication skills were necessary to have billing errors updated so that the service could be installed properly, on time, and correctly.

I then transitioned from a Quality SAR to a SAR who enters the orders into the CSG billing system. I use Sales Force opportunities, created by Account Coordinators via customer orders from salespersons. I must be able to determine the types of service, the customer needs, the correct costs for the service, the correct time frame for the services to be installed while making certain the customer is aware of what to expect when a technician arrives for the install.

I input orders, I received phone call inquiries from customers and salesman who schedule the installation and ask questions concerning expectations, when services will be installed, costs for services and most important costs for services. . Multitasking is essential to this position I am on the phone, while also entering orders, receiving emails,instant messages, all at the same time. I have to keep in mind that all of my communications should be clear and accurate, also my input correct on orders while keeping in mind that my ability to do many things correctly and efficiently is essential for a positive customer experience from Charter Business. The ability to be able to focus on the customer, other customer accounts, and fellow employees is essential. Communications, both verbal and written make the position not only complicated but a great challenge and interesting throughout the entire work day.

Charter Business systems used: CSG, Sales Force, ICOMS, Level 3, Neustar, LAD, Sigma,

All Microsoft Office Programs: Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Lync, PowerPoint.

2007- 2008

Student Tech Skills

I decided after the previous position to update my computer skills and took Certification

classes. I became Comp Tia A+ Certified Computer Tech, a Com Tia Network + Certified Computer Tech, and I am also a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Tech (MCDST).


Pharmacy Technician (Certified) State of Missouri

I worked as a pharmacy technician for Express Scripts, a Company that specializes in

medication prescriptions for the needy in and around the country.

The position involved the use of my skills in order entry and calculations to check information for customers of drug companies who need prescriptions but could not afford them.

In this position I needed to review a large amount of documents and legal prescriptions from physicians to check for amount and quantity, qualify for the program, and process the orders for shipping.


St. Louis County Department of Health

Patient Care

This position was data entry and reviewing confidential patient information, interface with the public, and work within departments at the St. Louis County Department of Health. This was a Health Center located in the South St. Louis County.

The Health Center was a satellite office for the Health Department of St. Louis County providing dental, health screenings, treatment, and prevention for the uninsured in St. Louis County.




Toll Free Business Center

Long Distance Call Center

Consumer Products Call Center

I worked as a data entry associate at the national toll free center building in the city of St.

Louis, it was the Network Operations Center for toll free switching for the entire Country for AT&T residential customers and business customers. The job was detail orientated with much care was taken to make certain each number was routing to the correct termination number for proper operation and no disruption of service. I also worked in the Data Center which dealt with credit card swipe terminals for business customers. I took calls from nationwide customers and spoke to local telephone companies and interfaced with various local telephone customer care people and also made certain that the corrections were made on outages within the network so that the customer was not taken out of service. I transferred from the AT&T Long Distance Office where I was a Total Quality Resource Manager, in this position I listened to calls from all centers that took long distance and local calls throughout the nation and internationally as well. The calls were graded on total quality criteria so that the customer had a seamless customer contact, and first call resolutions. I interfaced with other managers and representatives who were graded from training by the data received from my scorecard, which could make an employee pass from training to an associate. I also graded calls for each Manager and there were 15 member teams with a center of 250 representatives. The feedback from these monitoring sessions were delivered via email, inter-center messaging, cases, and also through conference calls.. AT&T had at least 14 call centers

In the US and/or outsourced.

Here at this office I earned the Celebration of Excellence award which was only given to 5 of 250 representatives in the center. I transitioned from a representative, taking long distance and local customer calls, and also calls from the consumer products division of AT&T trouble shooting product problems, long distance rates or local customers trying to win their business to AT&T. The position was interesting and valuable to me to understand what should and should not be said on calls. I honed my own skills when I took calls by understanding just how important the contact to the actual customer is essential to keeping the customer loyal to a company.


Bishop Dubourg High School Diploma

St. Louis Community College-Meramec Associates in Liberal Arts

University of Missouri-St Louis BA in General Psychology

A+ Certified Computer Technician’

Network + Computer Technician

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician MCDST

Microsoft Certified Professional

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