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java, android,javascript

Santa Clara, California, United States
October 27, 2016

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Namrata Ojha (Address-**55 Lincoln St., Santa Clara CA 95050 -6-69-233-****) Linkedin-w GitHub- SUMMARY

Seeking new Graduate Software Developer position where I can utilize my skills gained through my experience and coursework and learn new ones contributing to organization growth .


Masters in Computer Science June 2016

Santa Clara University, Santa Cara, CA(Current GPA-3.8/4.0) Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications Shri Sureshdada Jain College of Engineering,Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India COMPUTER SKILLS

● Programming : Java, VB, VB.NET, Python, C++

● Web Technologies : J avascript, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, HTML,CSS, XML,ASP.NET

● DBMS Technologies : Oracle 11g, MySQL 5.6,SQL

● ORM Technologies : J PA – Eclipse Link, Spring

● Mobile Platforms : A ndroid App Development

● PLC Programming : Siemens,Modicon Telemecanique,Twido, LX Soft 4.11, SCADA- Allenbredly. COURSE WORK

Object Oriented Design, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Design Patterns,Database Management Systems, Web Programming, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Mobile App Development . PROJECTS AT SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY

● Devloped Android mobile app that helps users manage their grocery shopping efficiently.It provides various features like Google+ login, product selection to add in shopping/ inventory list,product expiry alert,bar code scanner using zxing & search UPC API,speech to text search,add notes,set preferred store, alert when they close-by their preferred store & map navigation.

- Winter’16

● Implemented Home Automation System on AWS i.e WiFi controlled lamp, temperature and humidity monitors and Secuity Monitor using PIR motion sensor, all controlled through a central web interface, using ESP8266 Arduino as the main component and using technologies like aREST,Node.js,Express,JQuery and Javascript. -Winter’16

● Network Design and Analysis explored graph theory, implementing random number generator, simulating a single server queue,queueing system & Esau-Williams algorithm. -Fall’15

● Developed a simulation of a smart vending machine using Java Swing API, Java Persistence API,Multithreading and MySQL database for persistence.Implemented design patterns like Factory Method, Builder,Observer, Mediator, Memento, Singleton, Chain of Responsibility, Strategy,MVC Architecture,Data Access Object. -Summer’15

● Designed and coded Chat Messenger using PHP,HTML,CSS,JavaScript & AJAX - Spring’15

● Advanced algorithmic techniques for analyzing and devising algorithms like Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming, Graph Traversal, sorting and searching . - Winter’15

● An interactive campus map using Java,Oracle spatial database which highlights the fire hydrants, fire buildings based on the user’s queries to the spatial database,using techniques like indexing, join optimization's & normalization. -Winter’15

● Designed and coded a Project Planning and Billing Tool as part of the Major Project while applying Object Oriented Programming in Java. Implemented the transactional layer for the Billing Component using swing and Hibernate ORM classes. - Fall’14 EXPERIENCE

Android Devloper at YZoak (June 2016- Present)

● Devloping android app for YZoak Smart Switch using AllJoyn Framework Job Responsibilties at Fox Controls & Infinity Engineering Solutions

● C#, VB. VB.Net,HMI,VBA,PLC programming,Electrical AutoCAD designing

● Troubleshooting, Performance improvement & Engineering Management Executive Engineer at Fox Controls (Oct 2011-Apr2013)

● Capacitor Test Machine – Checks the Capacitance, TanD of capacitors using,MSSQL 2008R2, JIRA & PLC .

● MCB Testing automation- Check the MCB i.e. continuity, short circuit test, thermal test & HV test with the barcode .Software used Visual Studio 2010,SAP Crystal Report,MSSQL server 2008R2,MS Sync Framework 2.0,Libnodave OPC Server . Automation Engineer a t Infinity Engineering Solutions( J une 2008- Sep2011)

● MUG-10-20 & MUG -30 Testing- Testing of MUG -10-20-30 starters; Continuity testing, DOV,PUV.

● RTX & RTO-HV Testing- Testing of RTO & RTX in 7 stages.

● Change Over Switch Testing- Testing of Change Over Switch using software such as Visual Studio 2008,LX Twido where used .

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