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Engineering Materials

Lubbock, Texas, United States
October 20, 2016

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**** ***** **., *******, **, USA



Ali Nemati, Born in 1959 in Tehran, Iran.


Ph.D. in Materials Science & Eng., from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA – 1994

M.Sc., Ceramic Engineering, from Science & Technology University of Iran - 1988

B.S., Ceramic Engineering, from Science & Technology University of Iran - 1985



Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2006 - 2016

Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2000 – 2006

Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgy and Materials,

Ceramic group, Imam Khomieni International University, Qazvin, Iran

1996 – 2000


I have more than 20 years of experience in lecturing & teaching of the academic courses in the field of advanced materials). As a University Professor, I have had 3 or 4 courses each semester, since 1996 up to know (1996 – 2016), such as:

-Structure and properties of Advanced Materials

-Quantum Physics for Materials Scientist

-Synthesis and characterization of Electroceramics materials

-Advanced Electronic properties of Materials

-Synthesis and characterization Semiconductors

-Microstructure of Nano and Biomaterials

-Synthesis and characterization of Dielectric Materials

-Synthesis and characterization of Ceramic-Polymer composites

Meanwhile I have had many technical training courses for engineere in different industries.


My research interests mainly focus on ceramic products as well as advanced Materials, such as design and implementation of different ceramic products, synthesis and characterization of advanced structural and functional ceramic materials for different application. The following are the area in which I have lot of experience

Electronic Materials

Nano-Electroceramics, Semiconductors, Dielectrics & Superconductors

Resent projects in this field:

-Dense and porous PZT-PCN- Polymers composites (as a Piezoelectric materials )

-Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 Varistors

-Synthesis and characterization of Lead free Piezoelectric

-Two-step sintering of Electroceramics

-Synthesis and characterization of Magnetic Ceramics

-Synthesis and characterization of Electroceramics for Solar Cells


Bioceramics, Biopolymers and HA containing composites

Resent projects in this field:

-Preparation and characterization of Bio Glass-Ceramics as new

generation of Dental Materials

-Preparation and characterization of HAp-CNT composites

-Synthesis, magnetic and photo catalytic properties of hybrid

nanocomposite of Graphene-Fe3O4- TiO2-ZnO

-Formulation and properties of Bio Glass & Glass Ceramics

-Formulation and properties of HA Composites

-Ceramic Nanopowders for Drug Delivery (such Super Paramagnetic Fe3O4 particles for Drug Release via controlled processes)

-Formulation and properties of Scaffold (Synthesis & Characterization)

-Formulation and properties of Dental Materials (Metallic and Ceramics)

Advanced engineering materials

Applications of High temperature materials as a new generation of advanced engineering materials

Resent projects in this field:

-ZrB2-X%TiC-Y%C Ultra high temperature materials

-The effects of Nano Particle Effect on Phase evolution, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Oxide-Graphite composites

-Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Oxide-Graphite with Spinel coated Graphite

-Synthesis and characterization of Machinable Ceramics

-Synthesis and characterization of advanced composites

-Synthesis and characterization of Oxide and nonoxide Ceramics

-Mechanical properties of Advanced Materials at high temperatures

Preparation & synthesis of Quantum Dots and Graphene containing composites(core shell structure; with one, two and three shells on Graphene core)

Resent project in this field:

-Synthesis and characterization of Cadmium free InP/ZnS quantum dots

-Synthesis and characterization of TiO2- Ceria- Graphite nanocomposites

-Synthesis, magnetic and photocatalytic properties of hybrid nano-composite of Graphene-Fe3O4- TiO2-ZnO

-Synthesis and characterization of Graphene Oxide


-More than 20 Undergraduate students

- More than 50 M.Sc. graduate students

- 8 PhD students


I have worked and cooperated with many manufacturing companies in Iran (as an assistant manager, Product development and consultant).

I have been a technical Consultant for many manufacturing Companies such as:

Azar Refractory company in Isfahan, Iran- Regarding the formulation of advanced Refractories

Sina Tile company in Saveh, Iran- Regarding the formulation of different types of tiles (wall, floor, Granite and Porcelain Tiles)

Irana Tile company in Tehran, Iran- Regarding the formulation of different types of tiles (wall, floor, and jet print Tiles)

Zagroas Derakhshan Tile company in Karaj, Iran- Regarding the formulation of different types of tiles (Granite and Porcelain Tiles)

Kord Sanitary wares company in Kermanshah, Iran- Regarding the formulation of different types of Sanitary bodies and glazes

I have had many manufacturing projects in Iran. A few of them are listed below:

Formulation of advanced Refractories (Magnesia-Graphite Refractories, AMC Refractories, Dolomite-Graphite Refractories,

Formulation of ZnO based Varistors

Formulation of low temperature glaze for tile Industries

Formulation of Antibacterial Glaze for tile Industries

Formulation of Piezoelectric ceramics

Preparation & synthesis of porcelain tiles

Preparation of wall tiles with low temperature glaze

Preparation of floor tiles

Preparation & synthesis of porcelain tiles with antibacterial coating

Preparation & synthesis of different tiles bodies

Formulation of low temperature glaze for tile Industries

Ceramic dyes and inks for low and high temperature applications

Formulation of semiconductors materials



I am completely familiar with all aspects of ceramic and powder processing, “raw materials, preparation and mixing of raw materials, formulation of different body, slip casting, pressing, sintering, joining of ceramics and Metals, Glass melting and forming processes (sheet glass and glass container), Cement technology and all finishing steps” micro and nano-indentation as well as characterization techniques “such as XRD, SEM, Mechanical and electrical property measurement techniques and microstructure analysis”. I have a very good experience in the formulation of different thin and thick Ceramics for low and high temperature applications.


Based on my experience in research and lecture (in the field of advanced Nanomaterials, I am looking forward for a faculty and or research scientist position.

My research interests mainly focus on advanced Nano Materials.

My research interests mainly focus on advanced Nanomaterials, advanced electronic materials as well as advanced Biomaterials.


All of educations (Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.S.) were in the field of Ceramic science and engineering, that is why I am interested to cooperate with different ceramic and manufacturing industries such as:

Refractories Industries

One of my main interests was and is the formulation and characterization of Refractories for different Industries. I have published several papers and one book in the field of Refractories (the book is in the Persian language titled: Type, properties and application of Refractories).

Tile & China Industries

Electronic Industries

Bioengineering Industries

Advanced Technology for advanced Industries


During my undergraduate study, I have mastered extensive knowledge on physics, chemistry, Mechanical properties and other aspects of Materials engineering courses. During my master's and doctoral major and after that I conducted systematic study and teaching and lecturing as well as experimental work on different advanced Nano and electronic Materials and techniques.

My teaching experience exceeds for more than 20 years (in the field of structure, Processing and properties of advanced materials). I am interested in teaching courses such as:

Structure and properties of Advanced Nanomaterials

Advanced properties of materials

Structure and properties of Materials

Physics for Materials Scientist

Synthesis and characterization of materials

Advanced Electronic Materials

Microstructure of Nano and BioMaterials





From - To

Main Function


Sharif University of Technology


03/2000 - 09/2016

R&D + Lecturer + Project Engineering

Azadi St., Tehran, Iran

Tel : +98-21-661*****

P.O Box: 11165-9466

Imam khomeini international university


09/1996 - 03/2000

R&D + Lecturer + Project Engineering

University Blvd, Qazvin, Iran

Tel : +98-28-337*****

Postal Code : 34148 - 96818

DBK/Heaters Engineering

Project Engineer

06/1994 - 09/1995

R&D +

Project Engineering

8659 E Backwater Rd, North Webster, Warsaw, Indiana 46555



More than 200 papers (in the ISI Journals and International Conferences)

Three books in the field of ceramics (all in Persian)


American Ceramic Society (ACerS) while living in USA (1989-1994) and has recently applied for renewal of my membership

Iranian Ceramic Society (ICerS) – Board of Director (two times) & Member



I am authorized to work and live permanently in the United States and have an immigration status of "lawful permanent residency. In other word, I am a green Card Holder of USA and I am therefore eligible to work in the United States.

English as a second language

I fluently speak, read and write in English language

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