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Cabuyao, CALABARZON, Philippines
October 20, 2016

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Blk 1 Lot 9 Phase 2-A St JosephVillage 6 Butong Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines


To aspire and strive for outstanding results through creative ideas, and formulate an effective solution while teaming up with high-performance members to deliver productive output and advocacy of the company’s target goals.


Innovator, action-driven, and has 20 years of professional working experience in Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry.

Expertise in Assembly Wirebonding Process, fields of knowledge in the ffg areas:

INNOVATION ( Development of Future Technology Solutions )

UNIT PROCESS DEVELOPMENT( WB Process and Technology Development )

PACKAGEDEVELOPMENT ( Engineering Manufacturability Standards )

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT( heavy and standard wire configuration,Au and Cu wire )

WBPROCESS ENGINEERING( Yield improvement and chronic FAR ellimination )

WB EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING.( Machine Uptime and Efficiency Enhancement )

Management skills, well equipped with in-depth analytical skills stemmed by systematic problem solving approach.

Results oriented professional with strong work ethic who takes initiative, identify problems, and offers creative solution for implementation.

With strong technical background impelled by extensive hands-on troubleshooting exposure.

Capable to lead a cross-functional group and strengthen teamwork spirit with measures to organize

knowledge sharing discussion and programs for personal development and skills competency level upgrade of individual.

Team player and a supportive mentor, determined to motivate staffs into High Performance behavior team structure.

Articulate, with good interpersonal communication skills, easily interact with individuals from diverse background.

Focused to strengthen customer relationship and improve strategic business practice to achieve profitable and sustainable gains.



Staff Management

Project Management

Process Improvement

Team Leadership and Ability to conduct Training course.

Copper Wirebonding successful development

Equipment Efficiency Enhancement

FMEA,8D, SPC Methodologies



Sr. Wirebond Specialist ( G13 )

28th February 2011 – 4th December 2013


Explore creative ideas and generate values for technology advancement and solutions, from vision to reality, execution thru innovation process : Develop, implement, and market creative Ideas.

Wirebonding Process Development of thermocompression welding on modular Cu wire materials, in accordance to the design rules structure of defined specifications on Engineering Manufacturability Standard of Ultrasonic Wirebonding Technology..

Full support on Wirebond Shootout / Benchmarking activities for qualification and new platform selection basis on Equipment, Material and Process for standardization of different segments fitting Backend strategy.

Full engineering and Wirebonding process evaluation support on Project Management roadmap execution within Technology Development Phase thru Definition and execution of complex DOE on new package, 300 X 100 mm HDLF, ( 600 units / LF ), 1 mil Cu wirebonding process.

Mentor other individual staffs and support evaluation activities,.characterize, optimize and process improvement using problem solving tools. Lead .task force team in the deployment to elliminate chronic FAR to maintain process robustness and assembly yield target goal. .


NPI Wirebond Engineer ( G12 )

4th March 2007 – 31st January 2011


Successful ellimination of Heel / Neck stress failure mechanism on QFN and DFN devices by implementation of problem solving approaches such as

Process window parameter re- optimization

Effective clamping set up on leadframe

Wire structure configuration to M-Loop profile.

-No recurrence of defects was found after these concrete measures was sustained in the line.

Developed and qualified uDFN package, @ 2 mil wire size configuration and with enhanced ultra Low loop application.This package has maximum loop height requirement of 130 um due to it’s package thickness limitations. Although optimized looping parameters were achieved for process robustness, intermittent build up of neck stress defect was observed on machines with poor top plate / window clamp set up. Characterized BSOB parameter was defined as an alternative set up configuration to contain neck stress on machines with portability issue.

Identified 4 technically inclined individuals for Project Team formation and deployed on a task assignment. : Performance efficiency of the wirebond equipment improvement after task completion and delivered a significant and sustainable PPM level reduction.

Wide gap of machine variations was found as a critical constraint to attain target assembly yield and this is creating complexity on process window robustness. Perform TVC and syncronize hardware basic set up to portable machine within specs tolerance range to address this deffect.

Periodic call for a team discussion on line issues and proposed an action Items for chronic FAR ellimination. Organize deployment of individual team members for personal development programs and skills upgrade to level up into high performance behavior model in the industry.


Wirebond Service Engineer

16th August 1999 - 28th February 2007


Ensure to satisfy customer expectations based on demand :

New Equipment Installation, Set up, Qualification based from Customer Specsification.

Engineering Consultancy and advise ( Manufacturability Standards and Specifications )

Technical Service Support ( Hands-on Evaluation, Troubleshooting, MC modifications )

Innovations and Technology Solutions

Conduct Process and Equipment Trainings (Skills Competency upgrade for participants )

Benchmark Participation ( Platform improvement - Equipment, Material, Process )

Oversea Projects Support ( Extra mile support onTask Deployment )


Wirebond Equipment Engineer

4th April 1998 – 30th July 1999


Wirebond Equipment Engineering and Management Activities :

Performance Efficiency Enhancement ( UPH, MTBA, MTBF, / Statistics data collection, machine dependent parameter configuration and settings adjustment per set up device)

Benchmark / Buy off (Technology advancement and Performance compliance within Specs )

Preventive maintenance ( Per defined schedule, Parts checklist and worn out replacement )

Routinary Performance Monitoring ( Data collection and group discussion for improvement )

Vendor’s Support ( Periodic meeting on Technical support and equipment upgrade activities )

Documentation ( Specs review and update, Machine fascilitation and capacity recordings. )

Troubleshooting / Repair ( Generation of troubleshooting guide for common reference )

Rehabilitation ( Software / Hardware modification with less cost to execute running condition )

Innovations and Projects ( Cost reduction / Performance reliabilty and failure prevention )

Supervision of Subordinates :

Modular Ownership ( Each Individual was assigned responsibility on specific wire bonders )

Personal Growth ( Exercise High Performance Behavioral Demonstration at work )

Competency Skills Upgrade ( Programs and Workshops for Individual’s skills upgrade )

Motivation ( Recognition and Rewards for good performance )

Discipline ( Company Policy Awareness and Corrective measures implementation )

Project Teams ( Firefight activities on Machine chronic breakdown and Failures Prevention)

Team Interaction

Group Meetings ( Team discussions, information and knowledge sharing, team cooperation )

Weekly Status Report ( Weekly Scorecards : Highlights and Lowlights, status and proposals)

Engineering Support ( Provide Technical and Engineering support with other groups )

Other Task ( As per needed and assigned by superior )


Wirebond Process Engineer

25th July 1994 – 12th April 1998


Improvement of WB Process / Standardization of line procedures to meet Production Specsifications and requirement for sustainable targets : Assembly process yield, cycle time, statistical process controls .

Determine Process window robustness thru parameter optimization.

In-Depth analysis on process flow failure mechanism and attribution: Systematic approach, FMEA, 8D, SPC and other problem solving methodologies in rootcause determination and implementation of corrective measures.

Carry out process and materials evaluation, participation on logistics sourcing and buy off, cost reduction, discussion with vendors for productivity improvement measures.

Continuos process yield improvement planning, production line controls, risk management, and other program activities that would enhance operation standards.

Conduct periodic internal audit to ensure ISO compliance or Industry Standards and Procedures.

Team discussions and coordination to establish work cooperation / support for the best results


Plant Maintenance Engineer

16th January 1991 – 30th May 1994


Plant and Equipment Management Activities

Preparation of Improvement strategy with minimal budget and cost involvement proposal in supporting company target to attain maximum productive utilization of equipment and better reliabilty of the plant engineering system within a large scale, complex, defined area.

Upkeep of Facility equipment systems, with focus on efficiency, reliability and maintainability.

Conduct review on the daily activities and programs related to Facilities equipment operation and maintenance.

Plan and schedule the maintenance activities of the plant, in coordination with other operation sections and support units of the department. Implement Preventive maintenance activities & measures of motors, compressors, electromechanical machines and control panels.

Repair and troubleshooting of machine breakdown. Perform routine inspections as per checklist items.

Generation of comprehensive report with detailed failure analysis and action plan recommendations.

Maintain high degree of plant cleanliness and sanitation, Assessment of equipment Safety hazards and subject for corrective measures accordingly.

Supervision of maintenance personnel

control 24 hour work activities coverage and ensure company policies awareness and discipline.

Provides motivation to team members to strengthen commitment spirit towards positive working behavior and organize activities that would deliver unity of cooperation.


Registered Electrical Engineering Licensure Examination ( Passed )

Civil Service Sub Professional Examination ( Passed )


Microsoft Office ( Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint )


Technological Institute of the Philippines, Quezon City, 1990

( Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering )

St. Joseph’s Academy, Las pinas, 1984

( Primary and Secondary Level )


Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers



DATE OF BIRTH October 26, 1967


HEIGHT 5’ 3” / 1.62 Cms

WEIGHT 125 lbs. / 57 kg.


Available upon request

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