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Customer Service High School

Pretoria, GP, South Africa
October 18, 2016

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Curriculum vitae


Dylan Niemand


Dylan Niemand


Name. :Dylan Niemand (D)

Control no. :1003703 (SASOL Oil)

Home language. : Afrikaans.

Other language. : English.

Nasionality. :S.A.

Gender. :Male.

Date of birth. :1982-07-29

Identity no. . :820**********

Postal address. :P.O. box 699


Postal code. :2302

Country. :South Africa

Home phone. :(017-***-****

Work phone :(017-***-****

Cell phone. :082-***-****

Alternative no. :082-***-****

Email address.

Fax no. :011-***-****

Previous employment. (1)

Company. :S.A.C.D. Polymere

Date. :01-08-2001 To 31-12-2004.

Job Description. :Warehouse assistant(Forklift driver)


1Stock Take

2Loading of trucks and tankers

3Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering good customer service.

4Warehouse inspections on daily basis

5Maintaining good housekeeping

6Adhere to ISO 14001 / 9001 standards

7Safety Representative in area.

8Ensuring correct products being loaded as per product orders

9Despatching road tankers on SAP\R3


1Safety representative course.

Forklift licence

Contact person.

Hilton Watson (017-***-****

Reason for resignation.

Got a better opportunity at SASOL Oil.

Previous employment. (2)

Company. :SASOL Oil Secunda Operations

Date. :03-01-2005 To 21-08-2005

Job Description. :Senior Shunter


1Shunting of rail traffic in the SASOL area

2Adhere to ISO 14001 / 9001 standards

3Maintaining good housekeeping

4Working overtime as requested

Reason for resignation.

Got a transfer in the same Department for a better opportunity.

Contact Person: Jeff Adams (017-***-****

Previous Employment.

Company. :SASOL Oil Secunda Operations.

Date. :22-8-2005

Job Description. :Process Controller GR. 1


1Monitor loading of road and rail tankers.

2Sample taking and follow up on results.

3Plant inspections.

4Keeping work area clean.

5Ensure safe working area by reporting defects immediately.

6Adhere to ISO 14001 / 9001 standards..

7Reporting of defects on area fallowing up on repairs.

8Communicating with customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

9Ensuring correct products being loaded as per product orders.

10Improving customer service levels.

11Operating of the Renaissance program.

12De commissioning and commissioning of all plant equipment.

13Despatching of road tankers on L.I.S\R.S.E

14Complainant in Disciplinary inquiry

15Managing the shift to the full potential on daily basis

16Issuing of Hot\Cold work permits

Reasons left position : Premotion.

Company : Sasol Chemical Operations

From : 2007-current

Job Description : Foreman Production


1. Time and attendance of personell

2. Complainants role in invistigation

3. Ensure plant runs on stable capacity

4. Issueing of work permits PTW - Permit to work RSA

5. Safe making of plant, loading area and high pressure vessels

6. Ensuring correct Rail car tankers is loaded with correct products

7. Communicating pre-liminary loading plan with all stake holders

8. People's management

9. Weekly, Monthly, 6 monthly inspections on Information management System

10. Adhering to OSH act

11. Compiling daily Toolbox talk

12. Compiling PDA's (potential deviation analysis) before any abnormal or high risk works starts

13. Drawing reports from RSE (Renaissance system)

Contact Person: Area Manager Jeff Adams +271********

Courses. :Date

1Advanced Plant Operations 2007

2Process Safety 2004

3General Health And Safety Training Course. 2004

4Permit Course. 2005

5L.I.S. Course. 2007

6Forklift Driving Course 2003

7 SAP Loading if notifications 2008

8 Permit to work SA 2010

9 Complainants role in disciplinary inquiry 2011

10 Renaissance Course 2011


School education.

High school. :High School Oosterland

Date graduated :2000

Highest STD passed. :10(Grade 12)

Final year subjects HG/SG Symbol

Afrikaans HG D

English HG D

Mathematics SG E

Science SG E

Building construction SG D

Technical Drawings HG C


1Skilled to work in all the sections of the department.

2Trained to act as Senior Process controller as required (since 2006)

3Computer skilled. (Logistic Information System+ TMS)

4Excellent communication skills

5 Communication with other business units


1I am a fast learner and can handle work pressure.

2I see myself as a hard working person who takes my work serious.

3I like challenges such as new projects and commissioning of new equipment.

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