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Web Development

Mountain View, California, United States
October 13, 2016

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Meng (Millie) Wu

(650) *** **** 777 W Middlefield Rd, Mountain View


• Full time software engineering opportunities starting summer of 2017. EDUCATION

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, PA

Master of Science in Software Engineering Jan 2016 - May 2017 Cloud Computing*, Software Engineering Practices, Java for Smart Phone Development. Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin, China Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Sep 2011 - June 2015 Data Structure and Algorithms, Operating Systems.

University of Birmingham (UoB), Birmingham, UK

Electrical and Computer Engineering Sep 2014 - May 2015 Data Mining, Computer Hardware and Digital Design.

*Spring 2017


Survival Social Network System, CMU Jan 2016 - May 2016

• Build a real-time chatroom web application designed for multiple groups of people to communicate, send alerts, monitor risks and control resources.

• Implemented features:

sharing status, private chat, public chat, locate resources, posting announcements, etc..

• Implemented a ACL function with three tiers of access: user, broadcaster, moderator. Each tier has its own interface and set of functions.

• Led a team of four to develop the Node.js web application and practiced Srumban by unit testing, pair programming, continuous integration.

Yummy!Yummy, CMU Mar 2016 - May 2016

• Built an Android application to post and share recipes for amateur cooks and ordinary users.

• Implemented Android application backend to communicate with server and parse results.

• Implemented features:

uploading recipes and images, rating recipes, ranking recipes based on popularity as well as the follower system

• Deployed server on AWS EC2 instance; Setup auto-scaling for server cluster and database cluster according to server load; Client interacted with server through sockets for authentication, getting top-rated recipes, etc..

• Incorporated map functions to display map, current location and currently-open nearby grocery stores. Journal Discovery System, CMU Mar 2016 - May 2016

• Built a web application using Play that indexes scholarly journals and provides a platform for users to manage their academic social network.

• Implemented features:

querying journals, creating and managing groups, tagging, privacy protection, etc..

• Applied Meteor as front end framework, Play as backend framework which is deployed on AWS platform and stored data in MySQL.

• Developed a DOM XML parser for processing the DBLP data set and loading information into database. SKILLS

Java, JavaScript, Python, Android, Mockito

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