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Design Engineer Power

Bothell, WA
April 29, 2016

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Bothell Wa


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Rutgers College of Engineering


1)Program Management – I recently received a certificate for completing the Cadence Program Management Training

2)Magnetics Design – Design of Magnetic Elements (Transformers, Inductors)

3)Power Conversion Design – I have been involved with the design of various linear and switching power topologies. These were intended for commercial, industrial, medical, military and space applications and used various construction techniques (hybrid, surface mount, through hole). They were driven from various sources (AC, DC, single and multi-phase) and range in power from a few Watts to a few K Watts.

4)Controller Design – I’ve used both integrated and discrete controllers in my designs.

5)Noise Mitigation – I have experience designing for low noise. This includes design of EMI filtering, a good understanding of parasitic elements and their effect on performance, best layout practices, and knowledge of testing per MIL-STD-461.

6)Design for Severe Environments – I have experience designing for Military Space and Down Hole Applications. This usually entails broad temperature range, broad pressure ranges, broad input ranges and electrical transients, as well as mechanical stress.

7)Design for Manufacture – I have used 6 Sigma statistical techniques applied to new design and existing designs to improve yields.

8)Design for Radiation Tolerance – I functioned as Radiation Officer. This involved design for radiation tolerance as well as creating, monitoring, and conducting element evaluation tests to insure product would meet specified requirements. I was involved in a number of JEDEC sessions and made minor contributions to Appendix G of MIL-PRF-38534 which details requirements for radiation assurance.

9) Troubleshooting – I’ve used Crane Troubleshooting Tools (i.e. pareto analysis, fishbone, statistical tools) and been a member of cross functional troubleshooting teams to solve complex problems. I’ve assisted in the training of production technicians for new product.

10)Qualification – I have been involved in the qualification of both products and processes. This includes preparation of test plans, writing of test reports, and hands on testing. Testing has included Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, Process and Radiation.

11) Familiarity with Various Government and Industry Standards – This includes MIL-PRF-38534, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD 217, MIL-STD-883, and others.

12) Analysis – Worst Case and Radiation Tolerance Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Electrical Stress Analysis, MTBF Analysis, and FMECA analysis.

13) Design Tools Used – SPICE, MathCAD, RelCALC, EXCEL, AutoCAD, Word, Power Point, and others.


2006 – Nov, 2015 Crane Interpoint

Redmond, WA

Senior Engineer in the Space Products group.

Functioned as Radiation Officer for space product. Wrote Test Plans, Designed Fixtures, and Prepared Test Reports in compliance with MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-STD-883 test requirements for both component level and top assembly tests. Assisted in the development of internal radiation procedures and guidelines. Interface with customers and regulatory agencies (DLA) regarding radiation requirements.

Performed various analyses in support of the SMRT standard DC-DC Converter Series (Worst Case Radiation Tolerance, FMEA, MTBF, Stress and Thermal).

Helped develop procedures and templates for standardization of Worst Case Tolerance Analyses. Implemented these to update and complete radiation analyses of various Interpoint hardened products.

Developed templates and checklists for review of BOM, Electrical and Thermal Stress Analyses, Schematics, And Worst Case Analyses

Conducted analyses and contributed to a redesign of existing custom product. Changes made were to address specific customer needs and concerns.

Sustaining Space Level Product. Support Qualification efforts of MFP point of load converters. Support redesign re-layout, and requalification efforts multiple series due to pad peel problems.


West Springfield, MA

Senior Project Engineer in the low voltage (Merchant Market) group.

Contributed designs in a series of linear regulators intended for use in a navy radar system (Aegis). There were 11 power supply designs in total, operating from 400 Hz three phase shipboard mains. Some designs were straight linears; others were of a tap switching configuration in order to maintain small size, relatively high efficiency for a linear type design, and low EMI.

Performed failure analysis of prematurely failing fielded power converter (Patriot Missile Launcher). Contributed to design fixes and re-qualification of this design.

Contribute to cost saving redesign effort for Hellfire Missile power converter.

Support production floor with troubleshooting and with guidance during transition of new product from engineering to production.

Support sales and marketing with technical proposals, and with various technical presentations.

2000 - 2004 ADVANCED ANALOG/M-3

Santa Clara, CA

Senior Design Engineer

In November of 2000 International Rectifier purchased Magnitude-3. Shortly thereafter IR purchased Advanced Analog. IR then merged Magnitude -3 and Advanced Analog into a single division. Continued to work in the same capacity as Design Engineer for this new entity.

Assist in the development of a custom Rad Hard power conditioning system for use in the second generation Global Positioning Satellites

Various analyses of new "H" series product including stress worst case, MTBF and FMEA.

Provided support for production in order to transition Burn-In capability from Magnitude - 3 to Advanced Analog facilities.

1998 - 2000 MAGNITUDE - 3

San Jose, CA

Senior Design Engineer

Joined Magnitude - 3 shortly after its initial founding and assisted in setting up various aspects of a Mil-Prf-38534 facility for the manufacturer of Radiation Hardened Hybrid Power Converters for application in satellites, and launch vehicles.

Implement various analyses for customer specific and in house requirements such as Worst Case Tolerance, Failure Modes and Effects Criticality, and MTBF analyses.

Contributed to various aspects of the G, and L series standard product design.

Prepared numerous source control documents. Designed various custom production test fixtures to support these products.

Wrote test and other technical procedures.

Provided technical inputs to quality engineering in support of setting up a quality system and obtaining DESC approvals for Magnitude - 3 products.

Assisted in radiation testing and other qualification tests in support of standard and custom products.

Solve various manufacturing and production related problems, to troubleshoot, determine corrective actions, and to disposition non-conforming materials.

Provided applications assistance to customers, and helped to prepare technical proposals, and deliver various technical presentations in support of sales and marketing.


Santa Clara, CA

Functioned as group leader for Space level development.

Responsible for various analyses in support of development of ART2815T series Radiation Hardened Hybrid Power Converter.

Developed numerous spin-offs of this design and supervised developments for specific satellite applications.


Los Osos, CA

One of the five founders of the corporation.

Helped to develop a new Four Quadrant Converter Topology with applications in Motor Control, Power Factor Correction, and Regenerative Loads.


Senior Design Engineer

Designed custom military power supplies.

Evaluation of customer specifications, preparation of proposals, electrical design, supervision of mechanical design and layout, writing acceptance and qualification test procedures as well as other specifications, supervision of prototype assembly and testing, supervision of documentation, customer and production support.


Senior Design Engineer - Power Products Group

Designed custom and off the shelf Switch Mode Power Supplies of various topologies, including, Forward, Fly back, Half and Full Bridge Converters, ranging in power from 150 to 1K watts.

Evaluation of customer specifications and quoting custom designs, electrical design, supervision of mechanical design, writing specifications and test plans, supervision of prototype assembly and testing, coordinating safety testing and preparation of test reports, working with customers to assure product reliability and adherence to specification, factory support.

1983 - 1984 ILC TECHNOLOGY

Design Engineer

Wrote technical proposal for lighting ballast to be used in Space Telescope.

Designed control interface and ignition circuitry for Xenon arc lamp and supervised fabrication and testing of prototype lamp ballast.

Designed pulse control and charging network for Xenon simmer pulse lamp ballast, supervised prototype fabrication and testing.


Design Engineer

Performed design studies of low voltage switching regulators.

Designed and fabricated linear regulator control circuitry.

Designed EMI filtering for power conditioning system.

Performed stability analysis on power conditioning system.


Design Engineer

Designed and supervised fabrication of Fine-Finish power supply for use in EDM Machining

Designed and fabricated digital servo system (Digital Adaptive Controller) for use in EDM Machine

1980 - 1981 HONEYWELL DEFENSE DIVISION - Signal Analysis Center

Electronic Engineer - RF Systems

Performed feasibility study of manual versus automatic control of Navy RF signal analyzer.

Wrote Fast Fourier Transform and data reduction routines for TEMPEST

testing of Navy equipment.

REFERENCES: Furnished upon request.

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