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Engineer Process

Palm Coast, FL
April 21, 2016

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Results driven Senior Process Engineer with a 20 plus year record of success propelling breakthrough process improvements and bottom-line gains in the Chemical Process Industry and Natural Gas Reforming Technology as a primary focus in US and overseas facilities


Process Operations & Reconfigurations

Systems/Equipment Analysis & Design

Project Management Best Practices

R&D projects from Pilot Plant to Scale up.

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Process modeling

Fuel Optimization

Process Re-Engineering

SPC Systems/Tools/ Statgraphics

Process efficiency maximization

Project Commissioning


Carbon Capture Technology Amine and PSA systems

Throughput Maximization

EPA Standards/Compliance

Process Simulation ASPEN and HYSYS

GMP for Food Processing

Union Contract Negotiation


Essar Steel, Surat, India – 2012 – Present:

Project/Plant Director for DRI Plants

Simulated and evaluated process configuration alternatives to identify best-option solution for utilizing alternatives for fuel and process feedstock in reforming operation.

Identified and led project to implement changes to process as a result of the process study

Installed DM humidifiers for catalyst protection, Modified heat exchangers, Increased CO2 removal PSA system capacity,

Built and installed pilot plant for adsorbent evaluation.

Developed thermodynamic and kinetic models for gas solid reaction modeling.

Delivered operating cost savings valued at $12 million per annum in natural gas purchases and an additional $7 million in adsorbent savings.

Increased the CO2 capture capacity by 60% by identifying new improved adsorbent.

Increased valve reliability by decreasing the number of operations per year by 2/3 from 100,000 to 30,000 per valve.

Increased production throughput 20% above original design capacity without any significant capital expense.

Results of work has established new baseline philosophy for these types of plants operating worldwide.

Midrex,,Charlotte, NC – Jan 2012 – Oct 2012:

Senior R&D Process Engineer

Developed mass and energy balances and P&IDs for pilot plant which were used used for equipment sizing and operating specifications.

Prepared specifications for tender offer used by suppliers to proffer bid on equipment for pilot plant.

Developed Startup, Shutdown, Emergency, and Operating procedures for Pilot Plant.

Identified and purchased all equipment for Pilot plant including all analytical and control equipment.

Led MIDREX contingent in HAZOP study of Pilot Plant.

Pilot Plant proved the viability of innovative new technology.

Worldwide Patent application was written and approved.

Technology has now been commercialized by MIDREX in conjunction with PRAXAIR and available for purchase.

Technology proven for numerous alternative fuels and has possibilities for many industries.

Essar Steel, Surat India – 2006 -2012,

Senior Process/Project Engineer

Prepared report on competing Direct reduction Process Technologies

Directed project installation and commissioning of process equipment for Greenfield plant projects.

Prepared bid packages for site work, fabrication, erection, and commissioning of two Mega Module Direct Reduction Plants for Hazira Steel Works in India.

Led and directed team of ESSAR engineers to Monterrey, Mexico for detailed evaluation of plant operations on site at TERNIUM 4M plant.

Worked with HYL engineers on the design of a Cold DRI plant for Hazira Steelworks.

Subsequently became technical lead for ESSAR during contract negotiations with HYL for purchasing their DRI basic and detailed engineering packages and ensuring performance baselines as per contract.

Prepared Aspen Plus Steady State models for both MIDREX and HYL plants for gas solid counter current packed bed reactor.

Optimized process operating parameters which improved production throughput. Plan and managed the research and development efforts to quantify heat and mass transfer effects in direct reduction reactors.

Upon commissioning of plants responsibilities were to supervise shift production, quality control, and lab personnel to ensure quality procedures and production procedures were observed and contractual performance benchmarks were met.

Commissioned two Mega Mod Greenfield DRI plants

Installed and redesigned PSA CO2 removal unit to utilize waste gas from COREX process as burner fuel for DRI plant resulting in over 2 million in NG savings per annum.

Installed real time SPC process parameter monitoring program that guided DCS operators on corrective actions for process variable variances. This reduced quality variances by 50% and reduced off grade product occurrences reducing energy costs by 20%

ISP Alginates – 2003-2005

AFP Plant Manager

Implemented statistical process control procedures to monitor and evaluate unit operations and identify problem areas for improvement.

Optimized raw materials usage, improved product yield, and increased volumetric throughput on continuous acid fiber production lines

Planned and managed the production activities and priorities and process improvements.

Supervises shift production, personnel, ensures quality procedures and daily schedules.

Conduct investigations and hearings to help resolve union employee grievances.

Prepared reports, SOPs, logs, MOC’s, project outlines, summaries, graphs and other documents, including QA and QC reports.

Reduced water consumption by 30% and which decreased operating costs by 15%.

Identified savings/improvement opportunities and solved challenging technical, process-flow and resource-limitation problems.

Tyndall Air Force Base – Mexico Beach, FL – 2001 -2003

Senior Research Engineer

Supported the activities of the research group for projects that are in the feasibility phase of development.

Prepare development plans, which include research performance requirements, materials, and cost specifications, expense budgets, equipment plans and human resource requirements for assigned projects.

Plan, manage and coordinate engineering activities to implement the development plan for assigned projects according to performance and cost specifications, regulatory requirements, lead times and budgets approved by management.

Plan, and develop new and existing test methods and the related equipment to evaluate products for performance, manufacturing, and risk analysis.

Act as a technical liaison between suppliers, QA/QC, regulatory, technical and contract services to meet the objectives of the research plan.

Responsibilities include required design review meetings, project documentation and product testing documentation

Built and successfully tested new mobile grey water treatment process

Processed and tested Vanadiium combustion catalyst.

Arizona Chemical – Port St Joe,, FL – 1998 -2001

Process Engineer

Process engineer in charge of three batch reactors and one CSTR reactor process in the rosin upgrade unit.

Supervised production personnel in operation of reactors.

Implemented process improvement through the use of statistical process control, design of experiments, and interpretation of reaction rate data

Project management responsibilities include design, budgeting, purchasing, and supervising implementation/startup of new equipment.

Design and implementation of process control schemes, processing equipment, operational methods and manufacturing procedures

.Interface with outside vendors on design, supply, and manufacturing operations.

Support all chemically related production operations through trouble-shooting, documentation, procedure write-ups, and implementation of recommendations.

Evaluate current manufacturing procedures and improve on efficiency and compliance.

Reduced overall batch times and batch variability through close monitoring of catalyst additions.

Lower batch times reduced off grade material by 12%.

Berg Steel Pipe Corp. – Panama City, FL – 1995 -1998

Process Engineer

Process improvement, process development through the use of data gathering and statistical correlation.

Developed database on Microsoft Access that enabled statistical analysis of processes, which resulted in improved plant productivity through development of large-scale linear program.

Member of Berg Pipe business development whose function is to explore new technologies and philosophies that will enable the company to stay competitive in the emerging global market.

Troubleshooting pipe-rolling process in order to stay within the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) standards for natural gas and oil pipelines.

Wrote static program for simulating three roll bending machine to reduce variability of welding seam to reduce waste.

Troubleshoot FBE coating process and discovered reason for coating failures was related to running line to fast and not getting good enough heat soak before application. Saved the company 2 million dollars in potential operating losses.


B.S. Chemical Engineering University of Florida

M.S. Chemical Engineering Clarkson University

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