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Mechanical Engineering Six Sigma

Central, SC, 29630
April 12, 2016

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Aditya Dabral

*****,********** **, ******** *******, MI-48310 864-***-****

Objective: Seeking Full time job opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering and six sigma quality control. CERTIFICATION COURSE

Green Belt Six Sigma Certification May – July 2015 o Example solving illustrating the FMEA concepts in banking business o Literature review for design of six sigma for developing automotive HMI o Other examples includes problems solving with SPC, p-charts, c-carts, fault tree etc. EDUCATION

Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering December 2015 GPA- 3.26/4

SRM University, Chennai, India

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering May 2014 GPA- 8.093/10

Related Coursework: AUG 2014 – DEC 2015

Control systems engineering, Intermediate Dynamics,Engineering Optimization, Statistical Methods-I, Mechatronics Systems Design, Material Selection For Design, Six Sigma Quality, Finite Element Analysis, 3D Parametric Design Projects

Coordinated Control of EGR and intake throttle valve in a turbo charged diesel engine

Literature review for different control strategies, control algorithms and control controller architecture.

Modelling of engine subsystems (intake vale, EGR valve, intercooler etc.), integrating them using Simulink.

Controls strategy implemented on the model to achieve the coordinated control using MATLAB/Simulink.

Simulation of the model performed for different operating points to interpret and analyze data with results. Design of idle speed control for electric throttling for an SI engine

Component modelling of the throttle, intake, engine mass flow, torque generation, engine inertia based on the thermodynamics and fluid flow equations along with the dynamic system equations.

Designed an observer based feedback controller plus integral controller and optimized the poles for reference tracking and disturbance rejection to achieve required settling time. Multi-Objective Optimization Of A Square Plate For A Specific Displacement

Successfully coupled FEA software (ANSYS WORKBENCH) with optimizers Mode Frontier and Visual Doc to optimize a square plate for the objective of minimization of both mass and stress while having the constraint of a specific displacement.

Used both high level and low level optimization algorithms to analyze data.

Presented detailed reports on linking of FEA software with Optimizers and on the usage of Optimizer Software.

Used Pareto scatter plots for data patterns, correlation analysis, history charts to observe variations and to do tradeoffs between the two objectives.

Mechatronics Lab work using Allen Bradley PLCs along with sensors and actuators.

Hands on experience with the material handling system by integrating conveyors controlled through Allen Bradley PLCs and inductive proximity sensors.

Ladder logic program for a conveyor belt system on single phase dodge motors using PLC driven pneumatic delays.

Optical sensing of BANNER PRESCENCE PLUS P4_GEO 1.3 Vision camera system to identify object on the conveyor. Pick up and Drop robot using vision sensor (Mechatronics Design Competition)

Programmed and integrated the vision sensor, infrared sensor to controller board along with the actuator.

The controller along with the other subsystems was integrated with the chassis, wheels and the battery.

Aurduino microcontroller, pixy vision sensor, infrared sensor, and gripper were all used. Prototype building of an obstacle avoidance robot (AGV) using servo controlled ultrasonic sensors

Programmed and built a working prototype model of an automated guided obstacle avoidance robot.

Ultrasonic sensor was used to detect obstacle and servo motor was used for the sensor’s sweep action.

The system was successfully integrated and the prototype solid modelling of the bot was done using Solid Works. SOLID MODELLING IN SOLID WORKS

Solid Modelling of a cell phone cover with better aesthetics and ergonomics for MOTO X2.

Solid Modelling of a ketchup bottle cap with a manifold inside to avoid the flow of the ketchup liquid before the actual ketchup.


Technical: Design - Solidworks, ANSYS, AUTOCAD

Data Analysis- SAS, Minitab, Matlab

Others – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint.

Programming: Basics of C and C++

Languages: English, Hindi and elementary level French.

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