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Engineer Engineering

Wichita, Kansas, United States
May 31, 2016

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Jorge C Notario Page *

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Wichita, Kansas 67209 Home Phone 316-***-**** Cell Phone 316-***-****

Professional Objective-. To team with an aircraft manufacture or modification center in the FAA certification of a new Part 23, 25 or modified structural aircraft product.

Summary Statement-. Over forty years in General Aviation as degree engineer (AS, BS and MS) in Aeronautical and Engineering Mechanics couple with Company and Consultant Structural DER (DERT-230286-CE) since 1998.


Employment History-.1- Lear Jet Structures Engineer and Consultant DERT 230286-CE 11/10-03/15

AER NCAMP materials testing ASTM D6484, D5961, D3039, D6441 and D3518.

2- Avcon Industries, Engineering Director and DER 10/09-10/10

3- Beechcraft Hawker Structures Engineer AR DOA-230339-Ce and DER 230286-CE 08/72-08/09

Principal Engineer Multi Discipline, Staff Engineer, Senior Tech. Specialist,

Senior Test Engineer.

4- Texas Aeronautic Commission Draftsman 05/71-08/72

5- Mooney Aircraft 06/61-02/71

Structures Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, Draftsman

Responsibilities-. My responsibilities included Test Planning preparation, coordination and FAA submittal (FAA Form 8110-3) for Static, Bird Strike, D&DT Testing and Icing Test Articles (NASA Glenn and Boeing East Marginal Icing Tunnels). Windows/Windshield Model 85 Failsafe Certification under AC-25.775-1.

Bird Strike test planning and FAA approval in the Hawker 4000 for the windshield and empennage areas (Parts 25.571e(1) with Solar Radiation temperature considerations and 25.631).

Model 4000 compartment view demonstration under severe Hail Impact (ASTM F331-10 and 14 CFR Part 25.773(b)(4)(ii) )

Also Fatigue Testing/Lifetime Estimates-Crack Growth Navy T44 and T34C Beech Aircraft Structures Group.

Accomplishments-. Active participation in Part 25 and 23 Aircraft Certification such as Model 85 at Lear (test planning, elements and control surface testing), Model 4000 Hawker Horizon full scale, material testing, Quality Notifications disposition approval and Bird Strike certification. Some of the related Certification accomplishment are:

Model 85 Certification Program Lear Jet, Model 85 Control Surfaces Test Plan and FAA Test Witness, Model 85 Nacelle Bird Strike Test Plan and FAA Witness at DGA in Touluose France, Composite Materials FAA Test

Jorge C Notario Page 2

411 South Socora

Wichita, Kansas 67209 Home Phone 316-***-**** Cell Phone 316-***-****

Accomplishments (continued)- Witnessing, RAS-PG200-100 Windshield-Window Failsafe Certification, 4000E0971 Icing Wind Tunnel Test Plan NASA Glenn, ETP168734 and ETP178283 Model 4000 Hail Impact Test

Education-. Master of Science Degree in Engineering Mechanics,

WSU 1978 Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, WSU 1975

Associate of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Embry Riddle, 1960

Professional Development and Training-. FAA Recurrent Seminar/Online 2013 and 2015

Durability and Damage Tolerance Course 2010 by Patrick Safarian, Management Communications Skills 1991, Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Life Predictor 1979 SESA, Design Analysis for Long Life Damage Tolerance Structures 1976 UCLA, Twelfth Annual Conference of Fracture Mechanics NY 1981, Ultrasonic Inspection 1983 Conan School Canton Ohio.

Memberships/Certification/Military Service/Awards-.SESA, Kansas Chapter 1975, National Society of Experimental Stress Analysis 1979, Toastmasters International 1979.

DERT-230286-CE Structures DER (Chart A) available

Private Pilot, Bilingual

US Army National Guard Secret Clearance

Premiun Pay DER- $1520

Bonus Employee Incentive Pay- $3982

List of References-.Greg Davied, Learjet Corp. 316-***-****

Gil Perez-Abraham, Airbus Co. 316-***-****

Carl William, Learjet Corp. 316-***-****

Jorge Notario September 18, 2015

411 South Socora

W ichita, Kansas 67209 Cell Phone 316-***-**** Home 316-***-****

Dear Sir:

After 9 years at Mooney, 37 years at Beechcraft/Hawker and 4 year at Lear, I am in the aviation business seeking a truly challenging and responsible job in the area of Director of Structural Certification.

As DERT-230286-CE and AER for NCAMP I prefer the area of Development and Certification and I can provide a copy of my FAA chart A to show my area of approvals.

I am looking forward in meeting with your staff and discuss those openings in your engineering organization.

Yours truly

Jorge C Notario

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