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Business Management

Guyton, Georgia, United States
February 15, 2016

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Benjamin M. SanFilippo

*** ********* **.

Guyton, GA 31312


Summary of Qualifications:

• 10+ years of Instructing/Training multiple individuals

• 9+ years of Supervisory exp.

• Military Leadership School/Training: 9+ years.

• Supervisory training class/Train the Trainer Class

• Flexible, Efficient, Ambitious, Passionate, Salesmanship, Constant Professional

• Military Specialty Training/Leadership School/59 Credit Hours of College

• Efficient, Excellence, The Standard, Quality, Proficient, Natural Born Leader

• Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador

• 6S Rep/Lean Six Sigma: Maintaining excellence is the standard


Gulfstream Aerospace, Savannah, GA

June 2015-Present Department 0823

TTT Instructor/Flight Safety Instructor

February 2011-June 2015 Department 0541

Final Line Tester/Avionics/Electrical G450/G550 (October 2011-Present)

Final Line Tester/Avionics/Electrical G450/G550 -Contractor (February 2011-October 2011)


• Face-to-face with VIP customers, selling the brand, selling the product, influencing and negotiating on behalf of the company on a daily basis. Subject Matter Expert.

• G-650 Systems Instructor to include: Hydraulics, Fly-by-wire, Split Brake System, Landing Gear, EMED, Structures, Sim Training, GFS Training, Engine Run and Taxi. Practical training. Airplane Review and Training

• Maintaining relationships and interfacing with customers. Networking and branching out to extend relationships past classroom time to carry on our VIP World Quality Brand Name and Image. Being at the forefront of subject matter in my career field and knowledge and experience far surpass my peers

• Very flexible, efficient, ambitious, willing to work and do anything to help the company succeed, Company Man

• Acting coordinator when current supervisor is unavailable: Coordinates with aircraft mechanics, technicians, engineering, planning, and management to accomplish any set goals for the aircraft schedule as-smoothly-as possible. Safety, Quality, Budget, and Schedule are a priority and accomplished as efficiently as possible when I lead, manage, and supervise 1-4 ACFT at any given time.

• Frequently Trains and Coordinates employees on better understanding the task(s) at hand

• Test and maintain test equipment, electronic systems, and components on the G-450 and G-550

• Provided technical expertise in troubleshooting and repairing system discrepancies to ensure minimum schedule impact

• Troubleshoot wiring discrepancies and repairing wires including splicing, soldering and pinning of wiring and fiber optic cables

• Performs the installation and functionally testing of electrical/avionics components and systems on aircraft per Engineering specifications, drawings and maintenance manuals ensuring a defect free system

• Demonstrates technical expertise by implementing process changes to reduce cost and meet schedule without compromising Safety or Quality

• Ensures that all work performed on the aircraft is properly and completely documented and ready for inspection while complying with the company FOD program, tool control program, 6S program and all safety regulations

• Fabricate, solder, and repair coaxial and other connectors

• Install and repair circuits and wiring, maintain, test, adjust and repair electronics using various specialized electronic equipment

Additional Work Experience:

2001-2010 United States Air Force, World Wide

Integrated Communication/Navigation and Missions Systems Specialist

• Directly in-charge of managing and training countless individuals/Min. 6 Ind. At one time

• Maintain Communication and Navigation on 4 E4-B 747 Aircraft

• Responsible for full maintenance of five MC-130H Talon II’s, five MC-130P Combat Shadows, and one C-130E aircraft; total value 760 million dollars

• Maintained the Communication and Navigation systems on 20 KC-135 Aircraft

• Part of a test group that wrote and implemented new Technical Orders and Diagrams for use on the KC-135

• Advised on problems maintaining aircraft communication, navigation, cryptographic, computer, and ancillary systems

• Uses and interprets layout drawings, schematics, logic, and pictorial diagrams to solve maintenance problems

• Removes, installs, inspects, maintains and operates aircraft avionics communication, navigation, cryptographic, computer, and ancillary systems

• Inspects and tests systems to locate defective components or interconnections

• Troubleshoots and repairs receivers, transmitters, digital and voice satellite communications, multiplexing, electronic switching, and radar (Doppler, search, and weather) systems

• Diagnoses malfunctions using technical orders, schematics, diagnostic software, wiring diagrams and test equipment

• Removes and replaces faulty system wiring, electrical connectors, antennas, transmission lines, and multi-conductor cables

• Adjusts, calibrates, and aligns system components.

• Performs production maintenance functions

• Coordinates maintenance plans to meet operational commitments.

• Supervises and assists in launching and recovering aircraft

• Performs basic ground handling functions

• Performs preflight, in-flight, and post flight duties

• Maintains and reviews maintenance data collection and inspection records

2001, 332nd Training Squadron, USAF, Keesler AFB, MS;

Communication/Navigation Trainee

• Attended technical training, where I learned extensive knowledge on the following systems:

• Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) radios

• Very-High Frequency (VHF) radios

• High Frequency (HF) radios

• Satellite Communication (SATCOM)

• VOR/ILS Systems

• Search and Weather Radar

• Terrain Following and Terrain Avoidance Radar

• Radar Altimeter

• Doppler radar Navigation

• Infrared Detection System

• Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS);

• Cockpit Voice Recorder

• Communication Security (COMSEC) Responsible Officer - Managed three COMSEC account on base. Responsibilities included: acceptation and destruction of COMSEC material, transportation of classified materials, and COMSEC trainer for over 20 personnel

• Expediting- Was charged with directing individuals to designate area’s to complete mission.

• Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste Manager – Responsibilities included: pickup, delivery, and

disposal of hazardous material, ordering all hazardous items and hazardous material, Haz. Waste trainer for 141 people

• Technical Order Distribution Assistant (TODA) - In charge of posting changes for 23 different accounts

supporting 11 different aircraft and 141 maintenance personnel


• 2001-2010, Supervisory training class/Train the Trainer Class-multiple times-160 hours

• 2008, E-4B 747 Boeing Training- 400 hours

• 2005, Global Air Traffic Management training- 80 hours

• 2004, Aircraft Communication/Navigation Systems Block 30 training- 80 hours

• 2004, KC-135 Guidance and Control Block 30 training- 80 Hours

• 2003, Radar System Maintenance Course - 24 hours

• 2003, Aircraft Communication/Navigation Systems Training Program- 40 hours

• 2003, Technical Order Distribution Training- 40 hours

• 2001, Aircraft Communication/Navigation Systems Apprentice Course- 366 hours

• 2001, Electronic Principles Course- 269 hours

• 2000, Allen D. Nease High School- Graduated-Future Business Leader’s of America

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