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Program Manager / Operations Specialist

Oakland, California, United States
October 26, 2016

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Muhammad Q Damanhuri

Oakland, CA


Google – Mountain View, CA July 2013 – July 2015

Associate Program Manager – Operations Specialist

Managed a project to analyze multiple workflows with the goal of increasing efficiency and supporting new tools; established a baseline of productivity by breaking down procedures into individual components, measuring their process times, and visualizing the components in order to target areas of improvements. Implementation of new tools and workflows increased efficiency by over 60%.

Led a project that significantly improved water data quality by correctly remodelling all water features (such as rivers and lakes) and standardizing a cohesive policy and documentation. As a result, more than three hundred global water features were noticeably improved.

Travelled to offices in India and Washington to facilitate the phases of projects and provide training to expanding teams.

Assessed the quality of data sets from external sources, using QGIS and shell scripts, to detect inconsistencies and errors and communicated with the partnership team to correct the errors before data acceptance.

Automated complex calculations and text manipulations on Google Spreadsheet using clever combinations of functions to quantify team efficiency and quickly obtain data in desired formats.

Responded to over one hundred escalations reported to the team (including those from VPs) within two hours and either escalated to appropriate teams or performed a full case investigation and provided our findings and resolutions within days.

Hosted weekly office hours and workshops to troubleshoot difficult data problems and train new team members.

Adecco – Mountain View, CA October 2012 – July 2013

Geo Visual Data/Operations Specialist (Contract at Google)

Labelled and performed quality control on map data with exceptional quality and accuracy.

Improved team performance by optimizing existing processes and providing ongoing feedback on tools and processes.

Analyzed metrics and recommended operational flow improvements based upon analyses.

Created and maintained procedures, presentations, policies, and documentation for new projects to ensure information remains relevant.

Cartography and GIS Education Lab – Berkeley, CA September 2012 – May 2013

Cartography Intern

Held office hours to assist undergraduates with their cartography assignments and projects.

Guided students through tutorials on Adobe Illustrator and elements of visual and graphic design.


Lawrence Hall of Science – Berkeley, CA January 2012 – May 2012

Volunteer Activity Facilitator

Designed multi-leveled science activities such that different concepts are understandable for learners of various ages yet all learners were able to understand the overall theme of the activity.

Facilitated the science activities and guided the learners through the learning process by asking inquisitive and reflective questions and allowing them to explore the activity through their pace.


University of California, Berkeley August 2008 – May 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Southeast Asian Studies


Advanced levels: Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps Suite, QGIS, Google Maps

Basic levels: SQL, JavaScript, Shell, Python

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