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Project Manager Management

Vaughan, ON, Canada
February 22, 2015

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Alireza Dehestani

***, * ********* ******,

Richmond Hill, Toronto, L4B 4N2

Mobile Phone: 647-***-****,


Senior Network specialist with 15+ years of experience in enterprise and large-sized IT

network environments especially in oil and gas refinery and Iran Telecommunication

Research Center ( High level experiences on the RFP and RFQ


High proficiency level in EPCC, Integrated and Enterprise IT project management.

Extensive experiences in the network protocols, devices, and topologies.

High experience on IT Business Development and Marketing IT products.

Excellent knowledge of security devices and information and network security.

Quick learner who adapts easily to new processes, latest technologies, trends and

excellent training skills.

High proficiency level in Critical and risky assessment and design appropriate security


Ability to lead a team with more than 10 years experiences especially in IT and Training


Extensive experiences as an Instructor of University (faculty member), more than 8 years.

Speaks English (advanced), Farsi (Fluent).


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering – systems Management 2003,

Azad University Arak, IRAN.

Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering – Hardware 1998,

Azad University Tehran, IRAN.

Certifications and Passed Courses

ITIL v3, certified locally 2014

Lead Auditor of ISO ISMS 27001, 2014, International certification

Cisco CCNA training, in IRAN, 2005

Cisco CCNP Routing training, in IRAN, 2006

Security Design for networks (Sharif university courses), 2004


Computer and Information Technology:

Network Protocols: OSI and TCP/IP Model, ICMP, IPv4 and IPv6, SNMP, NTP, NAT,


LAN Network: 802.3, VLAN, VTP, STP, Bridging, 802.1q, HSRP, VRRP.

WAN Network: PPP, HDLC, Frame Relay, MPLS, VPLS, SDH, E1, STM1.

Network Security: IPsec, VPN Tunneling, DMVPN, VRF, AAA, ACL and Zone based


Routing protocols: RIP, EIGRP, IGRP, OSPF and BGP.

Network Topology: Core layer, layer and access layer. Hybrid Networks,

Software: Cisco IOSs and Solar Aggregation winds, GNS3, Visio

Operating systems: Windows, Linux(Basic Information)

IT business Development: Analyze the Market based on the competitors and product

life cycle. Preparing RFP and RFQ.

Risk Management: Based on the evaluation of the value of assets and appropriate cost

for securing the systems (ISO 27001 ISMS).

Wireless technologies usage as solutions: WHF/UHF, WLAN, WWAN especially in oil

and gas industries (e.g. the VHF handset with explosion proof )

Usage of VoIP in enterprise corporation's solutions: Tenor systems, Cisco Voice

servers, PSTN network transfer on VoIP.(e.g. Transfer of onshore telephone numbers to

offshore and Rigs)

Information Security: Leading organization to yield to the ISO 27001 and getting ITIL


General Management:

IT Department Management: Technical chart design based on the goals and strategies

of organizations and IT departments. Dividing IT expert knowledge and IT personnel to

the best position in an organization to reach to the best efficiency and benefits. Creating a

Systematic processes and automation based on the IT and digital technologies for time

and cost saving based on the risk analysis for determining best tradeoff between cost of

IT and cost loss of traditional systems. Best solution detection for organization

automation and improvement of IT systems for an organization.

Project Management: Managing and tracing progress of projects based on the resource

allocation, time scheduling, cost, Quality and human resources. Consider all of main

aspects of PMBOK (Communication, Critical situation management and so on)

Managing on Enterprise and Integrated software development and Data Analysis:

Organizations' processes analysis, RUP (inception, Elaboration, Construction and

Transition), EPCC system is mandatory for giant and distribute organizations

(Engineering, Purchasing, Construction and Commissioning).

Training Management: Schedule, track and report on employee training, licensing,

certifications, training program design and qualifications for individual employees,

contractors or workgroups. Handling web based on training and using automation

systems for training management in order to reduce costs and to prevent wasting time.

Training System:

Creating and managing training systems such as building up the skills and knowledge of

human resources which is the most important factor of corporations.

PROFECINAL EXPERIENCE August 1999 - December 2014

ICT Technical Expert and IT vice manager June 2011 – Dec 2014

Oil and Gas holding company

This company is out of three giant oil and gas holding Iranian companies that has about 10000

employees and 16 subsidiary companies all around the country consist of 5 drilling rigs

(offshore) and Kish Island. The main function of this company is developing and constructing Oil

and Gas refineries. Data connection and transaction between sites and main offices is very



Administration of Cisco Routers and Switches configuration.

Network Design based on the geographical locations, Network Topology design, Media

connection determination, Protocols and Technology determination.

Administration of Secure network implementation based on the Cisco SAFE model using

the AAA servers, Application layer, Distribution and core layer security(ITU-T X.805)

Tracing and controlling the stabilities of IT services.

Administration of VoIP and voice transfer between locations (Traditional and IP based)

Technical IT chart design and revise it based on continuous improvement.

Decision maker to Predict and prevent in case of any failure or mistake to preserve all of

IT services up in acceptable level.

Regular check for result of SLA (Service Level Agreement) and OLA (Organizational

Level Agreement) comparison with organizational expectations.

Regular control over the quality of the Service Operation duties especially in front desk

of users.

Designing, Controlling and managing the ongoing IT projects. It was done based on their

Gant Charts, cost and resources.

Technical seminars designed to create a brain storm to approach the best ideas and results

in IT fields.


Configuration and establishment of networking between more than 16 locations consist

of holding main office and its subsidiaries companies.

Splitting the various data stream based on its policy by using VLAN.

VSAT connection based on Auto Adjustment Antenna on the Drilling Rigs.

Using VSAT connection to transfer the traditional PSTN to the Oil and Gas sites and

Drilling Rigs for emergency calls. It could be cover some disconnection might be occur

in disasters.

Drawing and handling plan for satellite phones for more safe connections in critical areas.

ICT Master plan development for 3 years based on the budge t, limitation, Strategies and

big picture of goals. Also all security and safety aspects should be considered especially

for Oil and Gas sites and business.

Designing and deploying a distributed management system with giving some

authorization to IT managers of subsidiaries and sites to speed up for reaching the project

goals. Despite the authorization, the intelligent control and interaction is very prominent.

Leading the software development team to develop an EPCC software. It has been

completed in E (Engineering) and 80% of P (Purchasing).

Using more powerful protocol to better services (e.g. using EIGRP instead of OSPF,

using upgraded version for VoIP server, Deploying help desk software to answer to the


Faculty Member and Department Manager of University

Azad University January 2007 – December 2014


Teaching to the students based on the syllabuses (Computer Basics, Microprocessor,

Digital Circuits, Computer Architecture, Project Management, Operation Research,

Strategic Management )

Managing the time duration of courses

Giving handout and assignments to students and revise them.

Guiding the final projects for graduating of students.

Deploying of students' courses in each semesters as training program.

Collecting the instructor for teaching in each course.


The best university researcher in Qom province

The best university researcher in Qom University

Project Manager February 2003 - May 2007

Iran Telecom Research Center (ITRC)

I had been project manager for three projects in ITRC. Designing and establishing a Data

Network Laboratory, Design and establishing Type Approval of ICT devices Lab and

Consulting to IRAN Data Communication Corporation for preparing IT master plan.


Preparing the project definition form for initializing the project, resources anticipation

including budget, human resources, time and requirements.

Feasibility study and SWOT analysis before launching a project.

Establishment of Data network Master Laboratory.

Preparing devices of laboratory based on the goals and the projects which are defined in

ITRC and Technical study.

Commissioning of Virtual and physical networking passed on the VMWARE, Virtual

PC, GNS3 and Cisco Routers and Switches, DSL Modem and DSLAM systems.

Research Manager of DCI related Projects in ITRC regarding to the projects.

Preparing Security Master Plan consist of Vulnerability management and analysis based

on the PEST analysis (Policy, Economic, Social and Technology).

Finalizing the project and handing over the final documents and expected outputs.


Establishment of Data Network and Type Approval Laboratory for ITRC.

Test results for OSPF, EIGRP were handed over and the OSPF is approved for some

reasons to using in Iranian Data Network.

IPv6 had been tested for routing and connecting clients to each other.

Establishment of Data network Master Laboratory in the ITRC.

Connection between clients had been tested by VMWARE and Virtual PC in a virtual


Security master plan based on the Information Security System.

ICT Consultant Expert June 2005 – August 2009

Telecom Infrastructure Company of IRAN (TIC)


Giving consultant idea to the managing director of TIC.

Cooperating to design and development of some plans.

Revise and review of plans and ongoing projects' trend.


Getting two letter of appreciation from managing director of TIC.

Researcher and ICT Engineer March 1999 – February 2003

Iran Telecom Research Center (ITRC)


Designing HDLC board with 4 channels (using FPGA max plus) in ITRC

Developing a software for driving SCC V.35 board In ITRC.

Designing hardware based on FPGA and HDL languages and Microprocessor 8086 and

Z80 and Microcontroller.

Research on the GPRS system to development on the Iranian mobile network, especially

on the Gb interface.


1. Alireza Dehestani, Mahdi jalili kharajoo, A novel high performance fuzzy controller applied to

traffic control of ATM networks, CAEPIA-TTIA 2003, Spain

2. Alirza Dehestani, Hassan Motalleb pour, Fuzzy traffic control of ATM networks, WSEAS

Transaction on Communication, Issue 4, Volume 2, October 2003

3. Alireza Dehestani, Mahdi jalili kharajoo, Active Queue Management: A new fuzzy second-order

studying mode, control algorithm, WSEAS Analysis system (December 29-31 2003)

4. Alireza Dehestani, Mahdi jalili kharajoo, Proposing a new Architecture for Mobile Information &

Consultation Support System, Apcc 2004, China

5. Alireza Dehestani, Mahdi jalili kharajoo, Active Minimum Variance Control of Congestion in

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6. Alirza Dehestani, Hassan Motalleb pour, Application of Computational Intelligence Techniques in

Active Networking Technology, WSEAS Transaction on Cir cuits & Systems, Issue 2, Volume 2,

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7. Alirza Dehestani, Hassan Motalleb pour, A Speed Drive Based on fuzzy logic for a dual Three -

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8. Alireza Dehestani, Mohammad reza Rajati, Mohamad mehdi khorjani, Exponential Recu rrent

Associative Memories: stability and Storage Capacity, IEEE ICTIA’2006 U.S.A (International

Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence)

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