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Continunuous Improvement

Shelbyville, TN
April 30, 2014

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Travette T. Vasser

**** ******* ***** ********* Apt. 2807* Murfreesboro, TN * 37128* cell: 662-

***-**** *

Professional Experience

Data Analyst - Process Control Engineering: InfoTree Services Contract

Position / Nissan North America. Smyrna, TN. October 1, 201&2 - January

18, 2013

. Engineering Support

. Responsible for ongoing analysis and reporting of Process Control


. Evaluate, report, track, and monitor dimensional data for all vehicles

built in Smyrna for Quality Variance Control Characteristics (QVCC)

points using GDM Web data management system

. Develop and implement new model templates to manage data

. Manage and analyze data points on daily basis monitoring trends that

fall below cp < 1 and cpk < 1.33 and identify the root cause and

communicate with Engineering and Manufacturing to provide

countermeasures on a timely basis

. Knowledge of MS Office including Access, Excel, and PowerPoint

Continuous Improvement Coordinator: Parthenon Metal Works Leggett & Platt

Steel Tubing Division. La Vergne, TN July 2011 - June 2012

. Organize and provide training and education in lean and continuous

improvement philosophy to all departments conducting CI Events

. Organize a steering committee to oversee project outcome

. Lead, manage, recommend, execute and effectively communicate lean and

CI principles and tools

. Lead cross functional teams to implement continuous flow

manufacturing and pull systems, 6S improvement, standard work, setup

reduction, value stream mapping exercises, TPM implementation, visual


. Utilize value stream mapping to identify and eliminate waste

. Conduct assessments of manufacturing operations to provide focused

improvement opportunities to increase production efficiencies,

eliminate waste, reduce inventory, reduce lead times, increase

quality and increase due date performance

. Facilitate change management throughout various stages of lean so

that continuous improvement and team work become the standard

. Work with employees to identify and develop continuous improvement

strategies that will drive operational excellence, increased capacity

and cost reductions

. Track and measure KPI goals

. Build knowledge of lean philosophy and lean tools through continuing

education from training programs, conferences, plant visits,

reference books and dialogue with other lean champions/facilitators

from other lean companies

. Project goal for 2012 in cost savings $500,000; identified over

$900,000 in cost savings throughout all departments

. Complete Project Benefit Analysis for project tracking

Quality Technician: True Temper Sports. Amory, MS April 2011 - July 2011

. Audit inspectors to make sure inspected parts of golf shafts and

putters meet customer expectation

. Test and recheck parts using quality measuring tools such as

micrometers, gauges, calipers, quality check test machines, and other

measuring tools

. Document and enter all quality issues and scrap

Quality Supervisor: Express Personnel Services for EHD Quality Group

Temporary Position at Martinrea, Shannon, MS February 2011- April 2011.

Temporary 3rd Party

. Third Party temporary position in an automotive metal setting for a

Nissan supplier, Martinrea Fabco Automotive Structures ; responsible

for inspecting suspect, nonconforming, and/or defective parts, part

subassemblies, and part assemblies using work instructions,

specifications, and criteria provided by the automaker for shipment


. Supervise and instruct inspectors on performing all aspects of

containment, audit, inspection, sort and rework

. Accurately collect and report data according to I Charts

. Interpret quality control plans, procedures, prints, and etc...

. Complete time reports in an accurate and timely manner

Quality Audit Engineer: Kelly Services Temporary Position at Haworth, Inc.,

Bruce, MS. November 2010 - January 2011. Temporary position

. Temporary position to ensure quality specifications are met for a new

product line

. 100% (GP 12) Inspection on new product line: Very Task Seating

. Gauge and inspect chair in an in-use position

. Make ship determination if quality level is in question

. Repair and advise operators on quality of the product - if failure

operators need to rebuild

. Analyze problems and issues with supplier parts and give feedback

. Document and calculate Rolled Through Yield Put

. Team Leader responsible for ensuring other inspectors are inspecting

to meet marketing criteria

Manufacturing Associate Engineer Contract Position: Volt Technical Services

at Caterpillar - Engine Assembly/Disassembly, Corinth, MS May 2008 -

February 2009. Contract

. Drive standard work by standardizing tasks and utilizing common

processes based on takt time, work sequence, planned method and

material management

. Perform and summarize time studies to establish appropriate staffing

requirement for direct and indirect labor - machine cycle times and

elements of each process of performing a job

. Assign CI improvement cards to the appropriate owner in QSI

. Identify bottlenecks in the work process and suggestions for

continuous improvement

. Assigned to Value Stream Continuous Improvement Team to identify and

eliminate safety and ergonomic risks in work areas

. Quantitatively assessed all jobs for safety and ergonomic risk

. Change the work environments and tasks to achieve medium or lower

levels of ergonomic risk

. Validate ergonomic risk reductions by quantitatively re-assessing jobs

for safety and ergonomics

. Evaluate all work elements and ensure that risk have been reduced to a

medium or lower level for all job/work elements within the value


. Ensure documentation verifies that safety learning plans are developed

for each employee based on job roles and exposures and that safety

training is delivered on a timely basis to equip employees with the

knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs safely

. Ensure that all lifting task are at low risk and quantified using the

NIOSH Lifting Equation "Lifting tasks > 18 lbs (8kg) to determine safe

lifting and lowering limits based on task factors including geometry

of the lift, frequency of lifting, and load weight

. Recognize ergonomic issues by using the Ergonomic Hit list observation


. Use the Snook and Ciriello Table guidelines for pushing, pulling, and

carrying tasks to determine safe limits based on person and task


. Navigate the Failure Modes Effects and Analysis (Safety FMEA Tool)

spreadsheet that includes a hazard pick list and has scoring criteria

built in to calculate Risk Rating, as well as Controlled Risk Rating

based on planned countermeasures

. Team Leader for Safety and Ergonomics Team responsible for assessing

223 jobs

. Trained team members at the Prentiss, MS facility on the use of the

RPM system and Corinth Process Engineers to use the RPM system to

assess ergonomic and safety risk

. Project met company goals for completion before deadline and risks

reduced for company incentives

Industrial Engineering: Co-op Position through Mississippi State University

at Tecumseh Compressor Division, Shannon, MS January 2006 - December 2006

. Study work cycles while using bill of materials and routings to

determine if elements can be modified, combined, rearranged or

eliminated to reduce time needed to complete a cycle

. Record time required to complete each element in the cycle using a

stop watch

. Make improvements in job design and efficiency for more production,

waste elimination, and cost savings,

. Analyze, make suggestions for changes, and keep Documentation in

Engineering Change meetings

. Measured indirect labor by conducting a process study by defining and

documenting each process of workstations or lines using a process flow


. Implemented and tested improvements for defining sequences, providing

routing documents, and training employees

. Analyzed and figured cost reduction in departments

. Implement and perform Lean Tools and Waste: Value Analysis, Continuous

flow, pull system, standard work, takt time, workload balancing, 5s,

preventative maintenance, poka-yoke, set-ups, automation, and layouts

. Record scrap tickets and quality issues into Oracle database

. Assist with new ORACLE software implementation in different

departments with scanner gun use and researched inventory in ORACLE

database making sure products where entered and shipped correctly

. Perform projects on Kaizen Events (Blitz) Teams: Value Stream Mapping

- Current State and Future State with projected goals of $100,000

Earlier Career Experience:

Substitute Teacher, Aberdeen School District, Aberdeen, MS. August 1997-

May 2005

Human Resource/Payroll, Accounts Payable Clerk, Shannon, MS. June 2000-

August 2011

Area Production Manager: Logistics Division of Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart

Distribution Center, Brookhaven, MS - 1996- 1997

Store Manager, Sports Avenue, Barnes Crossing Mall, Tupelo, MS September

1995 - April 1996

Education & Certifications:

Villanova University - Professional On-line Degree. Lean Six Sigma

Certificate. September 2006

Mississippi State University- Bachelor of Science in 1992, Master of

Science in 1994, PHD Coursework completion in 2007 in Industrial Technology

3.54 GPA * PhD Candidate in Progress * Department of Instructional Systems,

Leadership and Workforce Development. Emphasis in Industrial Technology

with a Minor in Health Promotions.

Master of Science and Bachelor of Science. * Department of Physical

Education, Health, and Sport

Recreation * Emphasis in Athletics Administration and Sport Communications.

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