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Manager Engineer

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
June 28, 2019

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Email.ID: +92-305-*******

Expertise: Buildings, Roads, Bridges / Infra-Structure Projects.


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I am has been extensive Management and Administration and Safety / HSE experience 3 Years .

CURRENT PROFESSION: Material Coordinator / Sr. Cost Engineer Of Berkley Eng: Consult.

HIGHEST EDUCATION: Master 1st Class 1st Position .( 1984 )

Bachelor 1st Division ( 1983 )

CURRENT LOCATION: Karachi Pakistan.

MOHAMMAD SALEEM SHAIKH. Experience appears to be concentrated in Engineering / Other with exposure to light Technical / Trades / Skilled Labor / Other MOHAMMAD SALEEM SHAIKH . has more than 20 Years of work Experience with 4 Years of Management experience, including a mid level position . The Job Objected did not contain enough specific information to a make determination as to whether the Candidate s Job Objective matches the Candidates experience.


Year Position Company Country

2017 -2018 Construction Manager PCL PPL oil & Gas Pakistan

2016-2017 Material Coordinator / Sr. Cost Berkeley Eng .Consul. KSA

2015 -2016 Construction Manager AL RAJHI PMO. KSA

•2014-2015 Deputy Project Manager Omrania MOH KSA.

•2009-2013 QAQC Engineer Dar Al Riyadh Consultant KSA

•2011-2012 QA QC Expert Amana Medina MOMRA. KSA

•2007-2009 Material Engineer Ital Consultant KSA

•1997-2007. Material Engineer. E.C.I.I.L. Consult. PK.

•1993-1997. Project Engineer. NESPAK.MMP.ACE. PK


Responsibilities .

•Made observation & checking material as per drawing per approved by CLIENT.

•Supervised installation of pipes GRP, HDPE, RTP, Duct, Stainless Steel pipes (304S) and Duplex.

•Designed network profile and implement at site and take approval from CLIENT.

•Designed valve chambers network pipe line.

•Studied the shop drawings and reflect the elevation of the units on the site.

•Verified the points of coordinates with the consultant.

•Supervised the work of Laboratory material.

•Supervised the excavation works and checking the elevation prior to casting blinding concrete

Omrania Consulting


Ministry of Housing Projects, KSA.

Total worth: SAR 18.45 Billion

Supervision of Buildings Construction .Quality /Material Infra Structure.

Housing /Schools/ Mosque /Infra Structure Roads/Villas, Flats.


Study of Design / Shop Drawing. Control Consultant / Contractor Site Staffs’ Manage. All I.R. Compliances Supervision site work. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Arch. Checking the Mechanical, Electrical Pipe Earth work, Soil testing report. Soil drilling depth. Lithe logical Soil investigation. Maintain the Site Record as a per Specification .as per approved design / shop drawing. Control the Man power / Site Equipment and checking as per CLIENT requirement .and Checking Quantity of Site Material and Prepared the I.P.C with checking Material Quantity and other Site matter submit to immediate Boss ( Project Manager and discuss site issue with Project Manager and resolve all Site issue .every day . and Checking the Quality Of Material and maintained the quality and Safety site issue and discuss with Contractor representative persons . and resolve all issue at Site every day and Inform our immediate Boss ( Project Manager ) and discuss next day issue and discuss our staffs administrative / Management issue and inform our head office.

Safety Administration Management Site Supervision Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural Arch, Quality material Checking, Batching Plan Asphalt Plant, other Site Construction Work. In Ministry Of Housing Buildings/Schools /Projects .K.S.A (Approved from Ministry Of Housing KSA


Supervision of Buildings Construction Material civil Structural /arch, Electrical .Mechanical as per Client approval Drawing Design /Shop Drowning .Quality /Material.

2009-2011: Supervision of building construction material civil, structural/ arch, electrical/ Mechanical/ Batching/ Asphalt Plant proper checking as per Client approval drawing design/ shop.

King Abdullah Finance District: the project includes the installation of force line DI Pipes ranging from 2,00000 mm and 15000 mm including the construction of value chambers, the total length of pipes was around 50000 m. the project also includes the installation of Sewage line of clay pipes of diameter ranging from 200 mm & 250 mm around 3500 m.


•Studied the approved drawings.

•Provided the points for the excavation level.

•Provided the elevation of the electromechanical items as per the approved drawing.

•Provided the final levels of the concrete prior to casting.

•Supervised the work and casting of control and making sure that the required level is attained.

•Provided coordinate of the electromechanical equipments and construction works.

2007 - 2009 Ital. Consult KSA. As A MATERIAL ENGINEER.

Road construction, Tunnel MOT Buildings, Eastern region. Dam am under supervision of Ministry of Transport KSA. Checking the all Laborites concrete steel construction chemicals, pre membrane material, Forsook chemical material used and water tank for the safety point of view.

1997 – 2007 ECIIL as a MATERIAL ENGINEER, Roads Construction Bridges Buildings Tunnels Projects. Checking the Concrete Mix Design Concrete and Asphalt, and Checking properly thickness of Layer and Compaction as per Specification, Structural Drawings and Design Drawings and approved and properly checking laboratory and laboratory equipments and compaction site Man power and safety and Quality Assurance ./ and maintain the Quality Control . Site equipments and All Chemical requirement at the Concrete and Asphalt Material .Checking the thickness of Layer and Back filling Material and Sub Grade Material and Aggregate base course Material and Maintain the Temperature Concrete and asphalt also


1.Omrania Consulting . MOH .KSA

2 Berkeley Engineering Consulting . KSA


4. MOMRA Amana Medina / Jeddah QA QC Expert .KSA

5. Dar Al Riyadh Engineering Consulting . KSA

6. Ital Consultant KSA .

•ECIIL . Karachi Pakistan

•PCL PPL Oil & Gas Organization

Saleem Shaikh

Construction Manager

PCL PPL Oil & Gas Organization

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