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Engineer Design

North Hills, CA, 91343
June 24, 2019

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• Around 6.0+ years of extensive, multi-vendor (Motorola, Alcatel, Samsung, Cambridge, Dragon Wave etc) and multi-technology (GSM, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, HSPA, CDMA, EVDO, LTE, Volte, Microwave etc.) experience in Radio Network Design,

Optimization, Leadership, Project Management, Technical Support and Roll-out.

• Sound knowledge of UMTS Architecture, RF Propagation, Antenna theory, Link Budget, Network Topology, SC planning, WCDMA Network design, tuning and optimization.

• RF Design and Network Optimization engineer for Wireless Telecommunications Industries with expertise in RF Network Design, Frequency Planning, Capacity Planning, Traffic Analysis, Post/Pre launch optimization, Coverage analysis,

CW modulations, Testing/Performance analysis, Equipment provisioning, and Project management from ground up to system integration.

• Hands on experience and working knowledge of Ericson OSS for parameter audits along with familiarity with company’s design and optimization procedures.

• Extensive hands on experience on different designing and optimization tools like ATOLL, Mentum Planet (Planet EV), IBwave, ACTIX Analyzer, ALU eDAT, PathLoss4.0 and Wind Catcher, Asset, Dragon wave, LCT.

• Experience in using post processing tools like eDAT, XCAP, WindCatcher, TEMS, and AGILENT etc to analyze drive test data.

• Experienced in using post processing tool like eDAT for LTE technology. Also, have thorough understanding of LLDM and WINDS, which are field test tools used for LTE technology.

• Good understanding of Layer 3 messages. And Experience with TCP/IP.

• Proficient in working with different live cellular network testing software tools such as TEMS, AGILENT and XCAL-X, Invex 3G.

• Proficient in Map reading and developing by using software tools like MapInfo Professional, Microsoft Street & Strips.

• Experienced in collecting and analyze drive data and performance statistics.

• Done lot of performance enhancing RF operations using KPI’s.

• BTS Protocol knowledge including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE technologies,

• Skilled at voice and data testing procedure and performance indicators.

• Proficient in programming languages such as C, C++, VHDL and T-SQL for SQL Server Query Analyzer.

• Training based work- experience: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, SQL Management Studio 2005/2008, SQL server Integration Service (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS).

• Excellent communication and presentation skills combined with the strong analytical, organizational and problem solving skills.

• Able to take multi-faced responsibility including coordinating and directing all phases of project based efforts.

• Efficient in developing and documenting policies, procedures, project documentation, milestones and Specifications.

Technical Skills:

PRIMARY (Used in professional/work environment):

• OS Platform – Windows 95/2000/XP/NT 4.0/ VISTA/10.0 Linux/UNIX

• Programming languages - Python, Java Script and Postgre SQL

• Anritsu Site Master S332D,S332E/Bird Site Master To measure VSWR, Return Loss, Cable Loss, DTF

• Wireless Domain: GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE, Wi-Fi, Microwave

• RF Drive Test Tools: TEMS 7.3.1/8.2.2/8.2.4/9.0, AGILENT 11.2.1, 12.1 XCAL-X

• Interference Testing Tool: Spectrum Analyzer

• Site Acceptance Tool (SAT): DapSat 9.8, WITT 9.10

• RF Post-Processing Tool: Wind Catcher 1.42, XSTREAM, ACTIX Analyzer, TEMS Discovery, eDAT, COPS, Actix One.

• RF Design Tool: Mentum Planet 5.1, Atoll, ASSET and ACP.

• RF Network Management tools: Motorola EMS, Clear-track, NTM, ALU WMS, SAM-B, RAMSES, NCV, NEM, RMAP

• Mapping Tools: Microsoft Street & Strips and MapInfo Professionals 8.0, GEOPLAN, Delorme, TOPO 6.0.

• E-911/RNDCIQ Tools: Autoforms (AT&T), Siterra, Playbook (Sprint), Centrack (Sprint), Intrado (AT&T) SCOUT database (AT&T), YOHO (Sprint), Transcend (Sprint),

• Have an experience using WCDMA and Spectrum Analyzer equipment.

• Solid background in the use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

• Simulation tools – MATLAB, SONATA (VHDL Program Simulation Software).

• Protocols – TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP.


• Master of Science in Information System.

Keller Graduate School Of Management, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

• Graduate Level Business Administration Courses

Woodbury university, Burbank, CA, USA

• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication

Punjab Technical University, Jallandhar, India.

RK Management Group

Associate Manager

02/2017 & 01/2019

Managing Business Operations At RK Management Group, Worked closely with Property Mangers and Vendors to Order Supplies for Various Properties, Set the Hotel Rates, Negotiate Contracts with partners like Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline and group-on, Processed Invoices, Manage Finances and Budgets related to business operations, Manage Employee Schedules and address the concerns of guests/clients and staff.

MobileNet Services Inc

End Client: AT&T Mobility, San Francisco, CA

RF Design & Optimization Engineer (LTE/UMTS/GSM/CDMA)

09/2014 – 12/2016

• Worked as LTE design and optimization Engineer directly with AT&T, I am mainly responsible for managing design & pre-optimization support activities for different markets in NorCal region.

• Worked as a LTE Design Engineer directly for AT&T with ALU equipment using Frequency & capacity planning & designing tools such as ATOLL, MAPINFO and ACP(ACP-Automatic Cell Planning tool), utilizing link budget analysis

in design criteria including coverage and traffic analysis. Designed the cellular network for 700, 850, 1900 and AWS bands, Wireless Carriers and Public Safety Radio networks.

• Responsibilities also includes project manager C&E, support, taking active part in scoping meeting analysis, site selection, implement design modifications after referring CD and zoning suggestions, providing design solutions for successful launch.

• Performed nominal and detailed RF design, including site selection and site acquisition support. Creating search rings for new site builds and creating new cell sites Translations, reviewing and preparing close out packages for RF design

and Supporting E911 audits for Volte Translations.

• Worked with INTRADO for TVW purposes for data fill purposes for Macro, Micro,DAS, and Small cell sites.

• Monitored and supported E911 validation testing for RMR region.

• Prepared daily as well as weekly E911 Volte reports and open/Track pending tasks with ENMT/HQ E911.

• Performed data fill and Accuracy validation & modify cell site physical change order document preparation with all the databases.

• Capacity Planning and Optimization for new & existing sites in the network, RF Link Budgets Designing.

• Expert in ANR, generating prediction Plot & Nominal planning with planning tools ATOLL and ACP along with analyzing traces and Drive Test results of the first LTE call, checking MIMO behavior, throughput, SINR, Uplink power over PUSCH.

• Updated RFDS in Auto forms /Siterra on daily basis as per the cell site changes/Updates.

• Studying RF design coverage maps and identify problem areas in terms of coverage, interference or pilot pollution.

• Strong skills in analyzing layer 3 messaging for LTE.

• Executing tasks to optimize RF clusters in the customer network during the deployment phase.

• Troubleshooting problem areas and provide recommendations for system performance enhancements.

• Selection of Antennas and optimization of Mechanical/Electricals Tilts, Azimuth and Radiations center with in the given constraints of ND369 guidelines to meet the design KPI’s.

• Worked with National (HQ) planning team on weekly basis for Network Dimensioning Traffic planning for network capacity expansion. Working closely with ASG team for iDAS & oDAS planning and design recommendations with help of iBwave

for various markets for RMR.

• Design validation and approval of LTE and UMTS sites using planning tools like ATOLL & ACP to meet RSRP, Dominance, RSRQ and SINR KPI’s and to maximize the throughput.

• Execute predictions Studies for RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, throughputs, Coverage by transmitters, Link budget planning and Analysis.

• PCI and PSC planning for NSB and performing FCC/FAA licensing procedure preparing FCC extension agreements for FLBC/CGSA sites in network.

• Perform sanity check on antenna configuration & work with ALU team Assist commissioning and building SAM and WMS database.

• Responsible for work with C&E field teams during site construction and integration.

• Handling optimization of new sites and handles problems like Call drop, interference, handover failure, handover reversion, in building problem, antenna tilting, competitive Drive Test.

• Analysis of cluster drives and providing solutions for drop cases, LTE integrity, LTE Retain ability, Throughput issues.

• Performing LTE Pre launch and post launch network optimization for ATT different markets including drive analysis, neighbor relation, tilt and parameter optimization, GNG report generation.

• Studying RF design coverage maps and identify problem areas in terms of coverage, interference or pilot pollution. Strong skills in analyzing layer 3 messaging for LTE.

• Executing tasks to optimize RF clusters in the network during the deployment phase. Work with the RF testing and implementation team of vendor to implement and optimize the sites correctly.

MobileNet Services Inc

Sprint NV (via ALU) – Remote Support

RF Optimization Engineer (LTE/CDMA/EVDO)

09/2014 – 06/2015

• Worked with RF design engineer to understand the RF design KPI, cluster definition, customer expectation, and network configuration for LTE but also CDMA and EVDO.

• Hands On Experience with ALU LTE tools like Ramses, NPO, SAMB, WPS, Network Element Manager (NEM), Edat, EMS, OMP, Transcend, NCV, YOHO, Grady cluster Reporting, Playbook portals and Elogs tickets

• LTE Cluster optimization for 800MHz & 1900 MHz channels using JSDU and eDAT drive data analysis tool. Involved Network performance improvements through RRC drop rate, RRC connection set up failure and handover analysis and optimization,

Inter- RAT handover optimization using LTE-Golden parameter Audit and optimization, NBR, RET and PCI optimization and recommendations.

• Studied RF design coverage maps and identified problem areas in terms of coverage, interference, or pilot pollution by analyzing the Drive logs for 800 and 1900 channel and perform KPI monitoring before and after carrier launches.

• Perform the drive testing Plan & execute tasks to optimize RF clusters in the customer network during the deployment phase using the eDAT tool. Experience creating drive routes, Drive Testing, post-processing, and analyzing results.

• Determination of test equipment needed for various optimization related activities and worked with ALU RF Manager to order it from RF Toolkit group.

• Analyzed (Drops, Setup failures, Handover failures) & Troubleshoot problem areas and provide recommendations for system performance enhancements and implement the changes as per the customer.

• Monitoring the alarms and traffic of the LTE sites on daily basis using NPO, SAMB and created troubleshooting tickets using ELOGS.

• Participated in providing input to the RF sections in the MOP, deployment plan, CATP, and site logistical needs.

• Worked closely with Performance team for Azimuth verification, Swap sector, Sector not taking traffic regularly Basis. Support KPI monitoring before and after carrier launches and troubleshoot and escalate, as needed, for resolution.

• Kept up-to-date documentation of optimization-related actions; also maintain archives of all collected data.

• Managed customer expectations and make sure deliverables stay within the contractual scope.

Selected radio equipment’s and specifications (Cambridge, Ceregon, Dragon wave NEC, DW) and antenna-Andrew with required Cost budget. Knowledge of switches,routers and firewalls

• FCC/FAA coordination, prepared deliverable for specific markets. - Radio network planning: point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, with frequencies 5.2, 5.8 and 2.4 GHz

• Site survey, link test, antenna selection, coverage testing and optimization. Configured and software updated for 802.11a/b/g radios (2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz). IP network planning, frequency planning, prepared documentations.

Further Enterprise Solution (FES)

End Client: T-Mobile USA, Philadelphia PA

RF Performance/Optimization Engineer

01/2012 – 08/2014

• Worked on the T-Mobile GSM (2G) / UMTS (3G) wireless network design using Asset propagation tool. Also, worked and supported daily optimization and network performance enhancement activities using various tools

like Actix One, MapInfo, Ericson OSS etc.

• Maintained data integrity and accuracy for new telecommunications facilities across several databases (Asset, Insider, UMTS & GSM OSS) and building new sites and preparing data sheets

• Performed Consistency Check on T-Mobile network and analyzing field drive data and data post processing.

• Technical site survey, review T-Mobile site data (Azimuth, Tilts,Height, etc.) before sending the drive team for data collection and analyzing site density and traffic constraints.

• System optimization (antenna orientation, antenna relocation, parameter changes) in order to improve received signal level and quality.

• Frequency Planning with Planning tools, Model Tuning and understanding RF issues. Monitor the before and after performance of sites after upgrades (Tilts, Antenna Changes, etc.) and fix any issues.

• Monitored the network performance based on reports (% Call Setup Success, % RF Failures, % Handoff Failures, % Drop Calls etc.)

• Prepare necessary RF Documents/ Reports

• Optimizing the UMTS/WCDMA network by post processing of drive test log files by using ACTIX and MAPINFO/Google MAPS for critical issues including call setup failures, drop calls, site density, Traffic Constraints, azimuth mismatch, swap sectors, missing neighbors and pilot


• Improvement of CS KPI, PS KPI, and HSDPA KPI such as CCSR (Accessibility), CCSR (Retain ability), SHO and IFHO (Mobility) in Manhattan, Bronx & NJ.

• Recommendation (Azimuth, Power, Tilt and Cell/Node/RNC Parameters) as per drive test data/terrain to meet agreed KPI. And site modification as zoning

• Proposition and building of neighbors for newly integrated sites in multiple carriers of UMTS.

• Neighbor optimization, Analyzing neighbor database relation and correlate in order improve HO statistic and site Acquisition

• Reviewing BSS/RNC/Node B parameters& Frequency planning to ensure no channel or adjacent CHN interference

• Making biasing lists & Drive routes for multiple carriers, thus preparing the clusters for drive testing with MapInfo/Google MAPS

• Generating KPI GNG reports& reviewing the issues with UMTS/HSPA+/GSM sites.

• Daily network performance monitoring and identify network performance degradation (accessibility, retain ability integrity) and give recommendation to solve.

• Site configuration and supporting construction Drawing Verification.

• Experienced in supporting LTE Design and UMTS optimization activities, as apart of T-Mobile Modernization project-work for Michigan area.

• Performed network wide frequency planning and implementation and create and update Radio Frequency Design Sheets (RFDS).

• Design, optimize, analyze and improve the performance of GSM/GPRS/EDGE network utilizing RF propagation principles, cellular theory,

• Experience with Nokia NSN OSS, Nortel Dump running & analyzing NCS / WNCS recordings, GPEH, UETR traces and activating/ monitoring performance management (pm) counters used to improve network performance.

• Prepared and Updated CIQ for 2G/3G sites.

• Selected and configured the antenna design for the required coverage objective. • Worked closely with Site Acquisition Managers and Construction Managers for site status.

• Conducted Management Site Walks for sites with complicated design.

Responsible for creating the search ring process for site selection and assist in the selection of cell sites with Radio equipment selection. Work closely with Site Acquisition and project managers and prepare the required approval package for sites.

• Working Knowledge of RF propagation tools such as Path loss, Planet and Atoll.

Radio Network Consultant 3G(WCDMA/HSDPA)

Huawei Technologies India

January 2009-April 2010

• Support optimization services for WCDMA/HSDPA radio networks. •. Perform Accessibility and Retainability KPI audits and propose technical solutions to assist operator needs. •. Final Recommendation to the customer like DT and azimuth changes, neighbor additions and parameters changes. • Perform Final Acceptance Report to the customer. •. Analysis on Statistics Data from RNC, detecting and solving problems like: coverage issues, interference, drop call. •. Analyze drive test data in order to improve coverage, reduce interference, pilot pollution and handover performance. •. Getting Statistics from Network Operation Center like Call Historical Record (CHR), Performance, Configuration File (MML) using M2000 software. •. Network Data Analysis using Nastar Tool

Radio Network Consultant 3G(GSM/GPRS)

Huawei Technologies India

May 2007- Dec 2008

• Support design\optimization services for GSM\GPRS radio networks. • Perform site surveys to identify potential RBS sites and to confirm current antenna system configurations. • Perform radio coverage predictions and propagation model tuning. • Perform drive tests to verify coverage, interference and handover performance. • Propose antenna system configurations changes according to site surveys, predictions and drive test data. • Propose changes to the measurement channels and neighbor cell lists. • Perform radio feature parameter audits and consistency checks. • Perform KPI audits and propose technical solutions to assist operator needs.

Project Engineer

Bharti Airtel Ltd (On contract basis)

July 2006 – April 2007 (10 months) Delhi NCR, India

Installation, Commissioning and Integration of Ericsson RBS 2000 (2202,2204 & 2206 ) series

Responsible for DCN implementation in NMS in around 400 Mini-Link E (PDH), Traffic node and Mini Link SDH nodes.

Experience in configuring and commissioning all type of Mini Link Traffic Node (TN) like,2p,6p,20p

Using DX6310 plug in unit with Mini –Link High cap for dropping E1’s at various site

To avoid interference and fading check the performance of microwaves and Mini Link Completely responsible for installation, commissioning, integration and testing of BTS and Mini Link.

E-1 routing from RBSC to new sites

Up gradation work of hops from 4*2 to 16*2 and 1+0 to 1+1 in Live network

Traffic routine creation

Trouble shooting of Transmission Mini-Link (Traffic node, High – Cap) AXX switch

Wireless IP Planning and Optimization Intern

Reliance Communications

Aug 2005- July 2006, Mohali, India

IP network Planning & Integration for Wireless CDMA & GSM connectivity.

IP address management for Wireless IP network

Designing and Implementation of network with Cisco 4948, 3550, Nortel 8600 L3 switches

Troubleshooting the connectivity issues in the network

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