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Data Support

Seaford, New York, United States
May 15, 2019

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David Colbourn

Sr Data Architecture/ Modeling Big Data and RDBMS



I am skilled in Big Data, Data Modeling, DBMS, PM and specialize in development efforts that integrate data and design data lakes and warehouses. Data models with enterprise level conformed dimensions and taxonomy and grain specifications are only part of my capabilities. I can help you id and integrate unstructured and semi structured data lakes with structured RDBMS systems and BI reporting or data linage, master data management and meta data management. I act as or provide support for designer, administrator and some coding all in support of a data owner, SME or steward. I also have a data management strategy for mixing unstructured data with semi and fully structured data. Beyond that I can support the generation of specifications for near real time ODS, departmental governance and business rules needed for an ESB. I am fully versed in DB2 tuning including bind options, explains, correlated sub selects and the like. I also performed DB2 sysplex tuning for the Social security administration as part of a Lockheed Martin contract

I am versed in Cassendra DB, HSQL and Agile development. Data Base Management Systems Utility DDL and DML supported including; Oracle, DB2/UDB, SAS and SQL Server. Data modeling support includes; Star for OLAP and Snow flake third normal form for OLTP for both dimensional modeling and Data Mart design with ETL support while using Erwin, Sybase SAP Power Designer, IBM Rational System Architect and Sparx Enterprise Architect systems. Please note Erwin now supports Big Data cloud systems like AWS as well as Casendria. In the past as an infrastructure engineer, I have set up and run an R&D Lab to facilitate on site benchmarking of various configurations. I have integrated many COTS packages.


Datawarehouse Architect

Consultant to Rising Pharmaceuticals via Primecl

Jan 2019 – Mar2019

Installed SAP Power Designer, created as is and to be OLTP and OLAP models, created swimlane process documentation, created Share Point directory design and created data warehouse documentation, installed snowflake DDL into MS SQL, established ODBC connections, worked on Hana/SQL server linked servers, encapsulated existing BO feeds in new design, business and surrogate key reviews and tuning of existing systems and queries, created operations support DB, created best practices white papers.

Linage and data architecture review

Consultant to E*Trade via HCL Alexandria Va

July 2018 – October 2018

Provided Oracle GL general ledger data linage analysis tracing external feeds through Oracle and into a Big Data repository. Provided multi jump source to target data mappings complete with processing notations. Provided analysis of Oracle and Big data structures and made recommendations on Structure MDM and work flows. I worked with Impala on a set of Hive Clouderia Hadoop data marts. I reverse engineered unique and primary keys and identified data organization issues for both the Oracle and Big Data systems.

Data Architecture/ Modeling Support

First Tech Federal Credit Union in Silicon Valley via Kelly Software

September 2017 – June 2018

I did data modeling manager work for the data analytics group. The company is the credit union for Microsoft employees. I designed and implemented a conformed dimensional enterprise data warehouse using a Kimball Zachman approach. The environment was an Erwin OLAP setting for relationally linked indexed tables in MS SQL Server. Designed landing interrogation and semantic layer structures for the Big data BI reporting. Additionally, the work included the development and enhancement of procedures for managing table and attribute definitions as well as data linage and a proposed MDM data security interface. I design a data integration layer, ODS, Data Warehouse and data lakes for RDBMS and Big data systems. Support for a data warehouse by departmental feed the views with source to target mappings for ETL specification. The work included access path analysis and performance tuning and maintenance with other root cause analysis. Identification of PII data for SME governance analysis and design and generation of data structures to support ETL automation was also included. The modification of the work flow between the business analysts, data modelers and ETL dev-ops group was performed and accompanied by naming standard punch ups and industry best practice implementation.

IT Support

Citi Bank Wall Street via IRIS Software

March 2017 - June 2017

I assisted with Master Data Management and governance issues. I investigated and proposed rule and threshold changes as well as up and down stream programming fixes to generate a final disposition proposal based on root cause analysis. The work included generation of business process model documentation and data linage analysis as well as data score card line item processing for the management of Material Non-Public Information and its impact on surveillance assessments. The work included coordination of efforts with DQP PM’s BA’s and Coders.

Contractor in Pennington NJ Campus at Bank of America

November 2015 - October 2016

As a contractor via Diversant I provide metadata management support, data linage support for the "COMPLIANCE CONSENT ORDER TECH" group at BOA. Evaluating and establishing Sybase SAP Power Designer procedures for enterprise data modeling efforts in support of data linage reporting is my current work. Ensuring power designer ramp up uses industry standard practices for ODS and DW structures definitions and work flow models and assisting in BI reporting of meta data and data quality enhancement requests is also part of my current work.

Data Architect

Ferguson Enterprises in NewPort News, VA

June 2015 - October 2015

I was an SSI Consultant for Wolsely-Furguson a premier wholesale supplier of commercial and residential goods. On this contract I aided with generation of a data architecture road map. Additional responsibilities included establishing and maintaining Enterprise Data Model subject area maps data modeling conventions by target environment, naming conventions and class prime and modifier word glossary. Generation of Erwin reports for ETL mapping support and reverse engineering Oracle and Excel data structures for reengineering into OLTP tables and OLAP designs. Project workflow analysis help formalizing the BA DA interface for scope entities and attributes as well as performance tuning and data security data design issues were all addressed. Installed Cassandra prototype for bench marking.

Evaluation of metadata products and creation of a SharePoint wiki that leveraged the enterprise subject area taxonomy while integrating with updated change control procedures and documentation made for a lot of fun.

Data Architect

Centerlight Health via Talon Professional Services, Bronx NY

September 2014 - March 2015

Health care data modeling of member plan case assessment and community health data into an OLTP ODS. I am implementing a generalized party model that will support application archiving and a future roll up to an OLAP DW, while in Agile. SQL server and Erwin v9 and 32 bit Excel for current model ODBC connection support are the technical issues. We upgraded to SQL Server 64 bit. A conceptual and logical data model as well as a foundation Data Dictionary import into Erwin and model comparisons are all part of the past sprint and the physical ERD and DDL gen are finished. Windows Security group creation planning, and DBMS level schema level grant work followed. I Taught self-extracting/ updating Excel ODBC queries and dashboard creation.

Consultant Data Modeler

Mphasis, N.Y.,N.Y.

June 2014 - August 2014

Consulting support for data centric projects. Attivio and LavaStorm tools are being added to the Erwin and DBMS DBA skill set.

Data Modeler

Artechinfo @ CIGNA • CT

March 2014 - April 2014

As a data modeler consultant, I supported; generation of custom coded option set files for Erwin forward engineering of models. I debugged and customized Erwin Fet files used in the generation of DB2 v9 and V10 DDL, I updated and analyzed various glossary files for convergence into a common enterprise taxonomy and introduced a new way of reusing logical constructs for improved standardization. Generation of structured to big data interface tables as part of a new DB2 customer product data warehouse. Model mart updates for new and maintenance updates of DB2, Oracle and Teradata DDL generation.

Data Modeler

Comptech Associates @ MetLife • NJ

January 2014 - March 2014

As a data modeler consultant, I supported; reverse engineering of existing DB structures analysis of naming conventions and comments and mapping to a new proposed SAS marketing system, while helping to generate an enterprise level model template. Additionally, I was involved with the generation of the staging tables and work flows for use with the SAS marketing system.

Information Architect

HP consulting HealthWays, Nashville TN

January 2013 - May 2013

Agile team data architect, Erwin and Toad data modeling, SA Enterprise Architect Process modeling, Big data design reviews, Oracle tuning and data quality work. Conversion of waterfall artifacts to agile reference models. EDM advocacy and cross sprint data coordination efforts.

Architect – Principal

Cablevision,Bethpage NY

September 2011 - January 2013

Tasks included; Installation and testing of Data virtualization products. Additional tasks included development of a data strategy and a data project plan template. Work flow and data warehouse modeling and data etymology mapping in support of DB rehosting and redesign effort targeting Netezza. Generation of specifications for near real time ODS, enterprise and departmental governance and business rules as well as an ESB SOA road map. Support for engineering and design IT and industry research as well as project management groups. Data model consolidation and harmonization support.

Enterprise Information Architect DBA

Ca technologies, Islandia NY

November 2009 - October 2011

Assignment 1 DBA for a Star Kimball DW Bus implementation project Assignment 2 Enterprise Architecture group Information Tower DBA / technical lead. I coordinated two teams of data modelers to derive one Enterprise Data Model.

Architect Modeler at

November 2007 - June 2009

IT BI group generated OLTP and OLAP models of as-is and to-be systems

System Architect

Ronald Reagan Airport via MBI

August 2006 - September 2007

BPMN Process Modeler I coordinated a team of business analysts to derive one future state process model.

System Architect Consultant to Lockheed Martin via CPSI

August 2004 - June 26

Capacity Planning for SSA and Process Modeler for HHS FPLS

Erwin Consultant for Icarz via Tek Systems

July 2003 - April 2004

Data Modeler BPR Architect

DBA at Health Management Systems

May 1998 - January 2003

DBA UDB Sybase Erwin head of R&D lab

Sys admin mainframe installations capacity planning system DBA


Pace University - Lubin School of Business

BBA, MIS, 1984


Brokerage Operations and Margin Classes


Information inventory and process inventory asset management

Hardware Architecture

Software Architecture

Process Modeling

Data Modeling and Virtualization

Erwin Data Modeling Tool

Rational suite (Telelogic System Architect) (Data & Process Modeling tool)

SAP Power Designer





Bachman Data Modeling Tool



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