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Technician Systems

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
May 10, 2019

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Gabriel Sandoval

*** ** *** **.

El Paso, Texas *9915


Career Objectives

To find an opportunity that will allow me to demonstrate that I am hard working individual who is anxious to increase my knowledge and therefore be an asset to the company.

Skills: soldering and rework, terminate fiber optic cable, maintain computer systems, install and maintain wireless network, install Cat 5 Cat 6 cable, computer hardware, operating systems, have a Security Clearance, and Sig, Sigma certified, rebooting systems for troubleshooting checks, FBI fingerprinted.

Sept 2018 Nov 2018 Jacobs Technology

Guard duty checking for badges and making sure all personal phones and technology did not enter the facility due to guarding a highly confidential data facility.

June 2017 CMG/Colorado Lighting Inc.

Worked as a Lighting tech changing out bulbs from poles in a boat truck, checking lights from retail stores such as Kolhs, Walgreens changing out ballasts and bulbs. Checking the lighting in banks, organizing stock in store room. And assisting with light pole installation.

Feb 2016-May 2016 Glacier Technologies

Worked as a Data Collector documenting information whatever was being done to the equipment for a test that being performed. Between here in El Paso and Socorro, New Mexico.

June 2015 Webatron Internet Solutions

Working on Fort Bliss pulling cable setting access points and drops for

Internet connections.

May 2013- April 2014

Raytheon Tech Svc.

Quality Assurance Inspector for Prep area. Checking piece parts for rust or Pitting. Checking drawings on piece parts per specifications. Making sure the Prep on piece parts was correct for paint. Making sure all parts were not damaged before installation. Besides supporting the Prep area I also checked other departments such as the parts departments checking for quantity, proper measurements using calipers for correct size and using specifications for proper specifications. I also,checked the parts on military vehicles for example the cabling for size and spec and also tested them for proper working order using voltmeters.

Jan 2012 – May 2013

Apollo Professional Solutions

Production Specialists. Working with patriot and radar vehicles for the Department of Defense. Such as sanding, connecting circuitry, stenciling, connecting cables, making sure it is in working or for the vehicle. Testing cables, making sure they work.

July 2010-Oct 2010

Electro Systems Engineers, Inc.

Checking work orders servicing clients at Fort Bliss, re-constructing Technical Rooms to replacing a phone line to a DSL connection within government standards. To testing CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables for Technical Rooms. Checking Fiber Optic cables within man holes and Technical Rooms, when coming across damages cables we’d make sure lines were clean before using (OSP) outside plant termination. And making sure the cable was checked OTDR meter for optimal performance. And troubleshooting the line and correcting problem. Checking upgrades of systems for smooth connections. Checking ip address if needed for troubleshooting purposes.

May 2009-Jul 2009

Glacier Technologies

Electronic Technician- making CAT5-CAT6 cables to proper specifications such as a straight through or a crossover cables. And checking to see if how many static IP addresses there are as opposed to dynamic IP addresses. The connection of computers and monitors would be critical to the central networking system that being installed such as switches for monitoring IP connections, routers for wireless and cable connections, and firewalls for the protection of the system. And also, troubleshooting equipment and using a voltmeter to make sure equipment was in good working condition.

Jan. 2009-Feb. 2009

Dantek Systems

Technician- Running wire to set security and fire alarms for residential and commercial buildings. Checking blue prints. Checking riser rooms. Checking intercom systems for schools. Installing radios and antennas. Installing telecommunications hardware.

Aug. 2008-Oct. 2008

Kelly Services

Manufacturing Technician for Intel Corporation.

Jan. 2001-Sept.2007

Intel Corporation

Manufacturing Technician –Operated and maintained registration tools to check layers and recipes of wafers for production of cutting edge equipment. Other tools sets include deep ultra violet equipment. And cure equipment and scanning electron microscope equipment and did preventive maintenance on wafer handling alignment tools.


Oct 2009-April 2012 Western Technical College

Education Level: Associates in Occupational Studies Degree: Information Systems and Security

Acquired a Fiber Optics certification- was taught termination and splicing, taught the basic understanding of Fiber Optics Networks. Worked to secure our systems by locking our systems with certain IP addresses.

June 1998-Oct. 2000 Western Technical Institute

Education Level: Associates degree in microcomputer & electronics

Established IP addresses for desktop systems and routers. Also, so we could communicate with other computers and created problems to sharpen our troubleshooting skills.

Sept 1980-May 1984

Bel Air High School

Education Level: High School Diploma

Language Skills

I am fluent in English and Spanish

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