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Manager Assistant

Round Rock, TX
September 06, 2019

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Aslam Vohra,

****, ******** **** **,

Round Rock, TX, 78665,

Contact Phone : 512-***-****.

Objective: Look for suitable jobs for Pharmaceutical/ Petrochemical/ or Chemical Company. Major-skills: (A) Management- skills: Initiative with Responsibility & Accountability of concerned department with projected work and targeted achievements, like new projects, distribution of work to colleagues, leadership of projects to achieve in timely manners with optimum results or goal. Priority of safety, Health & Environmental issues for all employees of my department, Provide technical assistance to all employees of department; Monthly report preparation of Department showing a status of any new project.

(B) Technical- Skills: 1) Lab-Skills: Knowledge of operation & validation of all Analytical instruments like HPLCMS/GC-MS/UPLC/GC WITH FPD&FID Detectors/AAS/ICP-MS/UV-VIS Spectrometer/FT-IR/Dissolution- Apparatus/Conductivity-apparatus/Cappilary-GC/pH-Meter/ Karl-Fischer Autotitrator. 2) New methods development for new molecules by carrying out literature-surveys in chemical journals/abstracts in Library.

3) Knowledge of working with all common pharmacopoeias like USP/I.P./J.P/E.P./N.F. 4)Trouble- shooting in existing products/ & new products. 5)Attend any market complaint received from marketing or sales department. 6) Commercialization of new products on plant-Scale. Took part with plant personnels to produce new products.

7)Knowledge of current-good -manufacturing & Laboratory practice by maintaining FDA Rules & Regulations. 8)Acquinted with mehod of Analysis of Finished Pharmaceutical Products & respective raw-materials used in manufacturing of solid/liq/topical formulations. Besides knowledge of analysis by WHO/ISO/ISI Mehods. Employment-History:

Name of Company: Self -employment;

Designation: Consultant& Mentor: 01/2007- 05/2012. Consultation work done to train Industrial Laboratory persons for Operation & Validation of Latest Analytical Instruments used in Analysis Like HPLC/GC/ UV-VIS Spectrometer/Mass spectrometer/Polarimeter/Viscometer. Atul Bioscience Ltd: 02/2005-12/2006.

Designation: Manager, R&D.

Job-Profile: Worked on development of some new cardiovascular API(Active Pharmaceutical ingredients). New

Analytical Methods development of these API. Routine maintanance work of R&D. Department to run it smoothly and without trouble.

AgriMore Ltd: (BASF Undertaken) 12/1999-01/2005.

Designation: Assistant Manager, R&D.

Job-Profile: Development of Cardiovascular intermediates & its methods of Analysis on HPLC/GC, Reaction control method developed on GC/HPLC. Air samples analysis done on GC for our plant to maintain data as per Gujarat Government pollutioncontro Board. Ttouble- shooting work in formulations. Cyanamid Agro Ltd: 01/1999-11/1999.

Designation: Assistant Manager, R&D.

Job-Profile: Six steps of Herbicides intermediates carried out at Bench-Scales; Pilot plant trials were done and finally commercialized on plant-scale. Some new Agrochemical formulations were under development were also completey finished with evaluation of physical & chemical data. Cyanamid India Ltd: 01/1997-12/1998.

Designation: Assistant Manager, R&D.

Job-Profile: Routine Laboratory work as per LIMS completed, Process development of Anti-cancer, AntiTuberculosis,

AntiMicobial, Anti-Histamine drugs done, Feasibility study of newly built multi- facility Pilot-plant. Cyanamid India Ltd: 01/1995-12/1996.

Designation: Section-Manager, R&D.

Job-Profile: Lead a team of Officers, Chemist, Lab-Tech for new projects development including development of

method of Analysis.Routine laboratory administration work to run smmothly. Cyanamid India Ltd: 06/1990-12/1994.

Designation: Officer, R&D.

Job-Profile: Trouble shooting in existing products, New Agrochemical & Pharmaceutical formulation development. New vendor development for raw-materials in existing products, Attended management skill programs & seminars to gain knowledge for Company's growth. Cyanamid India Ltd: 05/1982-05/1990.

Designation: Chemist, R&D.(Approved by FDA)

Job-Profile: Development of new API, Pharmaceutical new solid dosages and their accelerated storage stability

study at different temperature & humidity. Evaluation of Physical & Chemical data incuding Assays . Cyanamid India Ltd: 02/1980-04/1982.

Designation: Laboratory-Tech. (Approved by FDA)

Job-Profile: Iwas approved by in physico-chemical testing by F.D.A. Of Gujarat Government for Finished Pharmaceutical products & raw-materials. Routine Testing & release og raw-materials & Finished products done.

Ashok Bros: (Baroda) 06/1979-01/1980.

Designation; Shift-Chemist.

Job- Profile: looked after productions of Fine-Chemicals & Others intermediates. Fill-out LOG-Sheets, Plant utilities maintanance.

Chemi-Pharm (Mumbai) 09/1978-10/1978.

Designation: Mfg. Chemist.

Job-Profile: Looked after production of Fine-chemicals & Intermediates. & Plant Maintanance. Educational Qualifications:-

Degree: M.Sc. Degree with Organic-Chemistry specialized in Natural & Synthetic drugs including Antibiotics

Passed Year: 04/1978.

University: Gujarat -University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Degree: B.Sc. (Special) :- Chemistry as Principal, and Physics, Maths as subsidiary. Passed Year: 04/1973.

University: Gujarat- University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Computer-Literacy: Basic knowledge of Microsoft- office suite(word, excel, internet). Status:- Green-Card holder.

Training Undertaken: The following training I had taken during my tenure of employment:

(1) Personnel Development Programs

(2) Six Sigma Training and its Implementation.

(3) Training on Stastical- Control.

(4) Training on General safety, health & environment (ie SHE). Abilities:- I am able to do third party manufacturing inspection as per FDA requirements. New Instrumental analytical methods development, New active pharmaceutical ingredients/New molecules. Routine pharmaceutical product analysis.

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