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Engineering Sql Server

Washington, DC
March 26, 2019

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• Objective: 2019 full-time position in Software Engineering;

• Strong skills: Java, SQL, Python, JavaScript, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database;

• Relevant Courses: Design & Analysis of Algorithm, Computer System Architecture, Object-Oriented Design, Machine Learning, Intro to Statistical NLP, Database Management, Unix System Programming. EDUCATION

The George Washington University, Washington, D. C. September 2017-Present

• Master of Science in Computer Science, to be conferred in May 2019 Dalian Jiaotong University, Dalian, China September 2012-June 2017

• Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Dalian Jiaotong University, Dalian, China September 2012-June 2017

• Bachelor of Engineering in Marketing


Mobile App Development Intern at Last Call, Last Call Inc., Washington, DC September 2018-January 2019

• Participated in the design and development of “Splash Page”;

Designed “register or log in” page; (React.JS, ASP.Net core Web Application)

• Owned Engineering Documentation of “Splash Page”;

Drafted Sequence diagrams of “Splash Page” using MagicGraw;

Drafted Class diagrams using MagicDraw;

Completed “Splash Page” setup documentation.

Teaching Assistant of Database Management, Dalianjiaotong University, Dalian, China June 2014–July 2015

• Tutored more than 110 students with Database, held office hour weekly;

• Prepared lecture materials and graded assignments. PROJECTS

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets, The George Washington University December 2018 Collected tweets comments, classified each comment as positive or negative according to negation, adjectives, adverbs, analyzed comments sentiment and derived opinions of speakers

• Used Bag-of-Ngrams method and Word Embedding for feature exaction;

• Implemented the project based on Convolutional neural network(CNN) and Word2Vec for data preprocessing;

• Used Linear SVM, Na ı̈ve Bayes and Logistic regression models for training and classification. Categorical Feature Representation, The George Washington University November-December 2018 led a team of four to come up with a new feature representation method for data preprocessing aiming to increase accuracy in machine learning prediction

• Used Google’s pre-trained Word2Vec model for word embedding and represented each value of feature by the cosine similarity of feature value word vector and label title word vector;

• Based on KNN (K Nearest Neighbor) and SVR (Support Vector Regression) models for data training;

• After using the new method, accuracy increased 3.42% than One-hot encoding method. Computer System Simulator, The George Washington University January-May 2018 Worked in a team of 4 to implement the von Neumann Architecture Computer Simulator based on OOP design and have a deeper understanding of the structure and operations of computer system

• Implemented the project based on JavaFX framework which enables the code to be separated and the project can be easily maintained;

• Programmed data instructions of ALU;

• Built a rich interface using HTML and CSS to provide a clear display of the simulator statuses. Digital pet, The George Washington University September-October 2018 Led a team to implement a scalable digital pet project running on the PC desktop

• Implemented a user-friendly GUI in HTML based on JavaFX framework so the code is reusable;

• Implemented time recording using Timestamp and the pet value will be calculated with time in a proportion of 0.1 per second.

Web Development of Apartment Website, Dalianjiaoting University, Dalian, China January-May 2017 An Apartment information website with friendly interface

• Constructed website with Tomcat 7.0 in JSP;

• Implemented website database using SQL Server and JDBC. SKILLS

• Programming Languages: Java, SQL, Python, HTML/CSS, JSP, JavaScript, UML, C/C++, Go, Scala;

• Framework and Tools: Spring, ASP.NET, JavaFx, Django, SQL Server, MySQL, Visual Studio, AWS(EC2).

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