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Software Engineer

Anaheim, CA
$20k/Month negotiable
March 26, 2019

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Richard (Yuuki) Fushimi

Email: Phone: +1-949-***-****




Experienced leader with over 20 years of senior level executive leadership experience, which include running a management consultancy, founding an incubator, and strategy advisory. In the process of architecting Digital Economy & Digital Government as volunteer for OFA ( Organizing for Action ),Trump Team, and Harvard Club Global Leader’s Dialogue


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

ASP Fellow: Sloan School of Business (MBA – FinEng), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Technical Summary

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Spark, Hadoop, Data

Visualisation, Neural Networks, Python, JAVA, C, C++, C#, phantomjs (Data Mining), nodejs, React, PERL (Systems Automation, Data Processing & Transformation), Web & Mobile Apps

• Over 20 years of Information Technology Industry experience.

• Expert level knowledge and experience coding full- stack in JAVA, C++, C#, Python, PERL, NodeJS, React, Redux, React Native, React VR, React 360, Elastic

search for web as well as systems applications,

including custom module coding, Database

Programming, Socket-based Programming, Text

processing, various Digital Cash (Ethereum, EOS, etc) systems integration, Web & Mobile Apps, as well as Machine Learning & Data Visualization Apps.

• Extensive knowledge and experience working w/

Financial Transactions Systems; Good knowledge of

XBRL taxonomy and implementations.

• Expert level knowledge and experience working with JAVA. Experience working with client side Java (Java Applets, Java Applications using AWT, JFC/Swing), as well as server-side Java (JSP, Java Servlets, JDBC). Extensive knowledge and experience working with

EJB/J2EE working under application platforms such as Websphere.

• Expert level knowledge and experience developing in C, C++, and C# under UNIX, Windows, and Unity

environment, using Sockets, COM, Win32 API, threads, DirectX, and OpenGL. Expert C++ coder.

• Extensive knowledge and experience working with

Oracle with PL/SQL from its installation, maintenance to writing triggers, procedures, packages, views, and standard SQL for applications.

• Over 15 years experience in DevOps with extensive focus in systems/network security

• Extensive knowledge and experience in administrating, supporting, performance tuning, capacity-tuning,

trouble-shooting, as well as devising backup/recovery strategies for large production databases

(Elasticsearch, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, etc),

Systems, and Networks (e.g. Cloud AWS, etc)

• Expert knowledge in TCP/IP protocol and networking.

• Good knowledge of Blockchain, potential UNIX Security Holes, Crypto algorithms, buffer overruns, race

conditions, DOS attacks prevention, etc.

• Expert-level knowledge and experience working with blockchain, decentralized systems, network security, firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), as well as systems & code security, including dynamic packet filtering, firewalls, packet sniffing, program wrapping, secure authentication, packet flood detection, kernel and application patching, as well as security vulnerability detection

• Extensive knowledge and experience working with

Digial Economy, E-commerce and financial transactions processing.

• Experience hiring, creating, and managing a tech department, as well as its creation from scratch

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

• High IQ Society & Torr Society ( 145+ IQ) Member


Technical Skills

Data Science, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, C#, C++, Java, Mathematical Algorithms/Data Analysis, Machine Learning, PhantomJS, Python, Quantitative Finance, Apache Hadoop, API, Artificial Intelligence, Android, Accounting, Big Data, Compliance, Consulting, Cisco, Clustering, Coding, Data Visualisation, Derivatives, Debugging, Django, ElasticSearch, Entertainment,

Encryption, Ecommerce, FreeBSD, Financial

Management, Flash, Git, Genetic Algorithms, Hibernate, IBM DB2, IBM Websphere, IRC, Investment Banking,

ITIL, Infrastructure, Inventory, Information Security, Information Technology, Jade, J2SE, Java J2EE, JBoss, JDBC, Load Balancing, Linux, Management, NodeJS,

Network Security, Neural Networks, Networking, Order Processing, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Portfolio Management, Performance Tuning, Perl, PostgreSQL, Publishing,, Qt, Routers, Robotics, Risk Management, STP, SDK,

Sarbanes-Oxley, SOX, Services, Security, SSL, Swing, Sybase, Struts, Statistics, SQL, TensorFlow, Unity, Web3, Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Solidity, EOS,


Technical Experience

IoTBlock - Digital Economy Architect 2018 – Present Built non-profit operation solving socio-economic problems faced by the world through IoT and blockchain based Digital Economy built on Cross Chain Communications

(, [Rinkeby Metamask]) Summary: Python, React, React Native, React Redux, React 360, React VR, Expo, NodeJS, C, JAVA, C++, Iphone/Android SDK, Web3, Solidity, EOS, Smart

Contracts, ERC20


Built non-profit operation providing bridges between Digital Economy and Global Goals, encouraging actions for meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals, while building Digital Economy ecosystems. ( )

Operates on Blockchain & Smart Contracts using Goodwill Protocol ( & Resource Allocation Protocol ( Summary: Python, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop,

Machine Learning Predictions, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Tensorflow, ML Algorithms (Tensorflow, ALS, SVM), SARIMAX, ADFuller, PosgreSQL, Data Visualisation, Django, Elasticsearch, Data Mining, NodeJS, PhantomJS, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, AWS, Web3, Solidity, EOS, Smart Contracts, ERC20

Global Systems Management - Digital Economy Architect 2014 -Present

Built Data Science operation providing AI & ML based Market Predictions & Strategy Research Summary: React, React Redux, Python, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Machine Learning Predictions, Neural Networks, Artificial

Intelligence, Tensorflow, ML Algorithms (Tensorflow, ALS, SVM), SARIMAX, ADFuller, PosgreSQL, Data Visualisation, Django, Elasticsearch, Data Mining, NodeJS, PhantomJS, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, AWS

Albacore Co-Founder & CTO 2013 - Present

Built Data Science Operation, mining for Market

Intelligence using various Machine Learning

Predictive Algorithms to provide data intelligence based decision making for live and algorithmic

trading operations

Bitcoin op (Quoine, now startup, now valued at over $100mil

Created Albacoin

( )

Summary: Python, Sklearn, C, JAVA, C++, C#, Delta One, Arbitrage, Statistical Arbitrage, Index Arbitrage, and Volatility Arbitrage. Iphone/Android SDK, Unity, ML Algorithms (SVM, KNN, BNB, GTB, ADA, QDA, LDA,

GBayes, Random Forest, etc), ADF, Johannes, etc, Genetic Algorithms, Sybase

Rocket Internet GmbH Global Founder, CEO, CTO 2011 - 2013

Rocket Internet KK – Founder & CEO, Rocket

Internet Super Emerging Nations – Co-CEO,

Pinspire – Co-CEO, DropGifts KK – CEO, Zalora

Super Emerging Nations – Co-CEO, Lazada Super

Emerging Nations - Co-CEO

Rocket Internet Myanmar – Founder & CEO,

Glossybox - Founder / Advisor

R-SC – Founder & CEO, Global Classifieds (Now

Lamudi & Carmudi) - Founder / Co-CEO, Groupon

– Advisor, Locondo / Jade – Advisor

Founded over a dozen Rocket Internet Portfolio Ventures, now valued at over $3bil Summary: JAVA, Magento,

Android, iOS SDK, Oracle, OpenCart, LAMP, jQuery, Web 2.0

SEGA Games President/COO/CTO (Consolidated to SEGA Sammy Holdings) 2008-2012

SEGA Sammy Holdings – Advisor, SEGA

Technical Services Ltd (Alderney) - President /

COO, SEGA Games Holdings Ltd. -


Founded high frequency real money transactions startup based out of Europe, through funding by an Investment Bank and a Game Publisher Summary: JAVA, C++, Oracle,

Webservice, RESTful API, OpenSSL, Boost, POSIX, High Performance Sockets, KYC, AML, PCI-DSS, COSO

Genpact Head Strong Managing Consultant 2008

As Managing Consultant looked after Finance Practice, working mostly with top tier investment banks. Summary: Algorithmic Trading, STP, KYC, SOX, Compliance

Merrill Lynch AVP 2007-2008

Lead a team consisting of application developers, QA/QC, release managers, market data team, and the network team. Planned, Architected, and Built Fixed Income Applications which include:

Built Broker Aggregator application for front-office traders, which aggregates Asia CDS / Bonds

prices and STP data from multiple brokers into a

single application. Completed the phase-1 of the

development (broker price consolidation) through

its entire life-cycle starting from application

requirement gathering, functional

specification/technical specification, development

& implementation, multiple QA/QC passes, and

release. The application was developed using

C#, .Net 2.0 SDK, Wombat / LBM as the

subscription / publishing transport, and Oracle10g.

Built Server Side Order Analytics Publisher

application, which takes subscription request from Broker Aggregator application for various

CDS/Bond data, makes the actual subscription to

the brokers, consolidates those feeds into a single feed, applies analytics, and publishes the feed of the consolidated data with analytics to the Broker Aggregator application multi-cast. Oversaw the

development throughout its entire life cycle, from requirement gathering, functional specification /

technical specification, development &

implementation, and QA/QC passes. The

application was developed using JAVA, using

Wombat JNI / LBM as the transport for both

subscription / publishing.

Built Broker API specification to update the various Gateway API for brokers which provide CDS/Bond

data to allow highlighted price/order publishing,

STP data feed Publishing, and 2-way API

communication to allow live trade execution, to

bring the entire Asia region CDS/Bond trading to a fully automated electronic environment for the first time in the industry. Negotiated for direct lines for those feeds to be put into Merrill Tokyo office with each of the brokers. Lead a team for the

development of in-house Broker Aggregator /

Order Analytics Publisher projects, and interfaced with teams across continents to allow teams in

other regions to re-use the components of these

applications in their own application.

Summary: LBM, Wombat, C#, Oracle, JAVA, C++,

JNI, .Net 2.0, API Publishing

Cambridge New Media Labs CIO 2000-2007 Inc (Successful Exit) – CIO,

Chipleaders (Successful Exit to WPT - Party

Gaming LSE:PRTY) – Co-CEO, Chiafriends –

Co-CEO, Sphere Communications – CTO,

General Nanophotonics – CEO, Quantum

Information Systems – CEO

Modifi Financial Technologies (Successful Exit to


Founded an Incubator with successful exits in FinTech, Gaming, and Social Networks

Some of the portfolio businesses include:, Inc COO & CIO (Successful Exit)


Founded, a multi-national real money

gaming operation which at one point ranked amongst the top 10 most visited online gaming site on the

internet. Achieved $2mil / month in Monthly Gaming Revenues within 2 years of Real Money Gaming


Chipleaders Co-CEO (Successful Exit) 2003-


Created a social network for poker players based off of the social networking technology. Successful Exit to World Poker Tour (Now Party

Gaming LSE: PRTY) Inc Co-CEO 2003

Created a social network to rival Friendster –

eventually converted the site to focus on Poker Player for monetization of the traffic. Inc. (Sphere Communications)

CTO 2003-2005

Created VOIP / Live Streaming Video based online

psychic consultation services. Hired over 30 psychics as part of this business.

Quantum Information Systems CEO 2003-2007

Built High Frequency trading business based on a

platform capable of trading currency, equity, equity derivatives, commodity futures and futures options. which subscribed to various market data feeds from different exchanges, analyzed the price data, and

captured the price when criteria is met. Built offshore offices for Development, QA & Call Center ops

General Nanophotonics CEO 2002-2007

Built startups based on utilization of Quantum-

Mechanics, in fields ranging from Fintech, Real

Money Gaming, to Finance

Modifi Financial Technologies (Successful Exit) CTO / Board Advisor 2000 - 2003

Joined as a partner (CTO) for a client, which became Software provider for banking institutions. Successful Exit to DVI a multi billion dollar publicly traded commercial collateral based lending company. Primarily lends to Healthcare industry. Lead the Development of the XBRL based Account/Portfolio Management

System. Utilized C, C++ (Win32, MFC, OCI, Sockets), ORACLE on the windows end, and Oracle, JAVA

(Jservlet), PERL, and LAOP under LINUX environment. Summary: JAVA, C++, Oracle, POSIX, Boost, Win32,

PERL, J2EE, Jboss, DSO, STL, MFC, GDI, OpenGL, EJB, Weblogic, JPF

Neospace Consulting Group Partner / CTO 1996 to 2000

Omniflux Networks - CEO (Successful Exit to

HostPro), BitMatrix Networks - CEO (Successful Exit to True Hosting), Hikanoo Inc - Partner / CTO

Helped Usher Internet Age through helping companies transition businesses to online environment

Founded portfolio of companies which include: Inc, (

Partner / CTO 1999 ~ 2000

Established a Search Engine Optimization / E-

commerce Development firm.

BitMatrix Webhosting (Successful Exit to True

Hosting) CEO 1999-2000

Founded a Web hosting provider, later acquired by

True WebHosting.

OmniFlux Networks (Successful Exit to Host Pro

Inc) CEO 1998-1999

Founded a hosting company. Automated the entire

customer management interface and setup of newly

signed up web-hosting customers, greatly reducing

the setup costs and improving the margin on the

setup fees. Also automated setup procedures of all IRIX systems to be able to have all the servers /

libraries necessary to have the virtual hosting

environment for HostPro customers. Assisted in

securing this company’s Virtual-Hosting Servers. The systems consisted of over 50 servers with mostly

IRIX, and NT systems, and some Solaris 2.x,

FreeBSD and Linux Systems. Automated

administrative tasks, which were previously manually done. Languages used during development are

PERL, PHP, Java, JDBC, JServlets, C, in both UNIX

and Microsoft platforms, and SQL. Developed this

company’s virtual-hosting technology from its

fundamentals, hands-on. Automated user account

creation, server management, and virtual server

creation using PERL, C, C++, and shell scripting.

Kept the customers happy through prompt customer

support and competitive packages. Acquired by

HostPro, later purchased by Interland

(NASDAQ:INLD) Now Verizon (NYSE: VZ)

Notable Clients: eToys (Now ToysRUs), DrDrew,

USWeb/CKS (MarchFirst, Divine, Now GoldenGate),

Cardservice Intl (Now FDIS), HostPro (Now Verizon), Scour

(Now Uber)

Summary: PERL, Oracle, Embedded PERL, C, C++,

IPC, Socket Programming, mSQL, MySQL, SunOS,

Solaris, HP/UX, IRIX, XML, BigIP, Firewalls, COPS, IDS, Crypto Algorithms, Buffers & Heaps, VAX/VMS


References are available upon request

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