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Artisanal grower, Budtender, Customer Care Professional

West New York, NJ
Competitive salary considered.
March 26, 2019

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Pamela Mercado

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Marijuana Budtender/ Trimmer/ Grower

Since the legalization of Cannabis in the State of Massachusetts in 2016.

I’ve been dedicated and motivated as an advocate and novice grower for my own personal medication.

I was injured and since have experienced chronic pain, the only medication I apply and have found relief with is, Medical Marijuana.

Passionately, learning all I could about the plant and all it’s miracles.

Successfully, I’ve been growing and operating all aspects of growing for a little over 3 years.

I hold a Budtender certification from, “Hempstaff.”.

I too have a diverse understanding of different strains, medicinal effects, growing mediums, climactic controls, harvesting, trimming, curing, and various other applicable techniques and methods.

I have been consistently commended for my perseverance and willingness to learn.

Areas of Interest:

Marijuana Production • Cannabis Cultivation Dispensary Operations Budtending Services

•Harvesting & Trimming Nutrients & Pest Control Watering & Scheduling

• Curing & Proper Storage Equipment Management Cloning & Transplanting Indoor Growing

Lighting Strains & Effects Customer Relations Quality Assurance

Laws & Regulations

Cannabis Education:

June-2018 “Hempstaff” Budtender Certification

Industry Experience-

Indoor Artisinal Grower 2014-Present

Cultivated for personal medical consumption.

Planned and executed all phases of multiple indoors grows and harvests. Utilizing SCROG methodology, HPS and MH ballast lighting as well as LED lighting systems.

Experimented with both photo and autoflower varieties and successful grew high-grade strains including Chem Dawg, Special Queen, Sour Diesel, Super Silver Haze, Orange bud, Super Skunk, CM XXL amongst many others.

Cloning has been successfully done on several strains, maintenance of mother plants have also been consistently successful.

Created custom soil mixtures and compost teas, organized watering and nutrient schedules.

Cultivated via DWC set up.

Oversaw and assisted with all harvesting procedures, wet and dry trimming, and proper curing processes.

Sharpened skills as each grow has offered lessons.

Successfully implementing strategies to increase yields such as training plants with methods like, LST, HST, Manifold, SOG, SCROG, Lollipop, etc.

Easily identify sex early in production.

Additional Experience:

•Manager-Walmart +3 departments 9/2015- 3/2016

•Security Officer- Cambridge College 7/2014- 8/2015

•Wholesale Billing/Collection- Verizon 9/1998-7/2008 Training and Certificates

Hempstaff – Budtender Certification June'2018

Millennium Training Institute- Medical Administration/ Billing Certification 9/2014-7/2015

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