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Senior Seismic Interpreter

Sugar Land, TX
March 27, 2019

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David Manuel Quintanilla 627 Montclair Blvd · Sugar Land, TX · 832-***-****


Senior Seismic Interpreter with 20 years of experience helping oil and gas companies create clear images of their AOI by correctly interpreting salt, carbonate and shale for inclusion to PSDM velocity models. Consistently reduce project turn-around time (see percentages below) by combining geologic, geophysical and ‘outside the box’ approaches. Significant experience in AVO, attribute analysis, well ties, well log correlation, synthetics, fluid substitution modelling, inversions, seismic data processing and field acquisition.

Primary Areas of Experience

Offshore deep-water northern Gulf of Mexico (East Breaks, Alaminos Canyon, Garden Banks, Keathley Canyon, Green Canyon, Walker Ridge, Lund, Atwater Valley, Mississippi Canyon, Desoto Canyon, Lloyd Ridge)

Deep water southern Gulf of Mexico as well as in the Bay of Campeche.

Software Skills

Petrel, SMT, GeoQuest, VoxelGeo, Hampson-Russell, Prima, Linux, Microsoft Suite


Subsurface Consultants (consulting at TGS)

Senior Geophysical Interpreter 1/31/2017 – 11/23/2017

Interpreted 100% more area as other interpreters while meeting equivalent deadline and exceeding quality standards by using efficiency techniques as well as implementing 60+ hour weeks (Fusion project).

Increased team member work efficiency 5-20% by mentoring on the usage of multi-volume interpretation, seismic gather usage in conjunction with local stratigraphy.

Scenario tested poorly imaged areas and increased seismic clarity up to 50% deeper than previously imaged.

Advised internal software developers regarding auto-pick functionality, helping increase effectiveness 5-10%.

Petroleum Geo-Services, Texas

Senior Interpreter - Manager 07/2013 - 01/2016

Research project regional geology prior project start, boosting project quality and shortening turn-around time 10% by integrating regional geological information (stratigraphy, structural overprint, mini-basin tilt, well info) with geophysical info (gravity data, seismic gathers, illumination studies, seismic velocity volumes, depth of burial as well as the standard seismic stack).

Increased project revenue up to 50% interpreting tight deadline projects. Example: Helped ConocoPhillips better image their AOI around the Keathley Canyon mega-suture by working 80+ weeks. They decided to increase the project budget based off my work.

Improved project bids, increasing project revenue 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Developed best practices guides for interpretation staff, increasing efficiency 5-10%.

Increased human resource utilization 20%.

Petroleum Geo-Services, Texas

Senior Interpreter - Supervisor 12/2012 - 07/2013

Aided Pemex image Mexican deep-water GoM prospects in their Centauro project with a combination of salt, carbonate shale interpretation as well as other smaller projects on offshore Bay of Campeche.

Supervised technical and managerial aspects of Houston projects including resource management, Gantt chart creation, technical support, client liaison, and progress reporting.

Increased productivity 5-15% by placing ‘end of life’ workstations in staff homes.

Coached high potential staff to assume more responsibility (lead projects), increasing company revenue.

Conceived of a hardware solution which increased interpretation output 20%.

INEXS–Houston, Texas 08/2008 - 12/2012

Senior Interpreter - Advisor

Increased productivity 10% by advising in complex areas incorporating geological/geophysical knowledge of supra & subsalt sediment dip and reflection strength; faulting in relation to salt movement; suturing vs. base salt recognition; welds and unconformities based on deeper imaging; general salt/sediment interaction and condensed sections reflectivity effects on top of salt.

Saved client tens of thousands of dollars by beating deadlines as well as producing a new revenue stream for my employer through leading multiple teams for multiple clients ($210,000 per month with a staff of 7).

Managed all salt projects and QC’d all interpretation for clients such as BP, Exxon, BHP, Noble, Nexen, Statoil, Cobalt, Marathon, Hess and Woodside while contracting at GX.

Veritas Hampson-Russell (CGGVeritas)–Houston, Texas 05/2001- 08/2008

Senior Geophysicist / team lead

Interpreted seismic data for input to PSDM migration using available geologic & geophysical data.

Responsible for project management and leading client meetings.

Veritas Exploration Services-Houston, Texas 07/1998 – 05/2001

AVO Geophysicist

Performed AVO/AVA analysis to obtain various reflectivity attributes such as: Shuey’s Attributes, Verm and Hilterman’s Attributes, Smith and Gidlow’s Attributes, Gidlow’s Attributes, Grey’s Attributes


oWell location phase analysis

oFluid substitution modeling

oinversion analysis

orock property volumes such as incompressibility and rigidity

Executed shear wave birefringence work to obtain fracture set orientation to better understand local fluid migration.

Carried out pressure wave analysis in search of over-pressure zones that may affect drill location.

Reviewed gather envelope stacks, angle gathers, near, mid and far angle offset stacks for anomalous behavior that may indicate hydrocarbon accumulation.

Analyzed attribute cross plots for anomalies that suggest possible hydrocarbons.

Veritas Geophysical Services-Houston, Texas 11/1995 - 07/1998 Processing Geophysicist

Performed post stack time migration.

Worked 6 weeks on a data acquisition boat QC’ing newly acquired data.


Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences – The University of Texas at Austin

Society of Exploration Geophysicists American Association of Petroleum Geologists


Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers · Succeed as a First Time Supervisor · Applied Geodynamics Laboratory meetings · Salt and Extensional Tectonics in the Paradox Basin · Practical Salt Tectonics · Principles and Applications of Salt Tectonics · Hampson-Russell 3D AVO Analysis and Modeling · AVO Seismic Lithology · Applied Subsurface Mapping · The Seismic Velocity Model as an Interpretation Asset · Seismic Data Processing,-Ozdogan Yilmaz · Interpretation on 3D Seismic Data · Rock Physics for Geophysical Reservoir Characterization and Recovery Monitoring · Sequence Stratigraphy in Exploration and Production Geology

Continued technical reading

AAPG: AAPG Bulletin SEG: The Leading Edge Various SEG and AAPG books

Various SEG and AAPG DVD’s other articles of interest

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