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Fort Worth, Texas, United States
March 18, 2019

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Nausheen Manan

Dallas Fort Worth. TX *****.

Cell: 817-***-****

The progression of every organization depends on the ability of its highly skilled hierarchy and its employees. The reason to join any organization is to achieve challenging position in the field it offers to optimize my knowledge and skills obtained during and after professional education and experiences. In order to outclass my experience with the challenging existing market, I would like to work in the environment where I could not only learn and excel my capabilities, but provide me with an opportunity to gain more information and practice in the job field with their knowledge and experience. My skills offer an employer a multi-faceted and valuable employee for their future potential growth. I am prepared to take my abilities to a higher level with potency and perfection in work for the dynamic organization that employs me.

Professional Qualification

London Metropolitan University, London (UK) 2004-2005

M.A. Management

Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore 1986-1990

Bachelors in Arts

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore 1986


Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).


Pre-Ph D course in Educational Leadership Management from Beaconhouse National Univsersity, Lahore.

Teachers Training Workshops been held by the Cambridge University under the guidance of British Council, Lahore.

Certified by Teachers Training Workshop held by Edcon Institute.

Certified by a Computer Workshop held by Intel on Microsoft office.

Workshops & Seminars

Attended various seminars on Economics, Management and Psychology in LSE and BNU.

Attended workshop by British Council on CAMEO training

Attended workshop by CIE, British Council on “Principal’s Form”

Attended workshop by British Council CIE on “ How to improve learning among students”

Work Experiences

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore Nov 2015- Dec 2018

Administrator and Senior Coordinator of CJM

Managed 35 teaching staff members of Senior School.

Upgraded the entire office/school work (550 students and 35 staff) onto a computerized database.

Scheduled the time tables, examinations and programs

Trained 50 staff school members on personal development and teaching methodologies

Coordinated with other sections 40 staff members

Arranged schools internal and extracurricular activities

Organized PTM and handled parents’ queries. 5-6 queries a day.

35 Staff members counseling on various issues and problems on day to day bases

Managed O Level and Matriculation stream lines

Handled staff hiring and contracts of the entire school. 2 interviews daily

Accomplished student queries regularly. 2-3 queries in a day.

Monitored and conducted 35 staff members evaluation regularly ( monthly)

Managed international and local trips of the Senior Section students ( 50 Intl – 120 local / students)

Maintained senior school records and examination process /records

Emphasized and supervising regular subject coordinators meetings (monthly)

Counselled students on future perspectives in regard to their line of interest ( 3-4 in a week)

Managed and encouraged 15 O Level staff members to attend workshops held by British Council

Conducted 2-3 staff meetings weekly to highlight issues and its solutions

Supervised various social activities been held i.e. funfair, sports day etc

Encouraged and managed 550 students on various clubs and societies activities.

Managed local and transfer Senior Section Admissions ( 5-6 academic term beginning, 3-4 mid-stream )

Senior School Teacher and Subject Coordinator.

Prepared final year 60-70 students for their O level examination in Pakistan Studies

Planned and designed the syllabus been followed from time to time for senior classes

Arranged lectures/programs on multi-media for students and designed syllabus for junior classes

Coordinated the subject with junior classes and concerned 60+ staff members

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore April 2012- Oct 2015

Senior School Teacher and subject coordinator.

Prepared students for their O level examination in Pakistan Studies.

Managed and planned syllabus for senior classes.

Planned the syllabus been followed from time to time throughout the year.

Designed syllabus for junior classes to coordinate with Senior Classes.

Counselled 2-3 students on future perspectives in regard to their line of interest (weekly)

Arranged lectures/programs on multi-media for students.

Emphasised and trained 10-15 teachers on my subject on the use of multi-media and methodologies during their lectures.

Managed international trips for the final year 40-50 students.

Guided 20+ teachers on lecture delivery and teaching methodologies.

Beaconhouse National University July 2012-Nov 2013

Assistant Director Student Affairs.

Organised 1200 current student IDs and 600 Alumni on data base to make a handy communication.

Arrange co-curricular activities including student activities, festivals and athletics at university.

Organised 6 new clubs and 3 societies in the University for the “Healthy Activities” of the students.

Attended workshops and seminars conducted for the working of admission process and student seeking opportunity to study abroad.

Training self-guidance, leadership and communication skills to the current 4 team members.

Organised various seminars and workshops to uplift the youth and co-workers in their day to day working.

Developed and established 600 Alumni network and organise their activities on regular bases. 3-4 queries weekly

Organised and coordinated the first home coming for 300+ BNU Alums.

Co supervised activates such as Bestival 2013, Career Fair 2012 and Recruitment Week 2013.

Managed job placement for the 100+ graduating students.

Provide career guidance services to 2500+ students, facilitate internship programs build liaison with industry for creation of employment opportunities. Average of 2-3 students daily.

Maintained and collate data for 600-650 BNU Alumni database including personal contact details and employment information, in line with the Quality Assurance Department.

Assist advice on CV building, applications, job hunting and interview techniques. 4-5 students weekly.

Monitored the scholarships (merit, need based and loan) issued to the 100+ students at the time of admission. Handled queries in regard to scholarships and loans in mid-stream academic year.

Provided counselling and advisory services to student body for personal, social and emotional problems. 2-3 students weekly

Handled queries of foreign universities and the students in regard to admissions and academic data.

Supervised the admission process. 4000-6000 applications for all departments.

Conducted 3 workshops of foreign universities in regard to students study abroad and exchange programs.

Lahore School of Economics Nov 2005- May 2011

Deputy Registrar Undergraduate Programme, Burki Campus.

Emphasised on leadership and communication skills within the 6 team members.

Internal/external departmental coordination and correspondence.

Academic planning (Time Tables). Managing QA and QEC requirements.

Handled departmental queries. Student affairs in regard to current and alumni. 3-4 students daily.

Managed 800 student’s profiles and academic data ( hard and soft copy)

Handled transfer students local and foreign cases, into Lahore School of Economics. 1-2 cases each semester.

Supervised undergraduate 20 students for their research projects (thesis).

Managed and programmed examination scheduling, its monitoring and invigilation.

Monitored the lectures to see class discipline and quality of study.

Managed Quality Assurance as per the institute policy.

Managed evaluation process of the 120 faculty members

Coordinated with other departments in regard to the Undergraduate Programme.

Prepared the scholarship lists in regard to CGPA requirement in order to manage each semester scholarship award for high achievers.

Supervised the admissions process. 5000-7000 applications for all the programs.

Administered the 100+ scholarships given at the time of admissions (merit and need based).

Worked on the software and web portal through which 2000+ student data was maintained.

Managed convocation each year i.e. graduating lists and medal achievers. 300-400 graduates.

Guided the students in regard to their admission and attending summer schools in the universities abroad.

Helped in developing the software on which the academic and personal data of the 2000+ students was complied.

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore Nov 2005- May 2011

Senior School Teacher.

Prepared 60-70 students for their GCSE examination.

Counselled students on future perspectives. 2-3 students weekly.

Arranged lectures/programs on multi-media.

Emphasised on the use of multi-media during lectures.

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore 1998-2004

Senior School Coordinator

Prepared 70-80 students for their GCSE examination.

Administered and monitored 40+ staff.

Managed Parent/Teachers meetings.

Counselling 3-4 students on future perspectives weekly.

Arranged programs on multi-media.

Guided 50+ faculty on advance technology.

Managed 5-6 abroad and domestic trips.

Emphasised on the use of multi-media during lectures.

Supervised in the publishing of the Annual School Magazine.

Arranged seminars for the grooming and awareness of the students.

Public Relations (Parents and Admissions) on daily bases.

In-charge of the Matriculation section.

JMACES (Jesus and Mary Association for Ex-Students) 2002-2006

Vice President of the association.

Arranged programs via Multi-media.

Managed Concerts and Fairs.

Dealt with Public Relations in regard to sponsorships.

Computerised and complied the data of 700 members through VBP.

Managed the marketing of the JMACES association.

Lahore Lyceum School, Lahore 1990-1993

Junior School Teacher.

Worked as a primary and secondary school teacher.

Managed career counselling of the students.

Arranged meetings and seminars.

Helped in admission office.

Projects Managed

Field Trips

Arranged and managed school student trips internationally and domestic;

(1998-2004-Thailand, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Malaysia).

(2006-2018-Thailand, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Sri Lanka, Greece, Egypt and Malaysia).

Organizing Events

Accomplished to arrange sponsors for all our multi-media program been held from time to time along with the fund raising campaigns with companies like Coke, Hang Ten, Pepsi, Walls, Rocco, Nestle, Services and Guard Rice were involved and participated (1998-2004)

Research Supervisor

Guiding the undergraduate students for their research thesis on “Management and Marketing”



Available upon request.

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