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Software Management

Miami, FL
March 15, 2019

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Fabio C. Gomes, Mobile: 305-***-****

Career Summary

Experienced Information Technology Business Analyst, highly effective in gathering requirements from client and translating the information to development team. Expertise in dealing with high level clients, presenting software solutions to their companies. Experience in the incident management of public safety and health information.

Experience: Consulting, Data Requirements, Documentation, Training, Agile Process, Scrum, Incident Management, Process Flow, Web Application, Web Portal, Cruise Lines, Data Center Management, Public Safety, Health Information, Emergency Integrated Centers, Implementing, Prototyping, Team Management and System Management.

Knowledge Platforms: MS SQL Server, Oracle DB, Oracle (spatial),CAD, Waterfall / Agile / Scrum, AdobeXD, Crystal Reports, GeoMedia Professional, Tableau, BI,Visual Studio, Jira Ticketing Website, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Citrix Client / Servers Management, I / CAD

- CAD solution, I / Security, IPR, QA (Proc A / Tetricosy), SOAP Web Services, Smart Map, .NET, C # / C ++, HTML, PHP, Lucid Chart, Trello Board Management, Kanban Board Management. Employers: Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, RDP Group Corp and Tritan Software. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Tritan Software

Sr. I.T. Business Analyst (Consultant)

(October,2018 – January,2019)

I was responsible for participating in meeting for gathering requirements with clients, creation of Business Process Flows Process for clients like Carnival and Royal Caribbean, creation of Business Requirements Documents (BRD), creation of common base event libraries for both web applications (incident and health management); team management using Trello to control tasks; creation of the Software Transition Process documents that includes: General Overview, Software Development Life Cycle, Security Requirements, Server and Local Environment Requirements and Deploy Process Documents.

• Designed all Process Flows using LucidChart to identify all process steps off the clients.

• Self-decided to create a common basis event library that facilitated the business requirement process and wiped out the problems the company was facing with multiple clients because of private information sharing block.

• Creation of a web application prototype successfully presented and approved by the client, based on information gathered on one phone meeting. Resulting in a new software contract for the company.

• Significantly improved event libraries of main clients to be more to be more standardized with the new common basis library.

• Successfully created the entire process used to execute a software transition between Tritan and an old client. This software is no longer part of the industry focus that the company now belongs to.

• Successfully gather requirements with the clients and worked directly with web developers to design and customize the web applications.

Fabio C. Gomes, Mobile: 305-***-**** RDP Group Corp.

Sr. I.T. Business Analyst (Contract / Consultant)

(November,2017 – April,2018 / July,2018 – October,2018) I was responsible for the creation of a new software customized to the company. This software was created to facilitate company’s owner and its managers to control the daily workflow of employees, food transfer flow among franchises, return of goods to suppliers and usable separate phones by establishment. The RDP Group Corp. is related to the food and beverage market with franchise network in six different locations, all situated on Miami, FL

• Designed prototypes for IOS app, using AdobeXD and other methods. Weekly meetings for project updates with the client.

• Gathered information directly from company’s owner, franchise manager and end-users. Improved a lot of process inside the restaurants with the use of a mobile equipment with the new software. Process control improved significantly, helping the quality assurance.

• The Software reduced paper work through automation processes changing what was once a manual process to virtual of systems.

• Improved communication between franchises, making processes between them more accurately, effectively, and in less time. With these measures there was a substantial increase in sales and a reduction in the waste of goods.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

Sr. I.T. Solution Business Analyst

(February,2009 – August,2017)

Experience with Vehicle Incident Management Systems and Interaction Control Systems for Integrated Control Centers in the areas of Public Safety (911), Emergency Services, Infrastructure and Project Team Management. Responsible for business, consulting, training, software tests / user acceptance (developer team and client), system support on root cause analysis.

• Designed prototypes for web portal and software customization, using AdobeXD and other methods. Weekly brainstorms meetings for project updates with team members. Executed meetings based on Agile methodology with high level client for new goals, improvement and customization. With the use these methods the company received a lot of more positive feedbacks on all maintenance aspects of the contracts.

• Designed prototypes to approve the scope and delivery dates of the project. Use MS Project Manager to detail and track expiration dates for team members. Executed meetings with team members to focus on areas of the project that have more development requirements, to stay on schedule.

• Designed Web Portal to present the information of all units and events on the map for Firefighters and EMS. This web Portal used online access to the database to present data portlets and reports for the client. Some features of this portal were open to the public. The process of creation for this Web Portal was done by the scratch working directly with the web developers’ team and gathering all requirements from the client.

• Used Team Management tools like Kanban to control all tasks and due dates of the process.

• Designed all Process Flows using LucidChart to identify all process steps off the clients.

• Drove effort to standardize support of the different clients using Jira Ticketing Website.

• Developed metrics dashboard, individual and group reports, using Crystal Reports, to present to senior management and internal customers weekly, monthly and by demand.

• Supporting of the sales team, we conquered 3 new contracts with the public security agencies of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

• Developed SDLC documents and following the implementation process during Go-Live to ensure its effectiveness.

Fabio C. Gomes, Mobile: 305-***-**** Projects:


Rio de Janeiro Military Police

Incident and Vehicle Management System


Samu (EMR) and Military Fire/Rescue Department of State of Rio de Janeiro Incident and Vehicle Management System / BI / SmartMap / WEB Reporting System


Public EMR of State of São Paulo

Medical Screening System and Incident and Vehicle Management


Insurance Company - San Jose, Costa Rica

Incident and Vehicle Management System


Energy company – Campinas, São Paulo

InService group system, Incident and Vehicle Management System


Mining Company – Itabirito, Minas Gerais

Incident and Vehicle Management System


Samu (EMR) and Fire Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro Incident and Vehicle Management System / BI / SmartMap Solution System Management

(July,2008 – Febuary,2009)

Responsible system and team management, consulting, software tests, projects implementation.

• Created Business Intelligent query reports to present data of system utilization to client’s managers and administrators. Resulting on more specific training to solve the problems or deficiencies presented by the reports.

• Drove effort to standardize the software version control using Team Foundation Server.

• Controlled projects metrics, expiration licenses and tasks due-dates using Microsoft Project.

• Implemented new project with remote access technology using Citrix clients and Citrix server. Reduced the need of buying more than 90 workstations by the client, also making the cost of equipment maintenance of the project more than 50% lower.

• Implemented Medical QA Protocols to help medical group defining the type and group of any event.

• Worked as Business Analyst directly with the Military Police Head Chiefs to understand the needs and no-satisfied software areas of our project that was being terminated. After gathering the requirements, I asked my direct manager to create a war-room with more developers to be able to fix and customize the software based on those complains. Developed software tests to ensure that all complains had been solved. Resulted in the reconquest of the confidence that the client had with our company and maintaining a contract of more than 3 million.



Integrated Security Operations Center of the State of Rondônia Incident and Vehicle Management System


Center of Integrated Operations of Public Security of the State of Sergipe Fabio C. Gomes, Mobile: 305-***-**** Incident and Vehicle Management System


Center of Integrated Operations of Public Security of the State of Maranhão Incident and Vehicle Management System


Center of Integrated Operations of Public Security of the State of Pernambuco Incident and Vehicle Management System

Solution System Analyst

(May,2006 – July,2008)

Responsible consulting, training, system support, development, system customization and translation (from English to Spanish and Portuguese).

• Setup software implementation, network, Microsoft Frameworks, time zone configuration and Operational Systems for Go-Live. (90 computers or less).

• Used Visual Studio for development, customization and bug analysis, pointing and directing solutions for team.

• Developed new map files, with improved and more detail features and levels using Geomedia Professional for the company’s CAD software.

• Supported call center and dispatcher users with root cause analysis for software maintenance.

• Trained call center, dispatcher and administrator users with the best practice of usage for the software.

• Maintained Oracle and SQL Databases to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency. Projects:

• Pan and Parapan American Games XV

(Rio - 2007)

Incident and Vehicle Management System


Rio de Janeiro Military Fire/Rescue Department

Incident and Vehicle Management System


Integrated System of Security Operations of the State of Ceará Incident and Vehicle Management System


Operational System Management Center

Traffic Engineering Company of the State of São Paulo EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS

• Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology – System Analyst – University Estacio de Sa, Brazil

• Pre-College Courses - Computer Science - College Sao Sebastiao, Brazil

• CAD Solution System – Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

• Team Foundation Server Administrator - Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

• Geomedia Professional - Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

• Crystal Reports - Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Fabio C. Gomes, Mobile: 305-***-**** LANGUAGES

English - Reading, Writing and Conversation (Advanced) Spanish - Reading, Writing and Speaking (Intermediate) Portuguese - Reading, Writing and Conversation (Advanced / Native)

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