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Safety Power Plant

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
March 17, 2019

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Permanent Address: At & post-chincholi,

Taloka-Sangola, District-Solapur, State-

Maharastra, India PIN-413307

Tel. 009*********** &009***********

Past Address(O): PETRONAS, GTS-AMS,

Dayabumi complex, level 7, Pasarseni, Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia 50088 Ph: 006**********

Past Address(R):19-3 condominium, level


th, Mutiara residency, Little India, Jalan-

Tamby Abdullah, Brickfields, 50470, Kuala



Date of birth:


UAE Driv. Licen.:

English Language:


Indian Passport No. L3459041 valid until 2024

No. 962976, Issued on 05-10-2010, Light Vehicle

IELTS 6.5 band in year 2010

Career Objective

Seek to continue professionalism, with dedication to bring the organization a goal. Aspire for accomplishing assignments to contribute to the company's growth, in turn ensuring personal growth within the organization



1 5th July 1982

2 5th July 1986

3 24th Oct 1996

4 5th April 2002

5 15th Nov 2002

6 27th Dec 2006

7 25th July 2012

8 8th Mar 2013

9 29th May 2013

University Course (Grade)

1 Shivaji university, India - B.SC(Science)- 74%

2 Nagpur university, India- BE (Bachelor of Engineering Specialization in fire engineering) -67%

3 Gujarat Safety Council, Baroda. Gujarat, India - Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety-59%

4 Aptech computer Education, Baroda, India - Diploma in Software Management -62%

5 MBA (Master of business administration with specialization in marketing management)-59%

6 NEBOSH, UK in UAE -General Certificate in Safety-64% 7. 7 Consist training institute, Kuala Lumpur - BOSET off shore training—Pass 8 Process Safety, Convention Centre CCPS

9.H2S safety from SEQU offshore safety sdn bhd

Short Courses and Certifications

WHMIS 2015, Fire Safety Assessor, Emergency preparedness, Storage Tank Fire Hazard Management, Root Cause Analysis techniques& tools, Disaster Commander, Radiation Safety, Incident Command System (ICS), First-aid &CPR, Civil Defense staff Course and Fire Risk Assessment

Professional Membership

Member of Loss Prevention Association of India Ltd., Mumbai since 1989 Work Experience


1. 18.06.2012



2. 17.09.2006-


3. 18.06.2005


4. 12.11.1990-


5. 19.03.1987-


Work Experience

1. Company: PETRONAS (Petroleum Nasional Berhad), Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

(Jun’12 till Jun’16)

Job: As a 1 Head program Consultant with GTS (Group Technical Solutions) from 17.06.2014 To 21.06.2016 and prior as a 2 Specialist (Safety-Fire), Group Health, Safety & Environment Division (GHSED) from 18.06.2012 to 17.06.2014 Main responsibilities:

- Accomplished asset integrity review audits for HSE and fire protection/prevention at Off-shore platforms, on-shore terminals and OPUs (Operating Process units) under TIPS (Technical integrity process safety) program for prevention and mitigation of MAH (Major Accident Hazard) on Bow -Tie principle.

- Accomplished HSE Benchmarking of OPUs.

- Undertook HSE Assurance TIER2 &3 audits for OPUs (Operating Units)

- Evaluated Hazards & Effects Management Process (HEMP) for OPUs (Operating Units)

- Revised Technical standard related to operation safety. Assessed Contractor HSE management.

- Reassessed HSE related MCF Mandatory control framework, Zeto rules implementation

- Appraised KPI (Key performance indicator) target setting and implementation.

- Concerned with incident investigations for establishing cause, lessons learnt for prevention.

- Reviewed HSEMS system, HSE trainings of concerned OPUs and occupational health program

- Involved in risk assessment process

- Involved in preparing L3 (detailed procedure) level documents of OEMS (Operational Excellence Management System Standards) on HSE and Sustainability for ongoing project

- Involved in ORSA-Operation Readiness Strategic Assurance audit on Operation Readiness Management System

(ORMS Level 1 – Policy & Requirement) of Pengerang Integrated Complex by developing checklist and conducting baseline assessment.

- Involved in developing Equipment Reliability Strategy under Integrated Plant Operations Capability System (i- POCS) program including SCE (Safety Critical Elements), prepared MPLANs (Maintenance Plans) for HSE systems to include in company PMMS system.

- Evaluated PPE (personal protective equipment) based on PPE technical standard 2. Company: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Takreer refinery, Abu Dhabi (Sep’06 till 27.03.2012) ...resigned for better prospects

Job Description: Fire supervisor in charge for Fire Section activities - Main responsibilities -

- Worked as a focal person to implement the contractor project work for HALON replacement by clean agent system and CO2 flooding System for 21 locations in refinery complex for duration of one year on award of contract, assisted the contractor in HSE implementation, strived to meet project target time line. Reviewed contractor HSE monthly reports.

- Commissioned new fire suppression systems such as tank cooling systems etc. and involved in fire alarm systems

- Furnished technical support to EPC contractor for projects such as IRP (Inter refinery pipe line) project and construction of Mussafah storage facility

- Involved in review of EPC document (HSE), for project i.e. integrity enhancement of fire protection systems project in Abu Dhabi Refinery.

- Trained fire staff in competency improvements, achieved 3rd position amongst 23 Group companies under audit by M/s N N Associates on behalf HSBC (Insurance)

- Implemented section waste management program.

- Updated statuses in action plan of audits - Risk Engineering Survey AON Surveyors, HSBC Risk Improvement, Technical HSE and HSEIA audit

- Conducted safety training to contractor workers, involved in monthly Environment & safety report

- Performed construction site safety inspections, prepared HSE non-compliances for remedial action

- Carried out official written and verbal communications. 3. Company: Arab Supply & Trading Company, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia (Jun’05 – Jun’06) Job description: Corporate HSE Officer

- Prepared safety checklists and reviewed safety compliances, prepared draft for HSE policy 4. Company: Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd., Baroda, Gujarat (Nov’90 – Mar’05) Job: Various positions as under


Deputy Fire Manager Nov’00 – Mar’05

Sr. Fire Engineer Nov’94 – Nov’00

Fire Engineer Nov’90 – Nov’94

- Led and handled fire and lifesaving emergencies.

- Attended mutual aid programs for major emergency situations.

- Led practical training to fire fighter and fire safety awareness training program to company employees.

- Carried out in-house maintenance of fire truck and other fire equipment

- Undertook HAZMAT preparations

- Executed official written and verbal communications 5. Company: Nuclear Power Corp. (DAE), Kakrapara Atomic Power Plant, Gujarat

(Mar’87 – Sep’90) Job description: Station Officer – Fire

- Executed official written and verbal communications, established fire section administration, implemented staff manning procedures, accomplished procurement and budgeting, as an in-charge of fire section under HSE department, Established training programs and trained fire-fighters. Skills

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

IT: Software diploma (MS word, excel, power point, access) Professional skills:

• Risk analysis, HEMP (Hazard and Effect Management Process), HSE Safety Management, Safety assurance (Audit) TIER 2 & 3, familiar of ISO14001, ISO18001

• Fire protection Engineering & Chemistry/ FHA (Fire Hazard Analysis), Emergency Response Plan

• HSE Training & Awareness, Accident Prevention / Analysis

• Fire training and Rescue Operations

• Asset integrity review at off shore and on shore terminals,

• Process Safety (Design integrity (SOL Safe Operating limit envelope), Mechanical integrity, PASR (Pre-Activity Safety Review), PSI (Process Safety Information), OP (Operating Procedures)

• QRA Quantitative risk analysis (individual /societal risk), HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) and review

• Preliminaries for PHAST software

• Review HSE case study, HEMP, HSE plan,

• Reviewed design of safety system

• RAM Study, Risk criteria, assessment and Enterprise risk management (ERM)

• Consequence modelling; Fire investigation

• HSE front-end (FEED) design, HSE design review

• HSE activity quality plans, schedules, deliverables for projects

• Review level 1 HSE audits

• Environmental risk analysis, Environmental Aspect and Impact Studies HSEIA

• Process Hazard Analysis,

• EPC and construction HSE experience

• Hazard Identification (HAZID), Environmental Issues Identification (ENVID) study; Hazard and Effects Register

• CIMAH (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard)

• Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA), Occupational safety

• Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment and SIL Verification

• Hazardous Area Classification schedule/Layout

• Fire and Gas Detection Criteria & Layouts/ C & E matrix

• SERP System & Equipment Reliability Prioritization, Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), MP for HSE equipment

• Contractor HSE, Project HSE management and Environment Monitoring Plan, Aspect and Impact

• NBC (National building code), active & passive fire protection, fire proofing and industrial fire proofing

• HAZMAT, ERG Emergency response guide and paramedics, municipal fire by-laws

• Flare Radiation and Dispersion Analysis

• Compliance of safety legislations

• Familiarity for HSE policy

• Risk assessment criteria and risk matrix

• Worker compensation and return to work policy

• Experience in Design of Fire protection systems ( Pre-engineered/engineered gaseous system ), firewater and foam systems – all mechanical design and design of fire alarm system.

• Familiar in AUTOCAD features

Extensive knowledge of International Standards like NFPA, IP, API, ISO Broad experience in Design of Fire Suppression System, Electronic fire alarm system design review, Fire Equipment Procurement

Design skills - Mechanical design

Project experience -Study analysis for requirement of fire water demand in municipal establishment and Halon Replacement by Clean Agent in Abu Dhabi Refinery Carried our HSE Benchmarking for Petronas Gas Berhad Note: Possessed Offshore Safety Passport in past until July 2016.

- End of Document


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to submit the accomplishments done in PETRONAS, and particulars for kind review as under in addition of above.

Completed assignments in GTS and GHSED, PETRONAS, Malaysia: 1. Asset Integrity Review (i-AIR) part of TIPS (Technical integrity and process safety) at various off-shore platforms and on-shore terminals, OPUs as a technical professional (TP) for HSE/ Fire.

RTS/20150205/009649 - Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) i-AIR RTS/20141208/009369 - PCSB PMO: Independent Asset Integrity Review (iAIR) for Sotong Collector and related facilities RTS/20141019/009164 - PCSB PMO Independent Asset-Integrity Review (i-AIR) for FSO Puteri Dulang RTS/20140805/008824 - PCSB PMO: Independent Asset Integrity Review (iAIR) for Abu cluster RTS/20140703/008673 - PCSB PMO: Independent Asset Integrity Review (iAIR) for FPSO Bunga Kertas, Penara, North Lukut and Puteri

RTS/20130322/006574 - PCSB SKO: Independent Asset Integrity Review (i-AIR) for SKO Region RTS/20140430/008382 - PCSB PMO Independent Asset-Integrity Review (i-AIR) for Sepat RTS/20120712/005546 - PCSB SBO: Independent Asset Integrity Review (i-AIR) for SBO Region RTS/20130610/006969 - PCSB PMO Independent Asset-Integrity Review (i-AIR) for Dulang RTS/20130517/006841 - PCSB PMO Independent Asset-Integrity Review (i-AIR) for Resak and Duyong RTS/20120627/005489 - PCSB PMO Independent Asset-Integrity Review (i-AIR) for PM9 Platforms PCML Myanmar - Independent Asset-Integrity Review (i-AIR) 2. HSE Bench-marking:

RTS/20140428/008367 - PGB GTR Operation & Maintenance Best Practices Benchmarking for GTR 3. HSE Due Diligence:

RTS/20150713/010456 - PMLSB Situational Assessment for Leased Tanks 4. ALES (Asset life extension study):

RTS/20120516/005282 - PCSB SKO EOR Asset Integrity Joint Working Team - TUKAU fields 5. Equipment reliability Study (ERS) /SERP/ M-plan of Fire/HSE Equipment RTS/20131129/007685 - PCSB SBO: KNNAG SERP Development RTS/20150101/009448 - PGB: Development of Equipment Reliability Strategy (ERS) for PGB 6. FSAR (Fire Safety Adequacy Review), FSDP (Fire Safety Design Philosophy): RTS/20150105/009460 - PTSSB/JLT/SO/2014/SEP/011 - JLT Fire Safety Studies for Garraf Integrated Facilities Terminal


7. RTS/20150624/010363 - RAPID: PIC Operation Readiness Assurance: Project Work involvement - fire / HSE design/ maintenance related experience

8. Technical Support:

RTS/20150630/010401 - Provision of Engineering Consultancy Services for FEL 2 Exercise for FGRU Project Experience in Design of Fire protection systems (Pre-engineered/engineered gaseous system), firewater and foam systems – all mechanical design and design of fire alarm system. Familiar in AUTOCAD features

Involvement in reviews:

HSE Case Review,

QRA, SCE study

PHA Analysis, HER, MOC

HSEMS/HSE plan (Occupational Safety & Process Safety), Fire Protection / Prevention engineering

Fire investigation

ERP (Emergency Response plan), CIMAH (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard) Fire System Design /Maintenance

HSE & Fire PTS Review

Investigation of HSE Incidents

Site visit details:

Off-shore and on-shore visits Malaysia (PMO/SKO/SBO) Myanmar PCML

Garraf Site Visit

Possessed offshore Safety Passport

Thank you and best regards,

Behere Shankar Anna

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