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Medical Nursing Assistant

Dublin, GA
March 13, 2019

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Shawanda Lashawna White

*** *’Brien Drive

Kathleen, GA 31047

Mobile: 478-***-****


Country of Citizenship:

United States of America

Veteran’s Preference:


Highest Grade:

GS-0679-05, 5/2011 – Present

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Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full Time


Carl Vinson Veterans Administration 12/2013-Present

Medical Center

Dublin, GA

Grade Level: 6

Salary: $39, 627. 00 per year

Hours per Week: 40

Program Support Assistant, 030312

Currently, I perform several duties which involve clerical and health and information administrative information. Daily I am responsible for contacting non-responders every 3 days to ensure the Veterans secure the benefits and education of the Home Telehealth program. I document my data in CPRS as Home Telehealth Technical Education notes which are conveyed to the Care Coordinators for signature. In addition to the daily non-responder calls, multiple letters are mailed to Veterans which contain; non-responders consider disenrolling, discharge, enrollment, positive reinforement certificates, and patient education materials. Also troubleshooting tips are given to the Veterans who have difficulty with their in home messaging devices. If further assistance is required, the Veterans are collaborated with the Care Coordinators and the DALC. In preparation for the Home Telehealth screenings via phone or face-to-face I compile and distribute patient education folders that are sorted according to their diagnosis. These include Diabetes, Depression, Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Weight Management. Routinely I am also responsible for receiving and scheduling Home Telehealth consults in CPRS and VISTA. Once the consult has been scheduled in VISTA, I complete the initial screening process which involves the patient education of the program and Home Telehealth equipment. During the enrollment process, I also place the Veterans in HOME in VISTA. Once the Veteran is disenrolled from the program, I order retrieval kits in ROES/CPRS to be sent to the Veteran’s home to return the equipment. Furthermore, I also generate several weekly and monthly reports in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Corporate Database, and VISTA. These reports include consult tracking, daily encounters, enrollments and disenrollments, and Care Coordinator panel. Some of my additional duties include assisting with staff meetings, distributing Home Telehealth marketing materials, and ordering office supplies.

Contact Supervisor: Yes

Supervisor’s Name: Vicky Darley

Supervisor’s Phone: 478-***-**** ext. 3215

Carl Vinson Veterans Administration 5/2011-12/2013

Medical Center

Dublin, GA

Grade Level: 5

Salary: $32,359.00 per year

Hours per Week: 40

Medical Support Assistant, 897088

As a Medical Support Assistant, I worked independently in a variety of duties which involved setting priorities and coordinating work. Daily, I compared patient appointments with the Assignment Sheet. The appointments consisted of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Dental, and Optometry appointments. My work environment primarily consisted of a community living center that specialized in providing patients with rehabilitation. Many Veterans received hip and knee replacements or other types of surgery that required short term treatment. I designated scheduling appointments for patients by daily monitoring active and pending consults ordered by the Provider. This was performed by using my knowledge of basic medical terminology electronically through CPRS. Through CPRS, I was able to retrieve patient medical information which enabled me to prepare travel folders.

The travel folders included patient demographics, inpatient medicines, and history and physical that was vital for outside transportation to other facilities. These outside appointments were scheduled with other VA facilities, Cardiologist, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and follow-ups from previous hospitalization. My ability to effectively communicate with employees was essential in maintaining compassionate care to Veterans. I collaborated with the Provider, Nursing staff, Social Worker, Dietician, Recreational Therapist, and Restorative Aides. I prepared team members for the weekly IDT meeting by sending emails to the staff. I also communicated through the telephone system to receive and relay incoming and outgoing telephone messages. In addition, I answered and responded to the call light system and relayed the needs of the patient to the appropriate people such as the nurse or attending nursing assistant. Additionally, I was responsible for recording patient movement, diagnosis and facility treating specialty in VISTA. This included transfers, inter-ward transfers, discharges, and admissions. Along with this responsibility, I updated assignment sheets when a patient movement occurred that consisted of the patient roster, bath list, vital signs, weight list, change of shift report, and picture book. In conjunction with these daily activities, I submitted timesheets to the timekeeper’s office, and ordered patient and office supplies for the ward.

Contact Supervisor: Yes

Supervisor’s Name: Tonya Kirkley

Supervisor’s Phone: 478-***-**** ext. 2811

Carl Vinson Administration Medical Center 1/2010-5/2011

Dublin, GA

Grade Level: 4

Salary: $27,990.00 per year

Hours per Week: 40

Mail Clerk, 030515

As a mail clerk, I was responsible for the timely and accurate processing of all mail according to the Department of Veterans Affairs regulations and guidelines. Also, I was responsible for handling and securing the personal data of veterans; such as Social Security checks which hold monetary values of $100,000. In addition, I monitored and secured mail packages containing medical records and sensitive data from unauthorized release. This was obtained by UPS and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Express Mail. Furthermore, I sorted mail according to the department destination. Upon collecting mail for delivery to the USPS and UPS, I weighed and stamped outgoing mail by the postage meter machine. Daily, I checked in parcels and packages by maintaining a log of incoming deliveries from UPS and Federal Express. To better serve the veterans and employees with their Personal information, I assisted with various departments in establishing UPS accounts. This was obtained by using my excellent customer service skills while ensuring effective working relationships with other employees. As a result, internal problems were resolved, as well as an improved progress in accuracy, compliance, and timeliness. Lastly, I was responsible for the mail room postage account in which I prepared monthly mail activity reports in Microsoft Excel for the Mail Room, MCCR, Canteen, Meds by Mail, and Pharmacy.

Contact Supervisor: Yes

Supervisor’s Name: Gail Phillips

Supervisor’s Phone: 478-***-**** ext. 3042

ResCare Home HealthCare 2/2007-3/2008

Eastman, GA US

Hours per week: 30

Certified Nursing Assistant

As a Nursing Assistant, I traveled to various cities and assisted with daily activities of daily living. This involved helping my patients with dressing, feeding, bathing, and cleaning. Some of my patients had restricted mobility due to physical and health issues. As a result, I often had to run errands because of their inability to drive. These errands included shopping for groceries, personal items, and even paying household bills.

Southland HealthCare Nursing Home 12/2004-7/2207

Dublin, GA

Hours per Week: 40

Certified Nursing Assistant

While working as a Nursing Assistant, I worked with a diverse group of differently-abled people of various ages and stages of life. I worked with residents suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, among other disabilities.

Despite their health issues, I still tried to maintain their independence by allowing them to do as much as they could for themselves. Furthermore, I encouraged residents to participate in different recreational activities and events that were held in the Solarium. As a result, this encouraged high self-esteem and self-awareness by interacting with others during bingo games, arts and crafts, attending church, and other activities. On a daily basis, I recorded my patient’s progress which included recording vital signs, entering patients care on the Kiosk machine and keeping nurses informed of any changes in behavior and health. In addition to keeping the nurses informed and caring for my patients, I also provided emotional support to the family members present.

Contact Supervisor: Yes

Supervisor’s Name: Charla Fish

Supervisor’s Phone: 478-***-****


Heart of Georgia Technical College 12/2009

Dublin, GA

Major: Business Office Technology

Minor: Medical Office Specialist


While attending Heart of Georgia Technical College, I completed many classes in the medical field to include: Medical Document Processing and Transcription, Medical Administration Procedures, and Legal Aspects of the Medical Office. These classes enhanced my knowledge of medical terminology. I was trained on how to schedule patient appointments, update demographic data, and collect medical insurance information. The Legal Aspects of the Medical Office course taught me the appropriate laws, guides, and policies of working in a medical office. This enabled me to become familiar with regulations so that I can better assist Veterans with their medical needs requests.


In addition, while attending Heart of Georgia Technical College, I had the privilege of completing a Cooperative Study at the Carl Vinson Veterans Administration Medical Center in the Fall of 2008 and Winter of 2009. This provided me with hands on experience and the ability to exercise my knowledge and skills learned in class. While I was there, I was trained in Release of Information (ROI), File room, and Fee Basis Department. While working in the File Room, I collected, entered, and stored medical information into CPRS.

In ROI, medical record requests were made by the telephone, fax, and in-person. I also administered and distributed medical records to Veterans upon request. While working in Fee Basis, I entered insurance information into FBCS to ensure no delays in processing Veteran's medical care with doctor appointments. This process involved scanning, verifying, and uploading HFCA's and UB's. Along with scanning insurance claims, I scanned consults into CPRS to be included in the Veteran’s records for review by the Provider. Also, I graduated from the Emerging VA Leaders (EVAL) Lead Program on September 27, 2016, where I gained more knowledge and skills to become an effective leader within the VA.


Janice Anderson (Registered Nurse)

Carl Vinson Veterans Administration Medical Center

478-***-**** ext. 2326

Lisa Thomas (Registered Nurse)

Carl Vinson Veterans Administration Medical Center

478-***-**** ext. 2685

Chinyere Anyakudo (Provider)

Carl Vinson Veterans Administration Medical Center

478-***-**** ext. 2250


I have knowledge of the Microsoft Word program. I also received a certificate of proficiency for typing 53 words per minute. On December 15, 2010, I received my diploma from Heart of Georgia Technical College in Business Office Technology specializing as a Medical Office Specialist. On December 3, 2010, I completed my COTR training. Also, I completed my Fund Control Point training on December 6, 2010 to become the Fund Control Clerk for the Mail Room. I also recorded patient to staff ratio derived from the daily assignment sheets from each shift. I implemented the information in a template in Microsoft Excel called Advance Excellence. Another program that coincided with Advanced Excellence is the Bed Management System.

This program contained a list of the patient names which had different icons relating to the patient. The Bed Management System was an alternative source for emergency purposes in case of inclement weather which would permit moving patients quickly according to their needs. In August 2015, I became a member of the All Employee Survey Committee where I encourage my co-workers to voice their opinion and concerns through the All Employee Survey. In addition, I have also become a member of the Employee Engagement Committee to help provide and maintain a positive, safe work environment.

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