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Supply Chain operation and Logistics Director

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
March 11, 2019

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Khaled Salah Morsy

Personal Profile

About myself, I had over 25 Yrs. experience within Africa and Middle East with extensive hands on operation in over 19 countries of operations with Giants Multinationals Like Bristol Myers Squibb and Merck in Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, Nestle Middle East in FMCG, Xella Valenburg in Heavy Mechanical Construction and Dredging,Infrastructure, Desalination,Power Plants, Cables Manufacturing, Cement & Lime industries, Ports and Harbours Infrastructures, Automotives Industries Passengers and Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment (Daimler Chrysler, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Volvo - PDI-PDA-CDC-Spare Parts Admin) DC Solutions Center’s, Repair & Return, Workshop Initiation and operation, CDC’s ( Dry, Cold and Frozen, Spare Parts, WMS Systems,YMS Systems, IFMS Integrated Facility Management Systems ) Car Park Systems, Yard Management ( Tompkins, Hollander, C3, Navis, Endlor, Exotrak, Hans lag ),Vattenfall EON Energy Africa in Oil & Gas, Forestry & Mining, Renewables Energies, Bio Fuel & Bio Mass industries .

Key Skills and Attributes

ERP Implementation like Oracle, SAP, CAT (10 Years as Team Leader in ERP Implementation and Application )

Warehouse Design and Implementation for CDC, Satellite Warehouses interchanging and communication

Process Mapping,Process Design, Process Implementation and Application

Fleet Management and Distribution, Fleet Surveillance and Maintenance

Warehousing, Stock Controlling & Replenishment Systems ( Inventory Management ) .

Overseas Contracting & Contract Management .

Staff Selection and Staff Filtration, Departments Frame Work designing .

Technical Procurement, Export/Import Document Controlling and Custom Clearance (Overseas & Local )

Develop & Implement effective after approval procurement strategies for supply goods & Services

Maintenance, Repair & Return, Workshop Initiation, Staff Formation and Operation .

WMS, YMS ( Yard Management System Implementation and Application ) .

Day to day management of central procurement functions, Capex purchasing, Supplies, Installation & Commissioning .

Dealer & Supplier Management overseas & Local for both Technical, Commodities, Bulk Fuel, Local contracting.

Logistics Project Management for urbane and overseas projects supplies, contracting & contract management, supplying.

Strategic Sourcing and Shipping Contracting,Suppliers Alliances, Risk Management assessments

Work History

Xella Valenburg – MENA (Heavy Industries, Cement, Construction, Automotives) Jan 2002 - Present

Corporate Supply Chain Director –MFG (Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Djibouti, South Africa)

As Responsible for Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Fleet Management & Maintenance, Material and Manufacturing Planning, Managing Parts forecasts, Overseas Technical Procurement, Supplier & Dealer Management, Contracting & Contract Management,Strategic Sourcing, WMS System Implementation, Document controlling and Custom Clearance, Repair & Return,Logistics Project Management, Change Management, Restructuring, Process Design, Staffing & Staff Filtration, ERP and WMS System Implementation and Application, Truck Park Systems, Yard Management for Middle East and Africa Operations.

As Responsible for area operation of Cement, Lime, Cables Manufacturing, Automotive Industries, Heavy Mechanical Construction and Infrastructure Projects for Power Plants and Harbours,Ground works for Airports infrastructure for MENA Area projects Supplies and Support Services functionality .

- Maximum Budget for Supplies and Procuring, Shipping, Operation & distributions, Fuel was 235 Million USD/Year.

- I've 3 Fluent languages, French, English and of course Arabic

- Directly reporting to me 18 peoples and Indirect 285

- Maximum Number of SKU's 137,000 SKU's

- Maximum SQM Dealing With is 265,000 SQM with ( 85,000 SQM Frigos and Frozen )

- Maximum Number of Containers Handling in HUBS and Remotes Sites 650 "40 FT / Month"

Nestle Middle East ( FMCG ) Jan 1997 – Jan 2002

Supply Chain Manager - Dubai

As Responsible for Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Fleet Management, Material and Manufacturing Planning,Procurement, Dealer & Supplier Management,Strategic Sourcing,WMS System Implementation, Document controlling and Custom Clearance, Logistics Project Management, Export / Import,Strategic Supply Units for Middle East and Africa .As responsible for Areas (Gulf, Jordan, France, Maroc, Sudan, North Africa), for Planning & Distribution,Central Strategic Supply Units, Fleet Management, Procurement, Export/Import,Document Controlling,Strategic Sourcing, Custom Clearance for Middle East and Africa operation.

Bristol Myers Squibb & Merck-Middle East (Pharmaceuticals & Raw Materials) Jan 1988 – Jan 1997

Industrial Planning Manager – Joint Venture - Alexandria

As responsible for Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Fleet Management, Material and Manufacturing Planning, Procurement, WMS System Implementation, Document controlling and Custom Clearance, Pricing, Marketing Study & Campaign Support,Technical Packaging, Market Penetration, After Sales Servicing, Logistics Project Management.


GCSE – English, Maths, Business Studies, Product Design, Biology, Chemistry, Physics Education 1986, ( GPA 89 % )

BSC. Industrial Engineering York University,UK 1992 – 1997, GPA ( 95% )

MSC. Industrial Engineering, York University,UK 2003,Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma.

MSC. Engineering Management, Oxford Brookes University,UK 2006.

Business Practising & Application:

E-Warehousing,WMS,YMS & ERP Experience:

1.Coding Structure.

2.Process Flow design & Implementation.

3.WMS (Warehouse Management System) Implementation.

4.Bin Management Handling & Operation.

5.Warehouse Internal & External Distribution Systems.

6.Fleet Size, Routing and Fleet Management Procedures and operation, Maintenance.

7.Internal and External Process Design & Implementation for Pick, Ship, Store, Locate.

8.Staffing & Staff Filtration.

9.Loading & Unloading process & Procedures.

10.Receiving & Ship Audit Process & Procedures.

11.Qualitas System Application in Inbound & Outbound shipping operation.

12.Gate and Director, Locating, Movement Tracing and Yard surveillance and Tracking Management.

Export /Import, Document Controlling & Custom Clearance Experience:

1.Receiving, Processing, Scheduling Orders, Follow up L/Cs, LG’s.

2.Preparing Production Orders and Material Ordering, Shipping.

3.Contact and communicate, follow up with Suppliers for dispatching.

4.Preparing Documents, Legalisation, Radiation, Shipping declaration.

5.Warehouses Situations for dispatching, Vessel reservation, Loading Etc… .

6.Insurance for Goods till port of arrival and Clients follow up.

7.Transportation of Container & Clearance, Traceability & After sales services .

8.Document Controlling, Legalization, Custom Clearance & container Transportation.

Logistics, Procurement,Planning, Warehousing,Fleet Management, Inventory Mngmt Experience :

1.Monitoring Stock and Stock updates, Replenishment. (Balanced Levels).

2.Preparing monthly situation of Orders & Production Plan, Material Ordering.

3.Preparing Cash Flow / Collection / Draw Back System.

4.Day to day management of central procurement functions and Capex purchasing.

5.Checking Situation of Warehouse and space management & Re-ordering.

6.Applying Packaging & Shipping Instruction for each Country (GPI )& (GSI).

7.Develop & Implement effective after approval procurement strategies for supply goods & Services .

8.Preparing I/M Reports, Order Proposal,Warehouse monthly Operation.

9.Preparing & Monitoring Daily Activity, Binning, Shipping, Service level Report

10.Fleet Management and order cycling according to transportation facility.

11.Improve market coverage through quick response to geographic changes.

12.Suggest best routing for efficient delivery, required fleet sizes,maintenance

13.Overseas Contracting & Contract Management, Dealer & Suppliers Management .

Facility Management ( IFM, CAFM, FMS ) :

1.Certificate of Insurance

2.Clean and safe operation

3.Incident Tracking

4.Project Management

5.Preventive Maintenance

6.Security and Visitor Access

7.Fire Protection,Life Safety, Environment friendly

8.Long-range and annual facility planning

9.Facility financial forecasting

10.Real estate acquisition and/or disposal

11.Work specifications, installation and space management

12.Maintenance and operations management

13.Telecommunications integration, security and general administrative services

14.Floor plans, Space characteristics and usage

15.Building and property information

Training Courses :

Nestle Middle East ( FMCG ): -

1.Nestle Chain of Distribution ( Nov 1997 ).

2.Nestle GPI (General packaging Instruction ) ( Jan 1998 ).

3.Nestle Advanced G.S.I (General Shipping Instruction) (March 1998).

4.Logistics & Supply Chain System ( Positional course ).(Thailand)

5.Advanced Logistics Overseas ( Positional course ).(Switzerland)

6.Management Crisis ( Managerial position Course ).(Brussels)

7.Digital ID & Advanced Logistics (E-Warehouse System) ( May 1998 ).

8.Oracle Inventory & Supply Chain Implementation. (Switzerland -Oct 1999 ).

9.Purchasing & International Tenders (Feb 2000 ).

10.Advanced E-Commerce (May 2000 ).

Bristol Myers Squibb Middle East ( Pharmaceuticals ):

1.BMSE ( Regional Distribution Fundamentals & Logistics ) Feb 1992.

2.BMSE ( Effective Coordination & Distribution Chains ) June 1992.

3.BMSE ( Bar Code & Effective Logistics Chains ) April 1993.

MERCK ( Affiliated from Bristol Myers Co. )( Pharmaceuticals ) :

1.Cost Estimation & Production Planning ( Sept 1995 ).

2.Material Planning Overhead Production ( Feb 1996 ).

Xella International (H.M. Construction,Cement,Cables,Automomotive Industries):

1.SAP ERP Implementation (Belgium – 2002).

2.CAT, Exactus (Warehouse Management System Implementation – Germany 2002).

3.ABCS, IDIS System Storing and Locating Parts Managing and Forecasts – Germany 2002.

4.Hanslag, Navis, Exotrak Yard Management Implementation and Application – Germany 2003.

Personal Particulars:

D.O.B : 17-May-1970, Egypt.

Languages : English, French, Arabic.

Availability : 1 Month upon contracting.

Industries : Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, FMCG, Cement & Building Mtrls, HV. Mechanical Construction, Automotives

References : Available upon request.

E-Mail : Visit :,,

Cell : +201**-******* / +271-***-****** / +968-********

Linkedln :,

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