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United States
January 29, 2019

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United States


Wayne Consulting, LLC 2008 — Present

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 2017 — Present Wayne Baswell


To deliver great software that makes your life better and your business more profitable. WORK EXPERIENCE


Deep South Engineering

Software & robotics consulting business (owner).


Technologies: Java, ArduPilot, Android, Python, Wordpress, C++ Precision Mow (U.S. Copyright #5,272,401)

Autonomous lawn mower.

Technologies: C++, Java, Android, Python, ArduPilot, RTK GNSS Deep South Robotics

Robotics & software blog.


Precision RTK

Precise GNSS technology equipment brand.


Developed web site for client's lawn care business.

Developed web site for client's upholstery business. Senior Developer

Lead developer for the following applications:

VA Health Launchpad (pre-release)

iOS app that helps connect veterans to their health care professionals and services, and equips them to make more informed health care decisions.

Technologies: iOS, Swift

Wayne Baswell 1

NASA 2004 — 2015

Developer for the following applications:

MOVE! Coach

iOS app that helps veterans achieve exercise, diet, and general health/well-being goals. Technologies: iOS, Objective C

Safe Patient Handling (pre-release)

Website that aggregates patient handling information for health care professionals. Technologies: Javascript, Angular, HTML, CSS

Senior Developer

Lead developer for the following sites/apps:

NASA Mobile Internships ( Allows students to search for internships, create accounts, apply to internships. Developed mobile interface for the essential functionality of existing Coldfusion/Railo site. Allows users across devices to easily search for internships, create applicant accounts, and apply for internships. Mobile site interfaces seamlessly with legacy system. Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Railo

AppStore for NASA mobile devices. Admins publish apps through Drupal CMS. Users view, download and rate apps. Used Services module to expose content for integration with native mobile app. Technologies: Drupal, PHP, jQuery, Java, MySQL

Mobile AppStore site.

Technologies: Drupal, PHP, jQuery, Java, MySQL

apps@nasa DevCenter

Support site for developers using CIMA NASA services. Technologies: Drupal (Twitter Bootstrap theme)

OSSI Admin Tool

Generates reports of student, mentor, and internship data. Allows power users to perform common admin tasks.

Technologies: Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Tomcat, Java, Apache POI

Integrates SAP vendor system with

Technologies: Java, Spring, Flex, SAP, Apache Axis

Provides rich view of Identity Credential Access Management logs. Technologies: Java, Flex, Tomcat,

Internal and external NASA personnel directory.

Technologies: jQuery, Flex, Java

Wayne Baswell 2

Heil Environmental 2003 — 2004

Auburn University 2001 — 2003

BS in Software Engineering August 1999 — August 2003 Simplifies VPN and SSO for remote users.

Technologies: Twitter Bootstrap

eTravel administrative site.

Technologies: Flex, Axis, Tomcat

Assisted developing the following sites/apps:

Site where students apply for internships at NASA. Led the transition/upgrade from ColdFusion 8 on Windows/IIS to Railo 4 on Linux/Tomcat.

Technologies: ColdFusion, Railo, SQL Server

Administrative tool for managing and monitoring the NASA Competency Center application stack. Wrote several flex screens and components.

Technologies: Flex, Tomcat, JMS, Oracle

Executive financial reporting site. Enabled SSO with SAP Portal. Technologies: ColdFusion, Oracle

NEACC information portal. Wrote .NET module enabling launchpad SSO integration. Transitioned site from JSC to Competency Center.

Technologies: .NET, IIS

Facilitates NASA physical asset management. Wrote Rails subsection of app. Technologies: Ruby on Rails, SAP


Developed ASP.NET, C# and Oracle applications.


Developed .NET, SQL Server and VBScript applications. QUALIFICATIONS

Microsoft Certified Professional – XML Web Services and Server Components (70-320) Microsoft Certified Professional – ASP.NET Web Applications (70-315) EDUCATION

Auburn University

Wayne Baswell 3


Robotics, ArduPilot, RTK GNSS, Embedded Systems, Securities & Exchange Data Analytics, ODROID, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python REFERENCES

Peter Cauwels

NASA -- Manager -- Enterprise and Mobile Services


Kenyon West

NASA -- Manager


Randall Johnson

NASA -- Senior Developer -- Applications


Jeff Powers

NASA -- Senior Developer -- Infrastructure


Wayne Baswell 4

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