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Software Android

Westerville, OH
November 27, 2018

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Eid Al-rabadi 614-***-**** Columbus, Ohio


Ohio State University Jan. 2014 – May. 2014

Classroom support specialist Columbus,OH

Troubleshoot a multitude of software and hardware related issues on college campus. o Developed a comprehensive list of common problems and fixes to better assist faculty to resolve issues, resulting in a significant reduction of work load.

Maintain and update software on several hundred computers. RELATED EXPERIENCE

Android Application that converts images to .GIFS Aug. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Employed algorithms to allow users to select any number of images from their camera roll, and based on the order chosen, convert those images into a corresponding .GIF file which is later saved into the users gallery.

Original, and simplistic UI allowing users to easily navigate the application. Chemistry Software for Peruse Lab Jan. 2018 - May. 2018

Developed a canvas to allow users to draw 2D shapes, which are later queried and converted into 3D structures.

Developed several algorithms to check for intersecting lines, polygons in order to maintain proper input from the user.

Developed user stories, and employed JUnit for testing purposes, in order to reduce any errors in the software. Android Application for dual authentication Jan. 2018 - May.2018

Android application that communicated with a website to generate unique codes to allow secure login for users.

Original algorithm to generate unique codes that were hashed, and transported safely over a network.

Utilized the Volley Library to establish network calls using sockets to establish communication. Rails Database Jul. 2017 - Aug. 2017

Created a database within the rails framework in order to save information to an original normalized database.

Information was provided by the user, and placed accordingly in the proper table to allow simple querying. Python Reddit bot Jan. 2016 - Feb. 2016

A script that analyzed posts made by reddit users, and informed them of similar posts that have been created in the past (if they exist) in order to reduce redundancy.

Worked with the reddit API “praw”.


The Ohio State University May. 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering Columbus, Ohio Minor in Psychology


Experienced in Java, Android, Python, HTML, CSS

Agile/Scrum, Object Oriented Programming, Model view controller, user stories, automation testing, GIT.

Familiar with C#, C, C++, Ruby, Rails,Javascript.

UX & UI design

Speak fluent verbal Arabic

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