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Data and Reporting Analytics

Charlotte, NC
November 27, 2018

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Carl Fernandes

Data Analytics, Reporting Analytics, Business Analyst, Developer 999-***-**** U.S Citizen

Note: Only available for local jobs in Charlotte NC or remote jobs. Email inquiries are preferred. Unsolicited calls will not be responded to

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Location: Charlotte, NC. Availability: Reasonable Accommodation Notice.

Over 20 years of progressive Information System experience working as a Data Analyst, BI Reporting Analyst, Business Analyst, Tech Analyst and a QA Analyst, in a net centric environment, 20 years of which have been in the financial sector.

4 years as a Quality Control Chemist in a manufacturing plant.

Education & Certifications

Bombay University: Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.

Bombay University: Associate Degree in Computer Management.

Central Piedmont Community College: Continued education course in Visual Basic.NET.

Professional Skills

Core Competencies

Able to lead and work well to achieve goals, hardworking, self-motivated, detail oriented.

Pro-active and always able to meet or beat the set deadlines.

A self-starter who is able to start a task with basic specifications and minimal direction.

Able to evaluate existing systems and provide input for new enhancements / functionality.

Able to learn new IT and business skills and work hard on consolidating acquired knowledge.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Business Industry Experience: Retail banking, Commercial and Small Business Banking, Retail Store, Health Care, Utilities, Manufacturing.


JMP for analytics, Tableau BI reporting suite and EXCEL for visualization creating Comb / Dual charts, Waterfall charts, Control charts, scatter plots, time series charts etc, Python and VBA scripting.

Business, QA and Data Analyst Skills: SOX compliance, BASEL II, 6 SIGMA, Lean AGILE, Waterfall Cascade, Integrated UAT, System and performance testing, and Iterative in a development environment

Methodologies, USECASE, SharePoint Administrator for document hosting, JIRA for defect tracking and Project management, White Box and Black Box testing, Rational Requisite Pro, HP Quality Center

I am able to introduce processes that are repeatable and more accurate than manual creations by implementing automated processes for batch execution I have also included Quality checks to insure that data and business integrity are maintained. Please see details listed of specific projects where applicable. By automation of several repeatable processes and associated tasks that are dependent, I was able to save the business in terms of man hours by converting and automating other analyst’s processes in the organization and freeing them to take on other tasks.

This is an example of Return on Investment (ROI).

PC Skills: VISIO, MS WORD, EXCEL (Pivot Tables, Macros, Look-ups, etc.), MS-ACCESS, Outlook, POWER POINT.

Schedulers: AUTOSYS, JAMS, CA-7 (Mainframes), KORN Shell and BASH scripts (UNIX).

Programming Languages: MS-DOS Batch scripting, VB.NET, Stored PROCEDURES, COBOL, JCL, EAZYTRIEVE, VBA Programming for automation of desktop procedures, JMP scripting.

Databases: DB2 using stored procedures, TERADATA, ACCESS, IMS DB / DC, BTRIEVE, SQL Server.

Professional Experience

*Additional details available upon request

Work History Summary


Job Title


Wells Fargo – Charlotte NC

Data & Reporting Analytics

Sept 2018– Current

Bank of America – Charlotte NC

Market Information Manager (Data Analytics)

Aug 2011– June 2018

Bank of America – Charlotte NC

Sr. Business / Data Analyst

Apr 2011 – Jul 2011

Capital One Financial – Richmond VA

Sr. Business / Data Analyst

Aug 2010 – Mar 2011

Family Dollar – Charlotte NC

Technical QA Analyst

Sept 2008 – July 2009

Bank of America – Charlotte NC

Technical Business Analyst

Nov 2007 – July 2008

Wells Fargo

Data / Reporting Analytics

Sept 2018 - Current

The job role and responsibilities are as follows.

Working on implementing the prototype reporting in EXCEL for TREX (Technology Remediation and Execution) and Capacity and Demand tool EPMT (Enterprise Project Management) for Projects and manpower planning. Based on Capacity and hours logged for each associate, management is able to project and accommodate for current and future capacity for new project related demands.

Once the tool has been implemented the prototype will in parallel for verification and will then be sunset.

Details analysis is performed at the associate level and roll ups to the higher hierarchy and Division levels.

Data Visualization in EXCEL is accomplished by using dynamic BAR in BAR (Combo charts), Waterfall charts and Histograms, Control charts along with filters and automatic legends embedded in the charts.

The Data model will be used to accommodate 5 groups that roll up to the CIO level. We are currently working on implementing PVSI (Payment Virtual Systems Innovation), CLT (Customer Lending) and WIMT (Wealth Information management Technology)

Created Data source to target mapping documents, Metadata information for the technology teams to implement, Process decomposition and Operational and User guide documentation.

Bank of America

Market Information Manager / Quantative Analyst I

Aug 2011- June 2018

Job functions of Market Information Manager consisted of being a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, QA Analyst, Developer and a Support Analyst.

Supported Consumer, Small Business CARD / DEPOSITS and Merrill Edge Investment product team along with consumer banking.

Created Business Requirements Documents and Functional Specification documents along with Process, Workflow, Metadata mapping documents and GAP analysis documents for each requirement.

Housed work inventory documents in Demand Management System (DMS) that needed signoff by management from initial request all the way to production implementation.

Solicited and documented the requirements, created the code and process, Quality Assured the results with the business partners, and supported the processes and the business partners during the lifecycle of the project, with emphasis on a production runs and/or modification / enhancements to existing processes (Keep the lights on) activities.

Introduced automation and QA checks into the processes to notify when jobs completed or failed. This was accomplished through the ETL source code, VBA MACROS, and QA/QC within code and in QA/QC in Trending Analytics.

Evaluated data for business requests using TERADATA, DB2, and T-SQL and implemented the SQL code into the SAS wrapper code for ETL automation.

Reported and Ad-Hoc analyzed results presented in EXCEL, PowerPoint and Tableau reporting suite.

All reporting indicators / metrics include Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Risk Indicator (KRI) dashboard reporting.

Visualizations included Tabular reporting, Horizontal and Vertical Bar graphs with imbedded Time series charts, Bar-In-Bar graphs, Scatter plots (X-Y) graphs and other types of visualizations. These analyses were also done using the JMP software.

Reporting Analytics:

Worked on Implementing new controls, documentation and automation in supporting and developing several Analytics reporting and Data Analysis impact reporting some of which are listed below.

Small Business Card KEYSTATS Portfolio: Produces the Card Applications Key Stats YTD, MTD and rolling 4 weeks comparison, productive FTE view 13 months rolling.

New Card Acquisition Key Statistics: Reporting Large Company Acquisition and Early Performance reporting

ARGUS Key Metrics: Reporting for Fraud, expenses and revenue costs.

ALPM (Account level profitability matrix) reporting.

Small Business Bankers monthly performance reporting.

Zero Producers: Reporting for non-performing or underperforming bankers. The report provides actual production and zero producers on a monthly, quarterly, and YTD period view. The measures tracked are: loan referrals, loan sales, credit card sales, merchant sales, and Merrill quality referrals, DDA sales.

Business Advantage contact report: Business advantage upgrade - creates the small business banker advantage Sales Force to PMRR recon report that matches SALESFORCE (CRM) contact info with clients that had Business advantage upgrade sales. Reports on # of triggers for upgrades, defect rate for associates that had no sales force contact information. The report is used to gauge if the associate is gaming the system for incentive rewards.

Strategic Alliance Stair Steps: reporting for Dunn and Bradstreet customers leads. The reports help us compare the performance of our strategic alliances versus the rest of our unassigned Small Business Bankers clients. Portions of the report are shared with our strategic alliance leadership team, as well as the SBCS executive. We frequently will use the basic financial assumptions to make projections of potential revenue or relationship deepening opportunities.

SLA: Reporting for customer follow-up with the specified window given to an associate banker.

Digital – Card Sales reporting: Provide a weekly view of Digital SB Credit Cards sales sold via Online Banking. In addition to Digital SB Credit Card sales, the report includes metrics for "Acquisition Type", Application Entry Date, Market Tracking ID, Partner Tracking ID, Number of Responses, Number of Approvals, Number of Declines, Number of Cancels and Number of Pending Applications". Information will be used to gauge SB Digital Credit Card sales performance.

Channel Sales reporting.

Digital Online Banking: number of accounts with various accounts management activities like enrollment, activation, business advantage, online visits, online Bill Pay and others.

Small Business Banking, Branch Transfer: Reporting which provides the following.

Aggregate of all financial center transfers, the report is built using the transfer transactions occurring between accounts owned by the same party. Determine how many Small Business clients are transferring funds in the banking centers to avoid fees associated with completing the transfer online.

Customer Experience dashboard reporting: Provides metrics carried over to the+A1 CE Dashboard Portal so that business partners can self-serve in getting to the data they need for their business reviews. It is used to support efforts to monitor ongoing trending and analysis.

Card penetration reporting: Provide a monthly view of SB Card penetration among SB clients based on SB Digital usage/interaction. In addition to SB Card penetration, the report includes metrics for "OLB Active Indicator", "OLB Inactive Indicator", "OLB Not Enrolled Indicator", "Single Service Card Indicator", "SB & Consumer Card Relationship Indicator", "Other Relationships Indicator", "Power User Indicator" (based on 25+ transactions and 7+ OLB logins)", "Engaged User Indicator" (based on 10+ transactions and 3+ OLB logins)", "Low User Indicator" (based on 1+ transactions and 1+ OLB logins)", and "Non User Indicator" (includes both OLB Inactive and OLB Not Enrolled clients)". Information will be used to gauge SB Credit Card penetration performance.

Small Business Non Card Credit Financials: The monthly non-card credit report is a supplemental report that provides detail on Credit facilities originated by bankers and legacy center based bankers in the small business field sales team. New facilities and commitments are reported based on PMRR (Incentive and Performance system of record) sales data; additional credit financials such as current outstanding dollar amts from LOANIQ and AFS loan systems are included in the separate report.

Data was extracted from both Loans systems of record (AFS and Loans IQ) and was matched against the PMMR to determine the channels for Small Business Bankers (SBB), Small Business Centralized Sales (SBCS) and Small Business Client Managers (SBCM). The output from this was matched against the Financial Accounting System (GCA), to determine the number and percent of Small Business loans touched by an SBB through either a forward or backward referral.

Small Business Card Spend and Deposit tracker: reporting. Card tracker report is used to analyze differences and gaps in portfolios of clients tracking in the card spend report for Small Business Bankers and Sr. SBRM (Small business Relationship) managers. Deposit tracker report is used to analyze differences and gaps in portfolios of clients tracking in the deposit growth report for SBB and Sr. SBRM. Details for deposits include: Associate hierarchy, party id, customer name, start track date, EXST_TOTAL_AVG_DEP_BAL Details for card include: Associate hierarchy, party id, customer name, start track date, card balance and credit limit.

Small Business – BCS Text Chat: Provide a monthly view of small business card and deposits cross sell using text chat details for "chat assisted" customers, the associates are measured on whether the client was "Chat assisted" or not, for the following metrics. Total number of applications submitted for the month, number of applications approved, % of applications approved.

Small Business Front Book cumulative deposit growth and deepening triggers reporting.

Digital Subscribers reporting: Provides a weekly view of Digital Small Business EPRODUCT sales, activations and quality report used for planning and product management. The breakdown is by OLBS (Online Banking systems), Account management, Payroll (ADP and Intuit) and other digital channels.

Small Business Online banking relationship reporting: Provides a monthly view of the online banking relationship view for small business households with small business online product. Breakdown provided at the following level Type of online customer, Customer segment, Business segment, Tier.

Small Business Unsecured Line of Credit Application Key Stats reporting: The ULOC reporting is meant to provide sales leaders and associates with a clear understanding of <$100K LOC production to identify performance trends and opportunities and drive coaching activities.

Attrition and New client – Financial reporting: The attrition, new and retained Small Business / Client development Group (CDG) stair step client profile report help us compare the performance of attrite and new clients based on the Vintage of the previous December. The report is shared with our deposits leadership team.

Financial Center Stop payments reporting: The report is needed to monitor trend of monthly of Financial Center ACH Stop Payments and refunds associated with Stop Payment errors to address SIAI(160***-******) relating to ACH/Debit Stop Payment Bank Errors.

Cheat Sheet and Quarterly Views: Provides a slew of reports for high level management to assist in quick responses from the business questions. Detail reporting provided are as follows.

Consumer and Small Business Banking (CSBB) – Household Distribution.

Enterprise View – Household Distribution.

CSBB - HH Channel Behavior (Usage as % of Total HHs by Segment).

Merrill Lynch & US Trust - HH Channel Behavior (Usage as % of Total HHs by Segment).

CSBB Channel Transactions – FCs, ATM, ATA & Call Centers.

Merrill Lynch & US Trust Channel Transactions – FCs, ATM, ATA & Call Centers.

CSBB Channel Transactions – Automated Banking & Other Transactions.

Merrill Lynch & US Trust Channel Transactions – Automated Banking & Other Transactions.

CSBB HH Products – Ownership and Average Balances.

Merrill Lynch + US Trust HH Consumer Products – Ownership and Average Balances.

Merrill Edge and Affluent House Hold reporting dashboard: Currently working on creating this recurring report for senior executives. This report has multiple views and presents a rolling 13 months view of metrics like Edge Investment balances number of House Hold accounts, HH with Primary Checking, Savings, Home Equity, Average balances, in an effort to cross sell and promote BAC products. The Affluent report view tracks customers with no investment relationship, investment penetration and various other metrics.

Request Analytics:

Sales Force, Legal Zoom leads ADHOC analysis. The analysis provided the following:

A summary analysis of Total leads breakdown by Unique and duplicate leads, in an effort to cleanup sales force.

Total Companies breakdown by companies with party id and missing party ID’S.

Unique opportunities breakdown by Opportunities with Business Checking accounts, Leads without matching opportunities, opportunities with matching leads.

Companies that have a recorded sales on PMRR breakdown by companies with DDA sales, companies with matching Business Checking Accounts and no DD sales.

Companies with Active payroll, companies with Lines and Loans, Companies with Merchant sales, companies’ with Online Banking (OLBS) sales ETC.

Negative Credit rating impact, data analysis

Request Analytics, to track the Small Business Accounts, against the Non-Small Business accounts and see the impact of lowering the Card borrowing limit after a customer has had a negative score.

Data aggregated and tracked over an 8 month period, are as follows.

3 months prior to the event

Risk Month

4 months after the event

Values tracked for Small Business and Consumer are as follows

Card Balances

Card Annualized Revenue

Deposit Balances

Deposit Annualized Revenue

Other Lending Balances

Other Lending Annualized Revenue

Process Improvement:

Eliminated EXCEL spreadsheet calculations and manual interventions by replacing manual efforts with a defined calculation using SAS programming and VBA programming along with MS-DOS Batch files and having the code and jobs automated to run on the AUTOSYS UNIX job scheduler for automated delivery of reporting.

Created FTP batch scripts to upload data files from users to the SASGRID / UNIX environment.

Created VBA code in OUTLOOK to process special email requests. This was done to replace the fact that MICROSOFT has stopped using RULES and ALERTS in the new version of OUTLOOK.

Automated email notification to business partners with links to the related reports.

Added controls to the reporting process to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Added documentation for Process flow and Manual Instructions for the reports as well as Metadata mapping.

Added QAQC reporting using Western Electric rules for Standard Deviation within the JMP analytics package tool.

Converted some of the EXCEL report prototypes to Tableau reporting.

Demonstrated commitment and focus on deadlines by working tirelessly to overcome any obstacles that were encountered.

Navigated through many systems, technologies and governance processes, the result of which was completion of each project ahead of schedule.

Skill sets used: TERADATA on the Warehouse (W), DB2, SQL Server T-SQL, SAS programming with imbedded SQL and MACROS, EXCEL Pivot reports including imbedded formulas and functions with VLOOKUP and MATCH, Tableau BI reporting suite, Shell scripting in MS-DOS and UNIX, AUTOSYS scheduler, JMP scripting for analytics, MS VBA programming for automation of desktop procedures including POWERPOINT automation, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) automation, Documentation skills, Requirements gathering, Testing skills and Data mining skills.


Bank of America

Sr. Business Analyst / QA Analyst

Apr 2011 – Jul 2011

Worked on Complying with E-Governance rules as dictated by the Federal government (Dodd Frank), relating to the Mortgage Loan Modification, Collections, Deeds in Lieu, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy ETC, as to how they apply and map to the existing policies and procedures of the client and identify Gaps if and where they exist.

Documented the Traceability Matrix and Mapping for the above-mentioned rules, policies and procedures.

Attended standup SCRUM and SPRINT meetings on a daily basis.

Created specific manual and automated test cases in VBA to validate the rules, policies and procedures data in the EXCEL documents.

Queried and searched the Policy and Procedure Portal to find the appropriate Policy and Procedure that maps to the related rule.

Documented “Best Practices” document and the user manual instructions for using the P&P Portal.

Worked closely with the Platform and technical team to implement the rules into the e-Governance tool.

Skill sets used: HL&I (Home Loans / Mortgage processing platform), VBA MACROS, EXCEL, MS ACCESSS, PowerPoint

Capital One Financial

Senior Business Analyst / QA Analyst

Aug 2010 – Mar 2011

Worked on the Data Warehouse Consumer Loans Mortgage Line of Business including Application Handling, Loan Origination, Default, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Collections and Recoveries activities related to the acquisition of Chevy Chase bank, Bank South and Countrywide.

Documented the Business, System and Data Requirements using Rational Requisite Pro, in an AGILE environment

Attended standup meetings and SCRUM and Business requirements meetings on a daily basis.

Used data mapping of source to target elements performing gap analysis using TERADATA and source file feeds for identifying data types, data values and constraints that are system agnostic.

Validated data by running T-SQL queries on TERADATA.

Assisted the BI developers by identifying existing SQL queries and translating them into requirements.

Assisted the DBA modelers in creating the Logical Data model (LDM), Implementation data model (ILDM) and Physical data model (PDM) using the elements identified from the data mapping and GAP analysis process.

Skill sets used: TERADATA SQL, Rational Requisite Pro (Requirements gathering), EXCEL, VBA MACROS and PowerPoint

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