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Active Directory Manager

West Mifflin, PA, 15122
November 23, 2018

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E. Russell Stoebe

Systems Engineer Contract

West Mifflin, PA 15122


Results-driven, inventive Network Management Professional with 21years of system hardware/software Support experience in LAN/WAN administration. Solid expertise in network planning, installation, maintenance and

support with platform specializations in Windows, and Novell related technologies. A Strong team builder and coach

Mentoring and training staff in network operations

● In-depth knowledge of networking systems, architectures and Platforms with the ability to apply them to the

strategic benefit of the organization

● Security focused for Systems and Networks wired and Wireless and users.

● Intuitive and analytical problem solver, assessing complex system issues developing strategies for quick


● Outstanding dedication to customer service and client relations

● Flexible, focused contributor, adept at streamlining, optimizing and maintaining network functionality, performance

and recoverability in a mission-critical environment

● Maintained technical Documentation for Internal and multiple customers Work Experience

IT Specialist

HACP - Pittsburgh, PA

December 2016 to March 2017

I checked the Heath of the Systems.. I helped the technicians when they went to sites. I supported the Manager if he needed help in the Computer room. There was a few upgrades. IT Specialist

Dollar Bank - Pittsburgh, PA

September 2016 to January 2017

Supported the systems and users

IT Consultant

Housing Authority - Pittsburgh, PA

August 2016 to January 2017

Checking Systems on Tuesday and Thursday for for errors and correcting issues. Cleaned up WSUS that was out of space by deleting 2013 patches recovered 40 Gigabytes. Moved WSUS from 1:00 to 4:00 AM. This fixed WSUS updates Backups we're at 1:00 AM.

IT Support Specialist

HACP - Pittsburgh, PA

January 2016 to October 2016

I suppored the systems and users

Systems Engineer Contract

UBICS at Siemens Rail Automation - Pittsburgh, PA

November 2013 to March 2014

This is a five day a week contract. The main focus was to be on SLES OES2 servers that are SUSE based systems

● In the first week the issues on OES and also Symantec Endpoint and WSUS server became known.

● . Built new VMware servers for Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.4 and for the Windows WSUS on Windows 2008 R2 connected 113 clients to both. Servers

● Created registry files to join WSUS clients to the server in login script

● Converting Windows XP desktops to Windows 7

● Documentation for troubleshooting client installs

● Monitor the backup logs to ensure the servers were protected. This has disk to disk to tape backup

● Helpdesk Support

● Environment: Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Symantec Endpoint Protection, 12.1.4 Windows, 2008, 2008R2 server, WSUS server Red Hat 6.4 Linux, VMware 5.vCenter and vSphere 4, 5 Proxy firewall secure

Wireless internal Novell OES2 SLES and eDirectory. System Administrator

Infinite Computer Solutions, Inc. at IBM - Pittsburgh, PA February 2013 to October 2013

Corrected the configuration on the WSUS server that was built before I started. Added a second larger drive

and moved WSUS content off C: to the new larger volume after the original server ran out of space.

● Built multiple servers running both Windows 2008R2, 2012 and Red Hat 6.4 Windows build included SharePoint and Exchange 2007 and MSSQL

● Working on Compliance issues for a Company that IBM Purchased Completed the access level switches

compliance checklist completed the 69 Windows servers Compliance issues before the 19 th of April 2013


● Audited the software on each server and acquired all the updates and patches for the different versions

● Documentation for a new SEP 12 management server and a procedure for Windows compliance created.

● Created a document with each of the servers and a check list to track progress.

● Helped the Linux group with their Documentation

● Received recognition from IBM support for helping them harden their compliance product.

● Worked with IBM support to get Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 recognized correctly by their compliance

Dashboard. A benefit to all IBM that is now rolling Symantec 12.1 Endpoint to the entire Company

● Removed broken Sophos from all Windows servers

● Documentation warranty status of VMware 4 servers 6 of 8 were already with expired warranties

● Built the 6 VMware 5.1 hosts and a vCenter 5 server for the migration off VMware 4.

● Built spreadsheet for planning migration off the expired VMware 4 hosts first. Including planning placement

of systems based on storage availability on the VMware 5 hosts. Had to adjust the storage placement due to new Sever builds on the VMware 5 hosts

● Built another spreadsheet for migration off a ReadyNas storage ISCSI device

● The final documentation was moving NetApp storage from VMware 4 to VMware 5 with the placement of the VM's to complete the migration in stages

● Provided documentation for VMware 5, isolated network and storage needs for proposed Physical to Virtual

migrations. Total storage requirement and ESX host expiration dates documented. That will help in the future planning for the reaming VMware 4 to 5 Migration well past my contact time

● Migrated 95 percent of the Windows and Linux VMs to VMware 5 it was made difficult as the VMware license

did not include vMotion.

● The need for NetApp storage moves prevented completing the migration to VMware 5 Environment: Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Symantec Endpoint Protection, 12.1.4 Windows,2008, 2008R2

2012 server, Active Directory, WSUS server Red Hat 6.4 Linux, VMware 4,5.vCenter and vSphere 4,5 NetApp


● Plastikoil lCranberry,, PA 1/3201 3 2/112013

● Documentation Project

● The company was concerned with maintenance on the printing and finishing machines. Many different

manufactures machines were installed

● Built maintenance manuals for this companies printing and finishing equipment.

● Found and got all the different lubricants ordered for this equipment. System Engineer

Trilogic Corporation - Canonsburg, PA

October 2006 to 2012

Supported systems include those running Windows, NetWare and SLES Linux. Trouble-shoot issues with all

three Operating Systems, associated applications and hardware. Maintain Symantec Backup and Anti- Virus,

VMware 4 and used N-ABLE.N-Central for managed services

● Provide user support for local office and multiple customer sites

● Handle VMware installations internal and for four customers. New server builds and physical to virtual


● Worked with local account and customers for users account creation and maintenance.

● Managed the Microsoft Exchange server with the Blackberry service.

● Support for all internal and external network services

● Managed and setup the backups for our company and for all companies I worked for and assisted customers

with their backup setup and support

● Managed all Operating System Upgrades Service packs and firmware updates.

● Used ticketing system to keep all on staff aware of issues and resolutions

● Responsible for all documentation for systems and networks

● Examined log files frequently and corrected issues found.

● Watched VMware Host for resource issues and VMs resource issues and made adjustments as necessary.

● Watched VMware Host for resource issues and VMs resource issues and made adjustments as necessary.

● Adjusted settings for server and clients to improve performance

● Worked with multiple systems that could provide push and on demand provided application delivery

● Provided Technical support to Project Managers and Sales reps

● Completed full hardware refresh including a new 2008 R2 server, .2 laptops, and 4 desktops. Moved all data

from old equipment to new PC's and server. Built the new Windows Domain and setup security for the user


Environment: Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Symantec Endpoint Protection, Backup EXEC, System Recovery,2011 Windows 2000 and 2003,2008, 2008R2 server, Active Directory, MS Exchange 2003, IT Support Analyst

Trilogic Corporation - Cannosburg PA

January 2006 to 2012

2007,2010, Forefront for Exchange, Windows7 XP Vista NAble N-Central Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Routers Switches and Access points, Compaq, Dell and HP rack severs and HP Blades. Cisco VOIP Cisco switches and wireless access points, SUSE Linux, SyncSort Backup, Websense, Peachtree VMware 4.vCenter and vSphere 4

● Intel Research /CompuCom Pittsburgh, PA 4/152005-10/13/2006

● System Administrator Contract Position

● Systems support for the infrastructure consisting of Windows 2003 servers, Red Hat and Fedora Linux


● Supported Cisco 6500 series routers and switches and Wireless Access Points.

● Hardware supported includes Compaq and Dell servers, Blades, IBM ThinkPad's, and Dell desktops

● Maintain the core servers and Network for the four lab infrastructure. Provided support for researchers and interns computer related needs

● Provide standard documentation for common Lab support functions.

● Provided data recovery assistance for several researchers and managers

● Manage Microsoft Exchange 2003

● Monitor security reports for routers and servers

● Trouble shoot LAN,WAN and VOIP network issues

● Hardware upgrades for Windows and Linux servers.

● Provide training for new System Administrator's

● Provide VERITAS Netback up Enterprise Support for all four Lab locations. Having never used before this

contract picked it up quickly

● Maintain internal SharePoint Pages and reorganized site to make searches easier

● Environment: VMware with fiber based storage. VERITAS Net Backup Exec 5 Windows 2000 and 2003, Active Directory, Fedora FC3 and FC5. Red Hat 7,8,9 Microsoft Exchange

IT Specialist

Cisco IP Phones, Cisco - Monroeville, PA

August 2000 to August 2002

Windows XP MS Outlook, Cisco IP Phones, Cisco 6500 service Routers Switches and Access points, Compaq rack server and Dell rack severs and Blades Help Desk Manager

UEC - Pittsburgh, PA

May 1978 to March 1990

Contracted by this former UEC Division to provide Helpdesk and network migration services for their IT infrastructure consisting of 3 servers and 60 users. Eliminated their dependency on the US Steel/UEC network Infrastructure and setup their own Network infrastructure

● Performed the Novell Tree Split for The NetWare 6 server. Coordinated with the US Steel NetWare support

to remove this server for their Novell Tree. I had consolidated two resource poor servers to this one server

fixing the resource issues earlier.

● Setup a CLARK Windows domain on new Widows 2000 Active Directory/DNS Server and migrated the Windows 2000/MSSQL2000 server, and clients.

● Setup a new instance of Intel LANDESK on the 2000 SQL server.

● Setup a new Symantec Corporate 8.1 Antivirus server.

● Arranged for a T1 install, and setup the Cisco router.

● Changed all the DNS entries in the AD/DNS for affected machines.

● Prepared and arranged for all lease and excess equipment returns to US Steel.

● Provided off-hours remedial action for the MSSQL SASSER Worm attack with US Steel Support

● UEC Technology (US Steel), Pittsburgh, PA 5/1/19951/5/2004

● Network Management Specialist/Help Desk Manager

● Provide comprehensive network infrastructure management for a multi-location Windows NT, UNIX and Novell-based LAN/WAN with 20 servers and 400 users

● Maintain all network hardware, OS, software, Web services and security. Provided support for the US Steel

A/P and US Steel Legal Departments. Increased the awareness and maintained the focus on security related


● Managed and acted as the Team Leader for the internal network infrastructure support team Help Desk

consisting of PC Technicians and Database Analysts,

● I was mentor to the help desk techs

● Maintained needs of a diverse IT infrastructure consisting of the Software Design/Development group, an Industrial Laboratory operation, World Traveling Steel industry Engineers supporting remote access to

Corporate Data, Consultants, Management and Administrative staff.

● Purchasing for UEC IT department. And Managed assets and maintained inventory for the quarterly lease

arrangements related to procurement and returns

● Designed the computer room layout for the move between floors in the USS Tower. Identified and specified

to USS Realty all Power and Plug types, and the BTU rating for the air Conditioning.

● Provided support for the installation of the first fiber based SAN

● Built a management website using HTML with tools for Help Desk to use for server maintenance of Windows

and Netware and user support.

● Delivered significant reduction in development time and costs when recruited from UEC by Marathon Oil to deliver critical support for Marathon's image-based A/P system development team serving a very large user

base in the Findley, OH headquarters. Eliminated the need for team to coordinate with 5 different internal

support departments. Project completed in 4 weeks

● Completed the Y2K planning and required remediation for a 2-server/80-user Novell environment after assuming support for separate UEC site (UEC LABS) in late 1999 when their System Administrator retired.

Environment: Novell Servers, NT Servers, HP-UX Server, VERITAS Backup Exec 8.6/9.0, Windows 2000, Active Directory and Novell eDirectory NetWare 5, ARCserve Backup 6.6 NetWare, 6.5 for NT and 7.0 NetWare,

Compaq Insight Manager, Compaq Remote Insight, Intel LANDesk 7.0, Symantec Corporate 8.1 Managed

Anti-Virus, Norton Ghost, HP Web JetAdmin, Apache Server, HTML, TrackIT, Novell (iFolder, iPrint, Remote

Manger, Novell iManager, Support Tools)


A.A. in Specialized Technology

Penn Technical Institute - Pittsburgh, PA


Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft Exchange, Symantec, VMware, Information Technology Links


Associate Degree

I went to Pittsburgh PA to get this.

Additional Information

Technical Skills

Platforms Windows 7, 8.1 XP client Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, VMware 4,5, SLES


Networking TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, FTP, Ethernet, LAN, Cisco routers, Switches Wireless ASA Firewalls Software Active Directory Microsoft Exchange 2000,2007,2010, Forefront for Exchange. Microsoft Office 2003, 2007,2010 Expression 4, eDirectory, ARCserve Backup,, Symantec Net Backup Exec 2010.2012 Endpoint Protection 12.1.4, HTML, NAble N- Central, Continuum ITSupport 24X7, VMware 4, 5 Novell (iFolder, iPrint, Remote Manger, iManager, Support Tools) Hard Ware IBM, Dell and HP/Compaq Servers, Dell Blades, RAID, SAN, HP, ADIC, Dell and other Tape Libraries, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Lenovo HP Desktops, Laptops, UPS, Cisco Routers, Cisco switches APC Power management, KVMS, EqualLogic iSCSI arrays

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