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Software Developer Android

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
November 22, 2018

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Oke Uwechue

954-***-**** Email:


Skilled mobile software developer with experience in full life-cycle application development .

Adept in task analysis, problem-solving, and translating feature requirements from concept through coding, implementation and testing.

Conscientious and dependable in completing software projects within given timetable.

Quick to absorb new concepts and technologies, and ready to utilize them to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of existing systems. TECHNOLOGIES:

Java, Android, Android Wear, Git, RxJava2, Retrofit2, JNI, Python 3.x, Jira, SOAP, XMLRPC, JSON, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Android Studio, Android SDK, RDBMS/SQL, PostGreSQL/MySQL/SQLite, ODBMS/ObjectDB, Unix, Linux, Shell scripting, Resin, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, Servlets, Docker, Kubernetes, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, TensorFlow, XML/XSL, Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies, Kotlin, R, R Studio, Lambda calculus, Probability Theory, Statistics, Jupyter Notebooks, Android Jetpack, Android Navigation Component.


Ph.D. Computer Engineering (artificial neural networks), Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL M.Sc. Microelectronics, University of Surrey(U.K.) B.Sc. Electronic Engineering, University of Essex(U.K.)



“Human Face Recognition Using 3rd-order Synthetic Neural Networks” Authors: Oke A. Uwechue & Abhijit S. Pandya

Publisher: Kluwer Academic; ISBN-13: 978-0792399575, 1997


TravelOptimizer - GoogleMaps-based “Travelling Salesman” optimum route generator. (See in Play Store.) In2Flick - Netflix Queue Manager. (App retired)

!Rendezvous! - GPS-based widget app that allows bidirectional real-time tracking. It allows two users to mutually and visually track each other's spatial location/position in real time and displays both positions on map. (App retired.) FiboPrime - handy math tool that generates Fibonacci sequences and Prime numbers(regular, Mersenne, Gaussian) based on user-supplied specs, and factorizes composite numbers My Open Source projects:

1) Real-time Gestures Recognition for Android Wear/Smartwatch A combined Android Wear/Android Mobile application for recognizing some simple, planar 2D(non-intersecting) gestures/motions from an Android wearable using triple-axis accelerometer data. The motion data analysis and classification are performed in real-time using a concurrent algorithm coupled with optimized numerical computation Java libraries. 2) Reactive Twitter client

A twitter client built using reactive Java technologies PATENTS:

“Multi-axis accelerometer based on the measurement of Casimir Force fluctuations”

(see: ) Author: Oke A. Uwechue

Assignee: Research In Motion Inc., 2011


CURRENT: TadpoleTraders LLC.

Principal trader specializing in stock options. Application of diverse strategies - including specific types of arbitrage opportunities - to maximize returns in both low IV and high IV market environments. Main responsibilities include identification of suitable underlyings based on their price, technicals(price action), IV%, active length of their options chains and Gamma values, current relative position on Theta decay curve, and upcoming calendar events (earnings, clinical trials, etc). Active management and adjustments of open positions (primarily: verticals, iron condors, and strangles) using daily, weekly, and 4-hr charts.

09/2017 – 10/2017: Touchsuite Inc. (FL)

Senior mobile software developer. Android mobile application development(RxJava, Retrofit, Studio3, Android SDK). Designed new architecture based on RxJava2, Retrofit2, MVVM. Communicated designs to other mid-level devs and mentored them to understand new architecture and on how to improve code design and how to write unit tests.

(Mobile initiative was abandoned as business priorities shifted to .NET desktop apps.)

05/2014 – 07/2017: MDLIVE Inc. (FL)

Senior mobile software developer. Android mobile application development: design and development of telehealth mobile apps. Lead Android architect overseeing and guiding a team of offshore mobile developers and leading daily remote scrum meetings. Tasks include: code analysis and reviews, suggesting and applying appropriate design patterns in code refactoring, design and implementation of OS 6 permissions infrastructure using Java8 features (closures, lambda expressions, functional interfaces, streams), research into new technologies and their applicability to current apps. Implemented push notifications capabilities and WebRTC video/audio chat for Android client using IceLink libraries. Updated Android app to use RxJava2 / Retrofit 2 technologies instead of async tasks and Volley. Designed and wrote a control module in Python3 to filter/segregate datafiles generated by Java process.

12/2012 – 04/2014: Tek Partners Inc.(FL)

Senior software consultant. Android mobile application development for TekPartners' several clients:

- Custom application development for a major warehousing facility(Freight Logistics Inc.). Developed multi-threaded end-to-end warehousing functionality(warehouse receiving, purchase order generation, shipment fulfilment orders, wireless label printing, etc.) operated directly from mobile device to Python back-end. All database interactions executed via REST web service.

- Android and Windows Mobile(C#) aviation software development for government/defense contractor (Hilton Software Inc).

- Developed Android app for wrapping existing online education/training website for Citrix (

- Software design and development or a client ( in Coral Springs, FL. Ported existing website to an equivalent mobile Android app. Designed and constructed jQuery/CSS/HTML pages for web-app and Java webview container for inner webview. Constructed various Java-to-Javascript function calls to enable communication between native and web layers. Designed java code to implement various features: retrieve device information, retrieve/update GPS data, generate native dialogs to replace HTML Alert and Confirmation dialogs, build native menuing system using ActionBarSherlock (to ensure backwards compatibility with pre-Honeycomb OS versions); resolved Android OS version-dependent issues. Android SDK.

10/2011 – 7/2012: API Consulting(NJ)

Senior software consultant. Android mobile application development. Designed and constructed several mobile applications/platforms for client company(Isaac Daniels Group Inc.): multi-user Android video conference platform (Adobe Flash & Flex, Adobe Native Extensions, VOIP); multi-user RTP audio streamer (FFMPEG, C++/JNI, Linux programming, Android WiFi APIs); mobile video store (OpenGL, GLUT, Java); enhanced SMS tool (Android Telephony API, Android Notifications API, Services, BroadcastReceivers).Android SDK.

1/09 – 8/2011: Research In Motion Corp.(BlackBerry)

Senior software engineer. Mobile application developer. Designed and developed mobile phone applications for BlackBerry OS platform. SOAP/XML-RPC/JSON web services client OO development. Key member of development team that constructed official eBay BlackBerry app (JDE, Eclipse, Perforce). Responsible for design and implementation of UUID scheme for tracking eBay data (name-based, variant 2). Designed a java tool for performing data aggregation & data analysis: automated conversion of extracted raw data into monthly/daily PDF reports (iText library) displayed as textual data, histogram charts, pie charts. Submitted several invention proposals to patent committee; was awarded a patent.

7/08 – 12/08: Sezmi Corp. FL

Senior software engineer. Designed and implemented mathematical models for user-behavioural prediction engines. Constructed and developed Java application(J2EE) business logic, ORM(JPA) persistence classes, and Unix shell scripts for process heartbeat monitoring via SNMP messaging; wrote and maintained design docs for several code projects. Researched viability of neural network Deep Belief architecture(RBMs) as alternative to Singular Value Decomposition(SVD) for collaborative filtering(CF) engine; simulations executed as Python scripts. (Position terminated by layoffs due to investors' lack of funds.)

9/06 – 7/08: AVOCENT Corp., FL

Senior software engineer. Worked on several Java projects including Blade server management application, Solaris and Linux modem device management application, and network devices software plugins. Developed J2EE code to interface with SNMP handlers, designed XML data handlers using XPath querying; main applications built upon Struts framework.

11/05 – 07/06: TechniSource Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL Software Consultant. Client-server internet software development. Worked in a team of developers & quality assurance professionals to design and develop J2EE Enterprise Java Web Services real-time networked video application. Designed and developed a distributed real-time remote video recording/control/access system using SSL-enabled web services; produced system documentation including UML diagrams, and migration documents for EJB2.0 EJB2.1 transition. Technologies used: Java 5, Jboss4, JbossWS, Tomcat 5, Eclipse, Ant 1.6.5, XDoclet 1.2.3, EJB2.1, EJB2.0, MySQL 5, TcpMon.

01/02 – 09/05: FMU, AIU, ITT, FAU (Adjunct Professor) Taught several courses.

Graduate courses(FMU, AIU, FAU) : Quantitative Methods in Business[Linear models, Applied Probability Theory], Introduction to Cryptography, Introduction to Neural Networks.

Undergraduate courses (ITT, FMU, AIU): Fundamentals of Statistics, Management Information Systems, Programming Concepts, College Mathematics II, College Mathematics I, Network Operating Systems Management[Linux]

6/99 – 11/01: NETSPEAK Corp., Boca Raton, FL


FIRST USA Bank, Wilmington DE

Software Consultant. (NetSpeak)JSP/Servlet development for Voice-over-IP applications on Windows platform; used Apache webserver, Tomcat servlet container, SQLServer2000. Creation, deployment and maintenance of WISE Installation scripts.

(Avenir)Client-server internet software development. Worked with a team of five developers to design and realize a unique wireless-web application called "Connotate", a web data monitoring and extraction technology.

(FUSA)Constructed a highly-scaleable data management and user-programmable/on-demand data distribution website for wireless users. Designed and implemented preliminary IPS department website using Java applets, javascript, HTML. Developed and implemented Unix and Perl shell scripts to automate application support process and to minimize troubleshooting latency. Other Technologies used: IIS, VB,VBScript/Javascript, ASP, COM, COM+, XML/XSL.

8/96 – 4/99: Bell Labs(AT&T), Middletown, New Jersey: Software Consultant(Youngtech Inc.). C/C++/Unix shell developer at AT&T Bell Labs under SUN/Solaris environment. Design and implementation of massive(100 TB), high-performance, real-time database systems to replace existing systems. Worked in a team of 13 developers; responsibilities: design and implementation of critical software modules to effect the loading, migration and management of CDR(Call Detail Record) data into, and between the underlying multiple/hierarchical databases, and the co-ordination and execution of integrated system and acceptance testing of a project phase involving sophisticated computer systems while working with a team of developers and quality assurance experts. (Languages utilized: Unix shell, C, C Also CMM(Capability Maturity Model) Level2 functional area representative for integration testing.

(Managers: Peter Ting, Bill Klingler, Peifong Ren)

9/93 - 3/94: IBM, Boca Raton FL:

Received postgrad student (FAU) department of Science & Engineering grant to work at IBM, Boca with OS/2 printer driver software development team.

Worked at IBM campus for 2 semesters. Manager: Jane Koenig.


2017 July: Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach (

2015 Sept: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies


2015 Nov: Material Design for Android ( 2014 Feb Exploring Quantum Physics


2015 Nov: Cryptography I ( 2014 Jan Control of Mobile Robots ( 2014 Sept Machine Learning ( 2013 Nov Nanotechnology ( 2014 Sept From Big Bang to Dark Energy (

2013 March: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (

2014 July: Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures: Programming Mobile Services for Android

Handheld Systems (

2011 Dec: SCALA Language Fundamentals

provider: Artima Inc. - Boston, MA. (on site/classroom)

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