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Business Analyst, Project Manager

Omaha, Nebraska, 68154, United States
November 21, 2018

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Stephen M. Gorin

Omaha, NE

Phone: 510-***-****



Software professional with over twenty years’ experience managing the overall development life-cycle to provide defect free products that meet all customer expectations. I am particularly adept at business analysis, business process re-engineering, requirements definition, QA, software configuration management, and SDLC analysis using various methodologies including Agile. I am a Scrum Master and a direct communicator who is well experienced at understanding business needs and translating them into defect-free applications.


Agile methods including developing “User Stories”, Scrum and Sprint planning, conducting JAD workshops and requirements documentation, SAFe, Lean (Six Sigma), ITIL, H-P Quality Center, Oracle Retail, Jira, Confluence, Share Point, MS Office Suite

Professional Experience:

Business Systems Analyst

ProKarma, Inc. (Northern Natural Gas) Omaha,NE Jan 2018-May 2018

Wrote user stories, identified acceptance criteria and developed technical advisories for the re-write of a natural gas transportation system. Details included:

Contract management

Supported the case for changes through the Change Control Board as appropriate

Use case development

Data modeling

Test planning and execution

Sprint planning


Backlog Grooming

Developed traceability matrix between Confluence and Jira entries

All work used the Agile methodology. Primary tools used were Jira, Confluence and Share Point.

Business Systems Analyst/Product Manager/Scrum Master

Cognizant Technology Solutions (AIG Insurance) Houston, TX Jun 2017-Dec 2017

Responsible for developing and executing process for moving large databases from premises to a public cloud provider, AWS. Performance included:

Identifying candidate databases for migration

Verifying database integrity

Developing migration procedures

Executing these procedures

Developed QA Plans

Validating post-migration database integrity

All work was done using Agile, Lean (Six Sigma) and ITIL methods.

S. Gorin

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Training Analyst/Business Systems Analyst/Scrum Master

Cognizant Technology Solutions (Toyota Motors) Torrance, CA Jun 2016-Jan 2017

Wrote project plans and other project-level items for a major enhancement to an existing dealer incentive setup and maintenance system. This system supports, pre-sale, sale and post-sale dealer activities as they apply to incentives.

Developed training item review processes using Power Point

Wrote or edited the training documents for this project. These items included training modules, desk procedures and user guides

Developed training videos for different levels of user

Specified the requirements for a training environment. This environment included a fully-configured copy of the application and a database tailored to training users in the systems new functionality

Validated the technical accuracy of training documents against the application in a QA environment and against business processes

Maintained minutes for twice-daily status meetings and working sessions

Advocated for revised requirements via the change control process as appropriate

Maintained documents in the project Share Point sites of Cognizant and the client

Revised the structure of the Cognizant Share Point site to improve rapid access to needed documentation

Conducted daily “stand-ups”

Employed SAFe Agile technology

Business Systems Analyst/Product Manager/Associate Scrum Master

Cognizant Technology Solutions (Washington Gas) Herndon, VA Nov 2015-May 2016

Primary business analyst for the development of a large customer contract management and tracking system.

Determined business requirements by conducting JAD sessions

Wrote and verified “User Stories”

Developed current and proposed system workflows

Served as Subject Matter Expert as required

Scrum Master

Managed “Groomed Backlog”

Developed “wireframe” screen mock-ups

Wrote clear functional specifications for developers

Established Integration Testing acceptance criteria

Represented the Scrum team for change management issues

Tools used included Jira

Participated in and conducted daily “stand-up” and Scrum sessions

Performed sprint planning

Identified “Story Point

Used SAFe Agile technology

S. Gorin

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Business Analyst/Scrum Master

Cognizant Technology Solutions (Ford Motor Company) Allen Park, MI Aug 2015-Nov 2015

Primary business analyst for the development of an international automobile marketing system. My particular area of concentration was the system’s security module. This large application was designed to propagate worldwide marketing programs and measure their effectiveness in various global markets.

Wrote clear “User Stories”

Identified Integration Testing acceptance criteria

Conducted JAD sessions to elicit requirements

Developed “wireframe” screen mock-ups

Identified user roles and associated permissions

Participated in testing activities

Participated in all “stand-up” and Scrum meetings

Agile SAFe methodology was used

Business Analyst/Configuration Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions (TriZetto, Inc.) Lakewood, CO Jan 2015-May 2015

Configuration manager and release engineer for a national medical billing and resolution software provider. The product is “Facets”. Specific assignments included product builds and deployments. Builds were performed daily and deployed to various environments including QA, staging, and production. Tools used were PVCS and Nimsoft.

Configuration Manager/Business Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions (Western Union Business Solutions) Jul 2014-Jan 2015

Responsibilities include software product builds and deployments to various environments including Development, QA, Staging and Production. Tools used include MKS source control, Jenkins for product builds and Nolio for product deployment. Other responsibilities include user

training and troubleshooting failed builds/deployments.

Configuration Engineer/Business Analyst Mar 2014-Jul 2014

General Electric Healthcare San Ramon, CA

Designed and implemented the configuration plan for genome reporting and histology processing systems. This involved installing the Configuration Management tool, Perforce. I also converted files from a Subversion repository to Perforce format.

Identified user requirements for configuration management system consolidation

Scrum Master for Agile daily “stand-ups”

Wrote “user stories” to support requirements

Trained users in new, consolidated configuration management system and associated policies

Wrote training materials to address typical user questions such as “branch and merge” issues

S. Gorin

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Release and Deployment Consultant/Business Analyst Sep 2013-Feb 2014

Wells Fargo Bank San Leandro, CA

Determined user requirements for process for building and deploying release software and patches to various automated teller machines and managing payment card products.

Conducted JAD sessions to determine user requirements

Developed workflow for payment cards from ATMs or other payment sources (e.g., POS)

Prepared “wireframe” screen mockups

Documented all user requirements

Performed integration and acceptance level testing

Configuration Management Engineer/Business Analyst/Scrum Master Oct 2012-Jan 2013

Unum Insurance Chattanooga, TN

Determined requirements and implementation details for a Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB).

Conducted JAD sessions to elicit requirements from seven different user organizations

Authored functional specifications

Performed data model referencing

Developed and performed acceptance testing processes and procedures

Scrum Master for project

Much interaction was required with the vendor to ensure a product that met our specific needs.

Configuration Management Consultant/Business Analyst Feb 2012-Oct 2012

State of Illinois, Department of Human Services Springfield, IL

Configuration manager for a human services application management system. Specifically, support for SNAP and TANF programs.

Determined user requirements for CM access and use to support SNAP and TANF

Established user policies and processes

Established and enforced roles and access capabilities

Developed workflow for configuration management

Application development employed the Agile methodology. Tools used included Jira, Confluence, Clear Case and Clear Quest.

SCM Build & Deploy Automation Consultant/Business Analyst Jan 2011-May 2011

Wells Fargo Bank San Francisco, CA

Evaluated the state of build and release automation for two Web-based applications currently in place. I developed a set of potential alternatives to the existing process that could be used by two geographically separate development teams. Tools used were Clear Case (UCM), Clear Quest, and H-P Quality Center.

S. Gorin

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Configuration Management Engineer/Business Analyst/Product Manager Apr 2010-Jan 2011

Abbott Laboratories Princeton, NJ

Upgraded IBM DOORS and Rational Synergy to the latest versions. This assured that software to support Abbott medical device development would be current and have cross-software product integration. All work was done in strict compliance with prevailing pharmaceutical products governance regulations. This assignment required frequent interaction with and product modification on the part of the vendor.

Configuration Management Consultant/Business Analyst Oct 2009-Jan 2010

Wells Fargo Mortgage Des Moines, IA

Prepared packages for release and deployment to QA of a comprehensive mortgage processing software platform.

Conducted JAD sessions to determine and document user requirements

Identified potential problem scenarios and wrote corrective procedures

Wrote system integration and cutover plans

Documented workflow and human/system interface (UX/UI).

Configuration Engineer/Business Analyst/Product Manager Sep 2004-May 2009

Longs Drugs Walnut Creek, CA

Primary administrator of PVCS/VM SCM tool for implementation of a supple chain initiative.

Determined and documented user configuration management policy and processes

Identified user roles and system access rules

Supported testing, staging, release and production environments

Determined all user configuration management requirements

Wrote and determined test procedures

Development supported installation of Oracle Retail for a major retail chain of drug stores.

In addition, a heavy amount of vendor management was required to meet our specific needs and ensure a workable product.


San Francisco State University, MA, Economics, Concentration: Applied Microeconomics

San Francisco State University, Graduate Certificate: Telecommunications Management

Temple University, BA, English, Chemistry

Northern Virginia Community College, Computer Science, Mathematics

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