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Electrical Technician

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
October 31, 2018

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RESUM Mirza Kashan Baig

House no *** Sector no **/B Kroangi no 6 Karachi Pakistan

Cell : +966********* - +966*********

Email :

Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in a competitive, dynamic and progressive Learning & Working Environment that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Personal Profile

Father’s Name : Mirza Mukthar Baig

Date of Birth : 29/05/1991

C.N.I.C No. : 42201-6872567-1

Domicile : Karachi

Religion : Islam

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Pakistani

Pasport :

Academic Qualification

Degree Board/University

D.A.E (electrical) Jinnah Polytechnic Institute Sindh Board pass with (B) division in 2014

MATRIC Govt-Boys Secondary School no # 4 Landhai no # 6 Karachi EXTRA QUALIFICATION

Training of Permit receiver (as per UEP procedures) Training of HITRA *(as per UEP procedures)

H2S safety level -2 (as per worald stander)

One Year English Language Corus


RESUM Job Skills

During the Erection, Shut-Down and Plant operation Performed the Loop-Testing, Loop-Energizing and Cable Termination. Performed the calibration, installation and maintenance of following Instruments. Continued P-2


Following Instruments

I have worked on following instruments.

PT & DPT Transmitters (Honeywell, Yokogawa, Rose mount, ABB, Foxbro, Chinese)

Temperature Transmitter ( R to mA )

RTD ( PT-100,PT-50)


Pressure-switch, Temperature Switch & Vibration Switch Flow Tubes Magnetic, Vortex

Orifice Plates, Target Flow Meter, Rotameter

Pressure, Vacuum, Compound & Temperature Gauges

Control Valves (Flow Serve, Honeywell, Valtek,

Optimux, Chinese)

Solenoid Valves, IP Positioners

Pneumatic Cylinder and Actuators

Maintenance of Compressor, Screw type (ALUP)

Worked on Standard Instruments

HART Field Communicator (475, 275)

Smart Communicator (Honeywell STS103, Appliances)

Temperature Calibrator (DBC 150)

Pressure Calibrator (Druck DPI 610)

Loop Calibrator

Dead Weight Tester (DH.Budenberg 580)

Analog and Digital Multimeter

Temperature Calibrator

Digital Manometer (ST_8890)

Electric control System PLC & DCS


RESUM I can do the Configuration of different types of Controllers, Indicators, Recorders and also DCS System such as

DCS by : Honeywell HC900 (Controller C50)

Controller : Honeywell, Yokogawa, Shinko, Chinese

Indicator : Honeywell, Yokogawa, Redlion, Chinese

Recorder : Brain-Child, ABB, etc.

I can do work on Cable Termination of PLC, DCS & all types of electrical logic pannel. I m working as a senior electrician in al ghandoura plastic since 8 November 2015 till now

I has worked as a E&I Team leader in oil&gSas field with Allied engineering and construction company ( contactor of UEP SINDH.) since 19-02-2013 to 31 October 2015

I has worked as a E&I technician in oil&gas filed with Asia engineering (contactor of British petroleum Pakistan & United energy Pakistan ) from 05-03-2010 TO 31-01-2013

On these projects Jet pumps, well Heads, gas Compressors, Separator, Electrical Summer Pump (ESP) (Modification & New Installation) Instruments

Pneumatic pressure switches .(Axelson,Ruelco)

Electro pneumatic pressure switches (Ashcraft CSS Neodyn). Pressure gauges(Ashcraft).

Safety control valves(Anderson,Mercer ).

Emergency shutdown valves.

Temperature and pressure Transmitters (Rousemount). Control valves Willis choke (Fisher)

Pressure and DP pneumatic recorders.(Camron, Barton) Experience

RESUM Temperature Recorders Graphical .(Camron, Barton) H2S gas sensors ( Honeywell )

Murphy Pressure Gauges

Murphy Jet Pump Controller

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