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Sql Server Data

Pompano Beach, FL
October 27, 2018

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SQL Database Developer/Analyst

Skills & Abilities


Over 20 years’ experience developing Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.

Excellent T-SQL development skills to write complex queries involving multiple tables.

Develop and maintain robust, scalable, relational databases with stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, window functions. Optimize indexes and query performance using SQL Server Profiler.

Business Intelligence experience with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and interactive Dashboards with Power BI in MS SQL Server 2012/2014.

Create complex SSIS Packages to extract, transform and load (ETL) data from dBase files, Flat files Excel Files, SQL Tables and multiple other sources into SQL Server tables or other destinations.

Excellent management and leadership skills, communicating expectations, planning, monitoring, and appraising results. Teambuilding, supervision, coaching, counseling, and mentoring employees.


SQL Server, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Power BI, ETL, Stored Procedures, views, triggers, user functions, window functions, MySQL, PHP, ASP.Net and C#.



Developed a Contact database to track attorneys and insurance adjuster activities for marketing.

Designed a Case Management database responsible for quick data entry, tracking and calendaring pending cases, scheduling cases for mediation, designed form letters and reports, improving overall productivity and reduce staff by 60% while more than doubling annual revenue.

Programmed an Accounts Receivable database that calculates the invoices for each party billed, applies payments received, and determines the mediator commission and company’s split. Constructed complex filters and indexes to group outstanding invoices by company for bill collecting. Exported data from a dBase Case Management database and import into a FoxPro Accounts Receivable database.

Used SSIS to Extract, Transform, and Load data from dBase and FoxPro databases into Star Schema SQL Server tables, SSRS reports and Power BI dashboards on a weekly basis to provide insight and historical analysis resulting in improved strategic business decisions.

Produced bi-weekly revenue and accounts receivables reports for mediators and the entire operation.

Utilized numerous indexes and filters to quickly locate any record or group of records in all databases.

Extracted data from a dBase database into a PHP file to power an online JavaScript calendar displaying mediator availability, allowing attorneys to search for available mediators’ without calling our office, reducing staff time on the phone by 50%.

Designed a MySQL Website for United States Arbitration & Mediation, an affiliated international mediation organization, to manage their numerous offices and mediators’ resumes.

Designed and implemented office policies, established standards and procedures, measured results and made necessary adjustments for huge increases in productivity while slashing costs.

Planned and implemented office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement to Maintain efficiency.

Kept executives informed by designing customized reports and dashboards that summarize and analyze information and identify trends.


A founding partner for Blue Skies Hospitality, Now Restaurant Connect, an online restaurant reservations & table management company.

Developed the PHP programming and MySQL database for a web application.

Designed a complex, robust, scalable MySQL schema and queries that manage hundreds of restaurants.

Programmed an online wizard for Restaurateurs to quickly build a customized database to support multiple restaurants.

Created an online application for customers to log in to their account and search for available restaurants, book a reservation, rate their experience, list their preferences and keep a record of their dining history.

Designed a program for dining room managers to manage day to day operations, coordinate special events, create the employee schedule, build floor plans of their dining rooms and assign stations for the wait staff.

Developed an application for the front desk with a visual floor planning system to efficiently seat guests and track the time guest are seated to better determine when tables should become available

Created a portal for employees to see their schedule, request days off and track their hours.

Developed a restaurant inventory management program that help Restaurateurs manage the inventory, track expenses, and inform management when products need re-ordering. The calculations are accomplished with SQL queries and complex aggregate functions.



Major: Anthropology


SQL SERVER C# ASP.NET PHP MYSQL Demonstrating an extremely efficient, pagination solution utilizing SQL Server with the Seek Method, and C#. The notable speed, scalability, and data integrity, combine to provide the perfect solution for shared multi-user environments with dynamic underlying data. Dynamic queries and Optimized indexes provide huge improvements in speed, scalability, data integrity and sorting capabilities over traditional RDBMS solutions. The seek method is much more accurate than row counting solutions and there is no speed degradation from page to page, consequently it’s three times faster than Offset Fetch or other row counting strategies by page ten Extracted data from a dBase database into a PHP file for an online JavaScript calendar displaying mediator availability. Developed the PHP programming and MySQL database for an online restaurant reservations & table management web application.

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