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Scrum Project

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
October 24, 2018

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Saiyad Mohammed



Certified Scrum Master with 8years of experience in Agile software development methodology. Proven ability at motivating and enforcing the Agile principles and removing impediments. Result driven servant leader with skills in delivering projects by efficiently collaborating, coaching and counselling multiple Scrum Teams.

Strong knowledge of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and ProjectLife cycle. Experience in different development methodologies likewaterfall model, Agile, SCRUM, SAFe and Waterfall-SCRUM hybrid.

Facilitated Scrum ceremonies like Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups,Sprint Reviews, Sprint Retrospective and Backlog Refinement.

Collaborate with project stakeholders to negotiate scope boundaries,approaches to mitigate risk, priorities of specification elements, andadjustments as indicated to alleviate conflicting requirements.

Worked closely with product owners in Backlog grooming and managingthe product backlog.Coordinating & collaborating with other scrumteams to help identify and track user story dependencies

Helped the team and product owner to prioritize the PBI's usingprioritization techniques like 100 Dollar test, MOSCOW, Business Valuebased etc.

Managed multiple off-shore and on-shore teams. Empowered teams toself-organize and grow cross-functionality.

Facilitated Sprint Planning helped the team commit to a sprint goalwith and break all stories into tasks. Used Estimation techniques likePlanning Poker, T-shirt sizing and relative mass evaluation.

Helped the team in Sprint Reviewto review the potentially shippableproduct increment (PSPI) to the business users, higher management andall the other stakeholders.

Facilitated Agile Retrospective using techniques like SilentWriting, Happiness histogram, Sad Mad Glad, Speed dating etc andguided teams with outcome resulting in enhanced performance.

Protected the team over-commitment and prioritize resolution ofdefects/bugs. Met goal of addressing and resolving issues within 24hours.

Worked on decomposing EPICs into smaller user stories for effectiveutilization by considering and identifying SMART tasks with the helpof the team.

Removed team impediments on a daily-basis to allow the team todeliver the sprint goals and deliverables.

Working knowledge of other Agile concepts such as continuousdevelopment and deployment, Test Driven development (TDD), BehaviorDriven Development (BDD) etc.

Enabled improvement in team delivery commitments and capacityplanning for sprints by identifying & tracking hidden tasks thatincreased customer satisfaction.

Also, Created and maintained Sprint Burn-down Chart and ProductBurn-Down Chart to keep the track of the teams and also createdProduct Burn-up Chart to show the progress of the team to highermanagement using JIRA.

Coached and mentored team members on Scrum, SAFe process.

Worked on multiple sprints at a time in Scaled Agile Framework model (SAFe).

Experience working as a Scrum Master for 2 Agile Scrum Teams usingthe Enterprise Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) model.

Worked in SAFeenvironment and was involved in Scrum of Scrums inenhancing the effectiveness of the application.

Expertise in using the Atlassian Products- Especially Jira andConfluence, Rally, MS Project, MS office suite.


Requirement and Modeling Tools

IBM Rational Rose Smart Draw Just in Mind Prototype MS Visio

SDLC Methodologies

RUP, Agile (Scrum), Waterfall

Database & ETL Tools

SQL Server 2000 Excel MS Access My SQL Informatica

Project Management Tools

MS Project JIRA Share point Trello

Operating Systems

Windows XP Professional UNIX 5.0.4 Linux Windows 10


Scrum Master

Deloitte - Mechanicsburg, PA

August 2017 to Present

Description -Loss Control Platform is basically a cloud based solution andis a replacement of old risk assessment processes for insuranceand risk management. Loss Control Platform helps our company to reducebusiness exposure due to more optimized risk selection and lower claim incidences. It offers more flexibility towards design templates,questionnaires and service level agreements for any business. Theimportant feature of this product is, it generates automatedrecommendations for improving underwriting discipline.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Interacted with Business Analysts, Product Owner, Development teamand other stakeholders to define the scope and set the expectations.

Coached multiple teams on SAFe program activities, events, variousroles and responsibilities.

Reported to head of IT, Release Train Engineer and helped setup theSAFe framework.

Participated in theSAFe PI Planning and managed dependencies with other teams.

Attended and actively participated in Scrum of Scrum meetings.

Facilitated and time-boxed Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint planning,daily scrum, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective and backlogrefinement meeting.

Educated and reinforced both offshore and onshore teams in Agile andScrum methodology. Facilitated cross-team coordination andcollaboration.

Ensured cross-functional coordination between product owners,analysts, developers and QA occurred early and often, and removedbarriers and blockers for the team

Helped the product owner in writing user-stories that meet theINVEST criteria and in prioritizing the product backlog using MOSCOWtechnique.

Improved team velocity by incorporating capacity planning intosprint planning sessions. Estimated the stories using the Planningpoker technique.

Helped the team understand SMART tasks and helped them in taskbreakdown for user-stories in sprints.

Facilitated and time-boxed the daily stand up meeting with bothoff-shore and on-shore resources.

Conducted Physical and Virtual Retrospective meetings usingtechniques like silent writing, happiness histogrametc. Every sprintto improve the upcoming sprints and also team's productivity.

Monitored the development progress throughout each sprint to ensureproject was within scope and budget.

Providing all the required support to the team using a servantleadership style whenever possible by example- Escalate and resolveimpediments to the team's progress.

Led daily scrums and scrum of scrums to communicate current day'sgoals, previous day's achievements, and any impediments or concerns inan Agile Scrum environment.

Report sprints progress, release notes, metrics like Burndown,Burnup, and velocity to the upper management and the team and maintaindashboards.

Tracked stories using JIRA software and maintained all the projectrelated documents and decisions in Confluence.

Environment: Scrum, JIRA, MS Visio, MS (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, .Net, SQL, Microsoft Azure, MVC, SSRS, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

Scrum Master

Nationwide Insurance - Columbus, OH

February 2017 to August 2017

Description- Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insuranceCompanies in United States. The project was Implementation of theGuidewire systems. We are replacing the Legacy systems with theGuide wire center, which is an end to end solution that supports PolicyAdmin and Claim Centre. I was working in the implementation ofGuidewire claim center which also included modifications in the User Interface of claim center.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Facilitated and time-boxed Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint planning,daily scrum, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective and backlogrefinement meeting.

Collaborated with members of the Product, Business and Engineering teams to develop the Product Backlog.

Helped the Product owner in decomposing the EPICS into user stories and maintain the product Backlog.

Helped the team and product owner in prioritizing the PBI usingprioritization techniques like 100-dollar testand MOSCOW.

Facilitated the Planning sessions and helped the team not to overcommit. Improved team velocity by incorporating capacity planning intosprint planning sessions.

Monitored SAFe-based Agile team and worked closely with ReleaseTrain Engineer through Program Increments.

Involved in Scrum of Scrum meetings.

Determined the team velocity from historical data. Created WorkBreak down structure for identifying the tasks for a correspondinguser story.

Facilitated and time-boxed the daily stand up meeting with bothoff-shore and on-shore resources. Completed plans for long term goalsusing Microsoft Project.

Removed obstacle for the team by escalating an issue to leadershipresulting in early delivery of customer issue solution. Customerprovided positive feedback.

Conducted interviews to identify different process for each userwhile simultaneously identifying their pain points.

Identified potential project risks and helped developed a mitigationplan to resolve potential issues.

Managed burndown charts and motivated team members working toward goals.

Environment: Scrum, Confluence, Java, Spring MVC, REST, JSON, XML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Oracle, OAM.

Scrum Master

NCDOT - Raleigh, NC

January 2016 to November 2016

Description- QAP (Quality Control/Assurance Program) is designed for the intent of controlling the quality of the products and to utilizethe quality control information in the acceptance or rejection processof materials.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Managed project scope to ensure delivery. Planned and monitoredproject budget/spending with the project management organization(PMO).

Facilitated and time-boxed Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint planning, daily scrum, Sprint review and Sprint retrospective.

Facilitated Agile Retrospective using techniques like SilentWriting, Happiness histogram, Sad Mad Glad, Speed dating etc., thishelped the team perform better.

Guided projects to completion on time, within scope, and on budgetby enforcing the Scrum methodology at the project level.

Helped the project manager and team in creating the user stories byconducting the user-story workshop sessions.

Facilitated prioritization techniques like MOSCOW analysis and 100Dollar Test to help the team prioritize PBI.

Facilitated the planning meeting and helped the team in estimatingthe user stories using the t-shirt sizing technique

Removed any external and internal impediments faced by the team andmade sure that team is productive in completing the tasks.

Addressed problems by creating a Risk register through riskmanagement and abbreviated technical and managerial risks.

Mitigated risks by using various mitigation strategies andunderstood the probability of risk and jotted down in the register andmaintained them by jotting down the Risk exposure with the probabilityand loss.

Environment:Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, TFS, MS Office, .Net, SQL, MVC,MVVM, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SSRS.

Scrum Master

Flipkart– Ahmedabad Gujarat

January 2012 to July 2015

Description- The project is to enhance the e-commerce website toobtain the faster performance and robustness. The main goal is toprovide the users, a better shopping experience.

Roles and Responsibilities:

•Facilitated and time-boxed Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint planning, daily scrum, Sprint review and Sprint retrospective.

•Empowered and assured the team is productive and functional.

•Developed and motivated team members.

•Removed barriers or impediments.

•Sheltered team from over-commitment, helped PO manage backlog, prioritized resolution of defects.

Environment:Waterfall-Scrum, JIRA, Java/J2EE, SOAP, JavaScript, XML,


Scrum Master

TATA AIG, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Mar 2010 – October 2011

TATA AIGInsurance Company provides contract services, under writing, and subsidiaries to home mortgage lending. It helps customers to achieve home ownership by making loan down payments. The project is to work on the application to enhance the features and work on the issues faced by customers.


Interviewed the focus groups with Business users and Product owners and collected the user requirements.

Created the epics and themes for the scrum project.

Helped the scrum team to design the tasks by explaining the created user stories.

Actively participated in sprint planning, daily scrum, iteration review, and iteration retrospective.

Involved in the meetings to confirm about the sprint backlogs and checking the output respectively.

Facilitated agile adoption retrospective for the organization.

Provide visibility to team impediments, risks and helped them in removing.

Created release tracking document in order to track the necessary changes.

Representing the team to report overall project status and upcoming risks and suggest solution about it.

Providing the senior management with weekly reports.

Coached and mentored agile team members and provides constructive performance feedback.

Administered risk remediation meetings.

Concentrated on customer needs through adherence to Agile scrum best practices.

Involved in developing user interface using JSP, CSS, and Java Script.

Primarily used Rally to manage Agile Projects and MS project for Waterfall.

Accomplished as a primary contact for the customer during the whole project.

Effectively managed multiple vendors or stake holders to deliver features with excellent quality.

Utilized Business Process Models to describe the scope of the project.

Facilitated Backlog grooming sessions with Product owner, which helped in effective sprint planning sessions.

Communicate system changes and processes to appropriate personnel, documenting processes as necessary.

Fine-tuned Agile processes to deliver successfully within the corporate culture.

Environment: Windows, HTML, Share Point, Rally, MS Visio.

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