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Microsoft Office Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada
October 22, 2018

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IT professional with a notable success in systems development and software testing. Solid experience and highly skilled in SDLC process and QA practices and procedures. Positive attitude to teamwork. In recent years I led a QA team and have been very successful in planning and acquiring policies for testing. Proficient developing under IBM mainframe platform with more than 25 years of experience. Experience in testing Web Applications, Web Services, Mainframe & AS400. Certification in ITIL Foundation (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and ISTQB Foundation Level

(International Software Testing Qualifications Board). AREAS OF EXPERTISE:

Requirements Analysis and System Design QA / Testing

Team and Project Leadership Planning Systems Development

Legacy Systems Banking

Documentation Microsoft Office


Platforms Years Languages Years Databases Years QA/Testing Years Tools Years MVS 20 + Cobol/Cobol II 21 SQL 25 + HP Quality Center 10 5 JCL 25 + VM 2

Natural / Natural


8 + DB2 15 HP QTP 10 1 ISPF 20 +

DOS\VS 4 Cobol 85 2 Oracle 15 Rational Clear Quest 3 VSAM 20 + Guardian


2 Eztrieve 15 IDMS 14 HP QC Synchronizer 3 Endevor 8 Windows 20 + ADS 9 Datacom 2 ISTQB 2 Changeman 6

Unix 4 Ideal 2 SQL server 4 Control/M 2

Solaris 4 Cobol/CICS 12 + Dbase 5 CA Scheduler 5

AS/400 4 VB Script 15 + Adabas 2 QMF 10 +



4 Micro Focus Cobol 5 FTP 14 +

TSO 20 + ABAP 1 Syncsort 20 +

CICS 12 + Pascal 5 Icetool 3

Sun MTP 4 RPG II 2 Spufi 2

Sun MBM 4 Mark IV 2 Vollie 1

Basic 2 Voice 1

Clipper 5

Excel, Word,

Power Point,

Visio, Outlook

20 +

HTML 4 SQL Developer 9

SQL 25 + Microsoft Project 15


JA Systems and Designs, Toronto – Canada Nov 2016 - Present Consultant

Provide support and technical advice to clients requiring IT service.

Set up computers.

Installing, integrating, configuring, components in computers.

Monitoring, investigating and resolving problems.

Provide advice on web page designs.

Software BSV (Banking), Caracas – Venezuela March 2015 – May 2015 System Analyst

Assigned to BBVA Bank as a System Analyst to analyze business requirements and programs to convert all the modules of the Trust Funds systems in Natural/Adabas to Cobol/CICS/DB2. Part of the conversion was done using Micro Focus Cobol - Mainframe Express.

Analyze Business Requirements.

Review the programs in Natural to complement the information gathered in Business Requirements.

Adapt the converted programs according to Business Requirements.

Coordinate the unit and integration testing for each converted module. Key Achievements:

Some important bugs and defects were identified as part of testing, it was a great contribution to reduce the time in conversion.

Consorcio Credicard (Banking), Caracas – Venezuela August 2009 - February 2015 Consorcio Credicard is the leading company in processing Credit/Debit card transactions in Venezuela. QA Leader

Hired to help develop and implement the test methodology for the Quality Assurance Department. JORGE GUEDEZ

Coordinate the test strategies and test planning with project managers and stakeholders.

Write or review test strategies and test policies.

Review and analyze Business Requirements, Use Cases or As-Is, To-Be in BPM and User Stories.

Coordinate Functional, User Acceptance, Regression, Black Box and Performance tests.

Write test plans, define test levels, test cycles and defect management.

Create test cases.

Initiate the specification, preparation, implementation and test execution.

Coordinate testers activities and act as a mentor for the team members.

Monitor test results and check the exit criteria.

Coordinate the workflow of bugs and defects.

Adapt planning based on test results and progress.

Communicate progress of testing activities to stakeholders.

Produce status reports and statistical, as required.

Write test summary reports based on the information gathered during testing.

Test cases were designed and executed using HP Quality Center, Quick Test Professional and Rational ClearQuest. Key Achievements:

Implemented a test methodology for the Quality Assurance Department.

Divulged and communicated the advantages and importance of the Quality Assurance Methodology.

Support the development teams in understanding the relationship between systems development and QA.

Active participation in certification tests in migration from magnetic stripe cards to EMV chip technology.

Contributed to activities directed to Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification.

Created an Excel-VBScript Macro with a GUI to create test cases and load automatically in HP Quality Center. This macro was used as an alternative method when the number of users exceeded the licensing.

Set up the automatic synchronization between HP Quality Center and Rational ClearQuest. Software BSV, Caracas – Venezuela March 2009 – August 2009 IT Consultant (Banking)

Assigned to BBVA Bank as a System Developer in the methods of payment department.

Worked in developing the solution to solve a security issue between ATMs and the transactions authorizer module. Updated the process to change the sequence of dialogues during the initialization of the ATM. This sequence must be performed inside the security tunnel that is established after the key exchange.

Created and executed the unit testing to test the interaction between the ATM and the authorizer module.

Adapted the interface with Monitor Plus (software to prevent fraud in banking transactions).

Check processes to improve their performance and reduce processing times.

Developing under mainframe platform (Cobol, DB2, Easytrieve, JCL, CICS, VSAM, etc). Key Achievements:

Improved the ATM authorizer module making it faster, efficient and safe.

Increased the security level in the ATMs network in the bank. SW Development (Banking), Caracas – Venezuela October 2004 – February 2009 Account Manager

Coordinate with clients the best strategy to adapt and install anti-fraud systems in their platforms.

Plan the activities in order to integrate and test the clients' systems with anti-fraud systems.

Receive and review new clients requirements to customize systems and applications according to their needs.

Coordinate all support and maintenance activities after installing systems and applications.

Coordinate all phases and activities in SDLC for new releases and new products.

Lead the development teams to develop systems to prevent and reduce the Fraud in credit/debit card transactions in transactional channels like ATM, Internet, Point of sales (POS) for banking.

Lead and coordinate functional and performance testing.

Developing under mainframe platform (Cobol, DB2, CICS, JCL, etc) and Unix/Solaris (Micro Focus Cobol, Oracle, SQL, MTP, MBM, JCL). Based on the ISO 8583 message.

Key Achievements:

Creation of new rules in systems. This contributed to reducing fraud in banking transactions.

Supporting clients to identify main rules based on cardholders behaviour.

Recognition from clients due to efficiency in frauds detection. Aprycot Consultores (Banking), Caracas – Venezuela April 2004 – October 2004 System Analyst

Assigned to BBVA Bank as a system developer. Hired to make the technical design of the online query for business operations in foreign currency and update processes to improve the processing and response times.

The programming phase was under mainframe platform (Natural, DB2, CICS, JCL, Cobol, etc). Key Achievements:

Technical design approved and ready to be developed.

Reduce execution times in batch processes.


Quartz Consulting (Oil &Gas), Caracas – Venezuela November 1999 – January 2003 Project Leader

Responsible for corrective, adaptive and preventive maintenance of Payroll system in PDVSA (Petroleum and oil industry of Venezuela).

Analyze new requirements.

Design, build and test new modules in the Payroll system.

Lead interfaces development between SAP/HR and the Payroll System, including an interface for retired personnel.

The platform used in developing and maintenance phases was mainframe (Cobol, IDMS, Eztrieve, JCL).

Developing Microsoft Excel Macros using VBScript. Key Achievements:

Improve the performance of all processes in interfaces.

Reduce processing times of all interfaces.

Reduce incidences in the interface between SAP / HR and payroll system. Telenesa S.A. (Oil &Gas), Caracas – Venezuela January 1997 – October 1999 System Analyst

Hired to integrate a team in the unification of all Payroll Systems of the subsidiary companies of PDVSA (Petroleum and oil industry of Venezuela). Participated in all the stages of systems conversions from the beginning to the end of the project. Collaborated with the QA team to ensure the integration and data migration based on business rules. The conversion was made from systems in Natural/DB2, Cross System Product/DB2 to Cobol/IDMS.

Identify rules that applied to every field in the database.

Meeting with users to discuss Business Requirements.

Create the mapping of data migration to the target system.

Create processes and programs to extract, transform and load data.

Execute system and functional testing after each migration. Key Achievements:

The conversion of the first subsidiary company was very successful with low defects during implementation in production.

This experience was the key to the transparent conversion for the rest of the most complex subsidiary companies.

This methodology was adopted for future conversions in the entire company. Following is a summary of the rest of my experience: Company Dates Position Comments

P&Q Software, C.A.

Assigned to Lagoven (Subsidiary

company of PDVSA – Petroleum and

oil company)

November 1994

December 1996

System Analyst Analyze Requirements, Design Systems, Programming in Natural, Natural Construct,

Cobol, Easytrieve, DB2, IDMS, SQL, JCL.

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Assigned to Banking Area

September 1992

October 1994

System Specialist -

Project Leader

Analyze Requirements, Planning, Design Systems,

Prepare specifications, Testing.

Programming in Cobol, Natural,

Ideal/Datacom, JCL, CICS.

Oversee project team.

Sistemas Multiplexor

Assigned to Lagoven (Subsidiary

company of PDVSA – Petroleum and

oil company)

November 1989

August 1992

System Analyst Led projects.

Analyze Requirements, Design Systems,

Programming in Cobol, IDMS, JCL, CLIST.


Assigned to Alcasa

Assigned to Venalum

February 1988

October 1989


Analyze Requirements, Design Systems,

Programming in Natural/Adabas, Cobol 85, SQL,

JCL. Platforms: IBM and Tandem.


Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Simon Rodriguez University, Caracas, Venezuela

Associate Degree in Computer Science

Lisandro Alvarado University, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Professional Certification

ITIL Foundation (Information technology Infrastructure Library)

ISTQB Foundation Level (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Languages

Spanish - Native

English - Fluent

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