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Customer Service / Manager / coordinator / assistant

Coral Gables, FL
October 23, 2018

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Miami, FL *****: 305-***-****


Nursing Administrator with a focus on developing high standards of practice, evaluating patient care for effectiveness and implementing necessary changes to programs and policies. 5 years of experience in nursing Administration, Auditing, Public Health, and Clinical Nursing. Leadership capacities able to work with or without supervision, and a team player. Specialist in Auditing Health Services and Occupational Management Health Care. Experience in the private field as a manager with a track record of managing personnel, finances, facility operations, and admissions while providing the highest quality care. Dedicated adept at public and community relations, staff development, and project



Auditing and health care

management expertise.

Proven patience and


Motivation techniques.

Confident public speaker.

Conflict resolution.

Staffing management ability.

Relationship and team building.

Sound decision making.

Critical thinking proficiency.

Personal and professional


Cultural awareness and


Effectively influences others.





03/2018 Admissions/Clinical Coordinator

CENSA International College-Miami Campus -Miami Gardens, FL

Effectively controlled the release of proprietary and confidential information for general client lists.

Organized and coded all documents related to due diligence for acquisitions.

Reviewed and provided comments on the adequacy of documents and took necessary steps to cure any deficiencies.

Ensured adherence to departmental policies and procedures.

Coordinated inventory, order processing and distribution of processes and services.

12/2017 to 02/2018 Intern

CENSA International College-Miami Campus -Miami Gardens, FL

Physically and verbally interacted with students throughout the day to keep them engaged.

Supplied one-on-one attention to each student, while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.

Encouraged students to be understanding of and helpful to others.

Organized clinical spots.

Encouraged students to persevere with challenging tasks.

Collaborated with other staff members and professors to plan and schedule their clinical rotation and student engagement.

Contributed ideas at the staff.

08/2014 to 11/2016 Manager

UNIDENT AMP Clinicas Odontologicas Bogotá, Colombia

In charged of managing all aspects of the clinic, from human resources to scheduling, purchasing, insurance, auditing, and so on.

Maintained up-to-date knowledge of store policies regarding payments, returns and exchanges.

Organized monthly sales reports for the sales department to track product success.

Prevented store losses using awareness, attention to detail, and integrity.

Trained employees semiannually.

Created new processes and systems for increasing customer service satisfaction.

Worked as a team member.

Generated sales and inventory reports in Excel with data from a variety of sources, maintaining a 100% accuracy rate.

Expressed appreciation and invited customers to return to the store.

Expressed appreciation and invited customers to return to the store.

Managed quality communication, customer support and product representation for each client.

09/2015 to 04/2016 Nurse Associate

EXL service Bogota, Colombia

In charge of answering customer inquiries and concerns through standardized scripts and procedures.

Properly directed inbound calls in phone queues to improve call flow.

Demonstrated mastery of customer service call script within specified timeframes.

Formulated and enforced Service Center policies, procedures and quality assurance measures.

Developed effective relationships with all call center departments through clear communication.

Collected customer feedback and made process changes to exceed customer satisfaction goals.

Addressed patient appeals, which stemmed from decisions not to cover particular procedures and involved reviewing, researching, investigating, and triaging all types of appeals and grievances.

Appropriated routine communication with management.

Accustomed to provide world-class service to patients in an accurate, efficient, and courteous manner on every call as measured by Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Long-term Investor Value.

08/2013 to 09/2015 Territorial Nurse

Tunjuelito Hospital Bogota, Colombia

Helped diagnose high-risk indicators in young children, kindergarten through teenage years.

Managed the internal audit auxiliary team.

Coordinated collective health services, which were open services for the community.

Facilitated contact with the community.

Implementation of improvement plan to auxiliary team; post-audit quality review.

Disciplined, energetic employee who quickly establishes rapport with patients and colleagues.

02/2013 to 09/2013 Internal Auditor

UNIDENT Clinic Bogota, Colombia

Advisory and Quality Control.

Internal Audit.

Monitored new trends and technologies as they applied to audit areas.

Tested the design and effectiveness of internal controls by completing walk-throughs.

Diligently monitored remediation plans to confirm proper resolution.

Verified that company controls were in compliance with established policies.

Completed regulatory, pre-implementation and risk-based audits to achieve business objectives.

05/2011 to 05/2012 Territorial Nurse

IPS Florida Health Clinic Florida, Colombia

Coordinated the review, revision and creation of Operational Policies within ER Department.

In charged and maintained quality care systems and standards, including but not limited to, creating and improving medical (through situational analysis) protocols/guidelines.

Actively participated in unit-based Quality Assurance Program.

Achieved departmental goals and objectives by instituting new processes and standards for in-patient care.

Primary Health Care coordinator.

Trained nurse in the HOSP, DR, and OR fields.

Utilized strong assessment skills to determine necessary patient care.

Implemented new floor assignments based on evaluation of staffing requirements.

Managed team of medical support personnel.

Trained 3 staff nurses to provide top-quality patient care.

Coordinator of Maternal and Sexual and Reproductive Health Program.

Delivered high-quality and compassionate treatment to indigent and low-income patient community.

Coordinator of Health centers in Miranda and Corinto - Cauca making Promotion and Prevention, Growth and Development Control, and birth control.


2016 Specialist in Occupational Management Health Care: Management Health

The Andean Area University Foundation Bogota Colombia

2014 Specialist in Auditing Health Services: Audit

The Andean Area University Foundation Bogota Colombia

2011 Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Nursing

Free University Cali Colombia

2010 Diploma in Qualitative Research: Research

Free University Cali Colombia


Bilingual Spanish/English

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