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Welder Supervisor

New Iberia, LA, 70560
October 20, 2018

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Personal InfoЪ Paul F. Hebert 5611 ц© Patoutville Rd.

New Iberia, La. 70560Ъ

Phone: 337-364-7070Ъ Cell: 337-***-**** Date of Birth: 01-25-71Ъ

Marital status SingleЪ

Objective: Ъ C To obtain a full time position as a welder, welderБ s helper, fitterБ s helper, tacker, laborer. Stocker, warehouse receivingЪ

Education Iberia Middle School did not complete B ц© Teche Area ц© Vo-Tech graduated welder Work ExperienceЪ Worked in Independent shops

2012-2017 Welded on products that came into shopЪ 3 Unloaded trucks of material with forklift for jobsЪ Cleaned shop, ready for next dayЪ CombБ s Farm- ц© Breaux BridgeЪ

2000-2004 C Repaired farm equipment, drove tractor and combines for harvestingЪ Prepared shop for next day work C & M Hydraulics and FabricationЪ ц© Breaux Bridge, La.Ъ Supervisor: James ц© Mestayer 9 From: ц© 2/98 - ц© 3/2000 closed shopЪ 1 Job title: Welder Ъ 8 o Job description: welding on farm equipment, repaired hydraulic pumps and motors for farm equipmentЪ ю 4 On time ц© fab Supervisor Tommy LeblancЪ From: ц© 6/96 - ц© 12/97 went out of businessЪ Job title: Structural Welder C Job description: all structural welding in shop operated forkliftЪ Norman Offshore Pipelines Lafayette Supervisor: Bud Leblanc D From: ц© 2/94 - ц© 5/96 sold to Global laid of 2 Job title: Hydrostatic ц© Tec and shop welderЪ Y Job description: testing of pipelines offshore and some structural welding in shop Ъ 2 Ultra ц© Fab Port of IberiaЪ

Supervisor: Gerald Jones From: ц© 3/93 - ц© 2/94Ъ Job title: structural welder business closedЪ

Job description: structural welder on off shore platform я/ А= n n n n n 5 6 я/ А= n n n n n s



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