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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 18015, United States
October 17, 2018

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Ph. 610-***-****

Accomplished, dedicated, passionate, versatile, solution, customer- and goal-focused Application Developer & Software Architect, Technology and Team Leader A recognized expert in utilizing multiple technologies, platforms and languages plus proven hands-on executive management experience, a valued leader who believes nothing is impossible

Easily handle multiple projects with equal effectiveness, timeliness and efficiency

Always on the bleeding edge, finding the newest and most relevant solutions, and a wide range of technical proficiency

Record of developing nearly 30 successful applications

Over 10 years success in architecting, designing and developing solutions for a variety of companies, consistently meeting tight time lines in an Agile environment, working in marathon fashion to achieve goals on time

Seeking a long term position. Open to contract or FTE.

Has a proven capability to manage multiple sprint teams from sizes of 10 to 40 developers

Key Skills

Software Development & Architecture / Migration /Development Team Management / Software Documentation & Procedures / CRM / Document Management Systems / Program Conversion / Mobile Platform Development / Product Integration / Cloud Computing and Product Integration / Website Development / Inventory Management System Development / Risk Assessment / Content Management Systems Development / Communication in Writing and Speaking


Proven ability to turn a proof-of-concept into a full-fledged virtualized app residing in the Cloud, architected over several years, sold to many customers.

Track record of timely delivery of solutions, mitigating roadblocks and risks.

Authored technical specifications, user guides, UML, and presentations.

Microsoft Certified Application Developer.

Passionate about mentoring of developers.

Invited to speak on the architecture of technology, platforms, languages and their value in the marketplace most notably spoke at a Virtualization Conference at the Javits Center in NYC.

Has always delivered value to all employers as evidenced by the number of times I have bee sought out to come back to an employer, I had previously completed a contract for.

Can-do attitude, fearless when it comes to a challenge of any complexity or newness – always finding the right solution for the right problem, and articulating clearly to stakeholders and business developers.

Readily achieve buy-in from teams and stakeholders, providing a sense of ownership to a solution.


Agile Methodologies/ ASP.NET / Azure / C++, C#, VB.NET / Cloud Apps and Solutions / Design Patterns / Full SDLC / I IIS / IOS Development / JavaScript / JQuery / Json / Linq / Linux / Mono / Ms Test / Multi-Threading / MVC 3,4, 5 / MVP / MySql / .NET 1.0 to 4.72 /WCF Protocols: NET.TCP & HTTPS / NUnit / XUNIT/ Subversion and Team Foundation Server.

Object-Oriented Design / PL SQL / Rabbit MQ / Razor / SCRUM / SQL Server (All version including first release back in 1992) / Test Driven Development / Telerik/Kendo MVC 3+4 / UML / Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 / REST Api’s / Sql Server Reporting Services, RESTful Services, Knockout, HTML5(Responsive), IOC and dependency injection.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) : Services leveraged – S3, Dynamo DB No Sql, RDS (both MySql, and Postgress), REDIS ElasticCache, MemcacheD, Route 53, Lambda Functions, CloudFront, CloudWatch, EC2, ElasticSearch, LogStash, Redshift, Kinesis and FireHose streams and Kubana

Azure Cloud, Data Lake, ElasticCache, docker Containers, Kubernetes

Docker Containers managed by Kubernetes

.NET Core 1.0 to 2.2 Microservices using Docker containers.

S.O.L.I.D and Test Driven development.


Comcast NBC Universal June 2016 to August 2018

Philadelphia, PA

Principal Architect (hands on)

Redesigned Comcast’s E-Business Portal to use ElastiCache Redis to a make the web site truly distributed, by moving session and caching from InProc memory with sticky sessions, to a round robin approach.

Designed IMS (Interactive Media System) to service Comcast business voice users, that allowed users to manage their voice mail, call history, setup auto attendants for business. Later added features such as Call Forwarding, Call anywhere. Managing 30 developer resources on and off shore.

Following Comcasts initiative to move exclusively to the AWS Cloud and off prem, my roles and duties always were influenced by leveraging AWS in my architectural designs.

Prototyped various new technologies of AWS: ElastiCache, MemcacheD, Firehose, Elastic search,, Lambda functions, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Dynamo DB (No SQL) RDS Service (MySql and Postgres), Redshift Big Data DB, Alexa Skills, EC2, management of IAM Users, Roles and Policies. Machine Learning, IOT, Elastic Beanstalk, ELK, Docker Containers, API Gateway, VPC setup, Autoscaling, and data lake

November 2017: Attended AWS Re-Invent in Las Vegas for 5 days

Performed proof of concepts using the AZURE CLOUD : Data Lake (C# USQL), functions. And API Services.

Designed Microservices in Googles Go-Lang for Alexa Skills.

Contributed to the design and development to Framework components used by various products.

Mentored Team Leads and Application developers, on a team of 38 (On and Off shore)

Analyzed the existing portal site, and diagnosed the cause of performance degradation, and at the same time educated resources on how to resolve performance challenges.

Used Async/Await patterns to boost performance and provide non-blocking methods.

Conducted code reviews daily and approved or disapproved a developer’s ability to check in their code.

Integrated Hang fire into our current solutions to off load long running processes.

Designed and developed microservices on Googles “Go-Lang” Language and .NET Core 2.2 for cloud based microservices.

Converted/redesigned monolithic legacy Web API restful services to the Micro services paradigm. Lead 2 sprint teams to accomplish this, which were 28 in size.(On and Off shore)

Worked on a new product offering called “Software Driven WAN” for business users. This included architecting along with other resources a management web site, as well as a backend infrastructure. This application leveraged the cloud heavily and used RDS, and Dynamo Db in the AWS cloud for data storage. Managed this project across 4 sprint teams, with a total of 42 members.

Served as the Solution Architect for four development teams consisting of ten developers, tasked with migrating applications to the cloud in AWS.

Participated in SCRUM ceremonies such as stand ups.

Created a Hangfire Windows service responsible for “Warming Up” customer Account data.

Implemented Dependency Injection using various Nuget packages including Unity, Ninject, and Structure map.

American Board of Internal Medicine March 2015 to June 2016

Philadelphia, PA

Architect (hands on)

Designed and Developed Blueprint Review Web Application to setup and capture surveys and board certification tests for Physicians to take certification tests and rate the exam(s) they have already taken.

Created Data Layer using Micro ORM Dapper.NET and DBFusion for Oracle.

Utilized Structure map for inversion of control.

Used Angular.js in combination with the razor view engine for the front end DOM manipulation.

Implemented Identity Server, (by Brock Allen) as an OAuth 2.0 provider SSO as well as open Id Connect provider.

Conducted code reviews and mentored other developers on an ad-hoc basis.

Performed the duties of a SCRUM Master that included: leading daily scrum’s, managing burn down rate, performing sprint planning, retrospectives, and capacity etc.

Utilized Team Foundation Server to manage version control and defect management, as well as the agile experience, i.e. Product Back log, Stories, Tasks and capacity.

Managed a team of 7 developers, 2 DBA’a, and two QA resources

Comcast NBC Universal October 2014 to March 2015

Philadelphia, PA

Senior Technical Lead/Developer, Contractor

Designed and developed a C# .NET plugin for MS Play Ready SDK 2.9 Server. PlayReady is a Digital Rights Server, which was used to encrypt and decrypt video content, for Video on Demand.

Integrated with other web services via the Web API and JSON.

Wrote various functionality using the following Cryptographic schemas: SHA1, AES, Triple DES.

Created an entire Framework for encryption, data access, and logging.

Created satellite DLL’s for Play Ready to use to lookup customer info from Oracle DB.

Created a test client in Silverlight as a testing tool to download Video’s on demand.

Wrote a custom smart data parser to parse Http headers as well as custom data fields sent up to the Server via REST.

Created a build system using Maven.

Built a remote system to do continuous builds and unit tests.

Built a Client Application for consuming VOD from PC’s using Silverlight and .NET 4.5.

DecisivEdge LLC June 2014 to October 2014

Newark, DE

Senior Technical Lead/Architect/Developer and SCRUM Master, Contractor

Designed entire application stack successfully from backend framework to the middle tier for both a mobile applications and a MVC4 Website using AngularJS.

Performed mobile development in Visual Studio C# HTL5 utilizing Mac book Mavericks OS and Windows 8/MS Server 2012 as operating systems.

Developed the entire framework layer consisting of Data Access (Entity Framework 6), Encryption, Email, and Security, etc.

Coordinating resources on and off shore.

Lead and managed a team of 8 contractors, on and off shore.

Formulated sprint plans for each 2 week sprint, and was responsible for all other Agile ceremonies.

Conducted Peer Code reviews.

Designed and developed a related mobile application for Android and IOS using Xamarin Studio.

Created custom API’s for Google OAuth Authentication and Analytics.

Used the Web API I architected and developed Restful services for the mobile apps.

Architected and developed a Business Layer and a WCF middle tier (REST)

GreenDrop.Org/Liquid Interactive April 2014 to June 2014

Allentown, PA

Senior Architect, Contractor

Worked on new development of an ASP.NET MVC 4 HTML5 application For

Designed and developed a data Mart to store metadata used for metrics.

Worked on Web forms projects.

Designed and developed SISS packages to replicate data from multiple data sources.

Designed and developed SQL Server reporting suite.

Wrote all stored procedures and triggers.

Constructed WCF data layer (REST) using the entity framework.

Created a custom security extension dll using C# .NET for SQL Server reports server.

Designed and developed a IPhone and Android Applications for using Xamarin Studio.

Created a custom Report Viewer in WPF.NET

Migrated Azure Database to an Amazon cloud machine instance.

PHD Virtual (Formally AppZero) October 2013 to April 2014

Morristown, NJ

Architect, Contractor

Designed and developed several parts of a PHD’s Flagship Backup product for Virtual Machines.

Designed and developed .NET Win forms Plugin Libraries for Xen Center and VM Ware.

Worked on features for new product line, for Hyper V on windows 2012 using .NET 4.5 and Rabbit MQ.

Created Setup packages using WIX 3.8.

Wrote PL SQL Stored procedures for Oracle DB.

Documented all architecture used in the development process.

Wrote a licensing HTML5 application using MVC3 and Razor.

Gave product support as needed.

Air Products/ Liquid Interactive July 2013 to October 2013

Allentown, PA

Senior Applications Developer, Air Products Inc., Contractor

Designed and developed several parts of a mobile Application for tracking assets for all smart phones.

Produced a Warehouse application for Windows Phone.

Used C# and objective C modules for all code written for Mono .NET 3.2.10

Used Monodevelop and Xcode to develop this application as well a Xamarin Studio.

Used MVC, domain model, singleton and Observer model design patterns.

Participated in code reviews.

Worked in an agile environment, with 2 to 3 week sprints. All sprints completed on time or early.

Worked on an IPhone application for Crayola.Com.

Worked on the back end writing Oracle PL SQL Stored Procedures.

Russell Reynolds and Associates May 2012 to July 2013

New York, NY

Senior Tech Lead/Architect (hands on)/Developer Contractor

Designed and Developed RRA’s in house CRM system. This application was developed in ASP.NET MVC3, HTML5

Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) (NET.TCP and NOEMAX protocols) as the application main service layer. All Application and Libraries developed in .NET 4.0, as well as AJAX and JQuery.

Designed and developed a Restful data layer utilizing Microsoft’s Entity Framework.

Developed MS Test unit tests, for code coverage.

Designed and Developed Middleware multithreaded Load Test tool for testing the load capacity of all application servers.

Designed and developed a Document Management system along with a Service layer. This API was built on top of Share Point 2010, and MS SQL Server 2012. The service layer was built using .NET 3.5 (Required by Share point API)

Worked closely with the business analysts in an Agile methodology to review new wireframes for technical feasibility as well as manpower estimates.

Coordinated directly with another Technical Lead (and Team of 5) who worked out of the London Office, to mitigate any conflicts in the current sprint we were in.

Mitigated “road blockers” for other developers on a daily basis to keep progress moving forward.

Exelon Corporation June 2010 to May 2012

Kennett Square, PA

Technical Architect, Contractor

Performed an architecture audit of the VizTrade product which is used to trade retail power from all sources(Wind,Nuclear, and Hydro.).

Managed a team of 11 developers, and help all scrum/agile ceremonies.

Wrote Oracle PL SQL Stored Procedures on the back end as needed.

Designed a complete rewrite of the VizTrade Product from C++ to C# .NET utilizing Silverlight and WPF WCF utilizing the entity framework. Also, Linq was utilized to formulate queries as well as OData.

Acted as the senior advisor to the Technology Council for the Exelon Company.

Designed (Full SDLC) and developed a SOA agile Win forms project called "Retail Energy Pricing System" for Exelon Sales Reps. This was a multithreaded Winforms pricing application.

Built the application to utilize WCF services for data mining and was hosted on a Citrix thin app.

Converted a Microsoft Access application to C# .NET application and migrated Access data to MS SQL Server 2008 R2. This was a Full SDLC project utilizing agile methodology and test driven development.

Transitioned on to the Portfolio Decision system which delivered several financial instruments via Web Forms an ASPX application which used a mix of Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC 2, Razor, AJAX and Silverlight along with the Entity Framework.

AppZero Corp LLC November 2007 to June 2010

Jersey City, NJ

Architect (hands on)

Performed architecture audit of the Windows AppZero application “Docker Like” virtualization product for refactoring.

Architected and productized prototype, proof of concept code by the implementation of design patterns.

Designed multitiered Object Oriented layers to support current product and productize the prototyped code base. This product was rewritten and refactored in Native C, C++, C++.NET, C#,Winforms, .NET 3.0 and MFC.

Led a team of 8 developers and coded new layers along with the team to move code into the designed patterns.

Developed and implemented test driven development practices along with unit testing frameworks.

Designed and created administrative console in winforms .NET using C# and C++ .NET by utilizing Named Pipes as a mode of primary communication.

Created a creation product for the creation of virtualized appliance applications using snapshot technology using C++ on the back end and C++ .NET as a middle tier and C# WPF as the front end.

Worked with product managers and project managers to implement requirements and establish time lines.

Re-factored existing Compression routines, which create movable application appliances, to improve performance by 500 %.

Worked with several ISV’s (eg. Lawson, Citrix, etc) in the implementation of the GA product.

Worked with SAP to provide a Virtualization solution for their cloud product(s).

Used Amazon EC2 to demonstrate product capabilities.

Independent Consultant, March of Dimes February 2007 to November 2007

White Plains, NY

Senior Lead Architect (hands on), Contractor

Analyzed requirements and use cases for complete Online web system rewrite for donations that has a peak load of 5000 concurrent requests.

Designed all technical specifications utilizing the application design patterns for the ASP.NET web form application as well as a supporting administration Win forms application. Middle tier and Win forms application were written in C# and the web forms application in C#.NET.

Produced written technical specifications using UML diagrams.

Designed and developed/coded multitier loosely coupled architecture that was shared among both applications. This framework was for both 64 bit and 32 bit environments.

Led developer team consisting of contractors to assist in building the ASP.NET application as to specifications, after the design phase.

Led development effort in building the Win forms application as to specifications.

Designed and developed a Windows Service to process credit card donations utilizing WCF and .NET 3.5. The primary function of this service was to off load latent credit card processes to a separate process to prevent threads from being tied up on the web farm.

Designed primary threat model to address all online web security vulnerabilities.

SFB Market Systems June 2006 to February 2007

Thorfare, NJ

Senior Lead Architect, Contractor

Created architectural designs patterns and developed a Multithreaded Symbol Management System currently being used in all six major options Stock Exchanges (PCX, ISE, BOX, NYSE, PHILX, AMEX and CBOE). This application is a Winforms Smart client application utilizing SOA, and web services written in C#. The purpose of this application is to help all exchanges manage their inventory of options and strikes that get put up on the stock market.

Designed and developed web services running on both Windows 2003 and Mono (Linux).

Utilized Visual Studio 2005 and the 2.0 .NET framework.

Established iterative development SDLC.

Assessed all project risks and assisted management in the mitigation of these risks.

Led a team of five independent contractors to create technical specifications for all designs and assigned development tasks and time estimates.

Developed .NET services for all security Master Intra Day FTP data feeds for Bank of America, Susquehanna, Option Vue, First Traders, Peak 6, and Gbar mined from exchange entered data from Symbol Management system.

Designed and developed an exchange level ASP.NET security master web site.

AstraZeneca Pharma LLC June 2004 to June 2006

Wilmington, DE

Senior Lead Architect, Contractor

Wachovia Bank August 2002 to June 2004

Winston Salem, NC

Senior Lead .NET Engineer, Contractor

New Jersey State Police September 1985 to November 1994

General Road Duty Trooper


Seton Hall University (New Jersey State Police)

AS Criminal Justice

Orange, NJ

Certified Scrum Master (June 2015)

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