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Management Engineer

Gurgaon, Haryana, India
October 15, 2018

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Phone: +91-995*******/880*******

Achievement-driven professional targeting for assignments in Telecom Manage Services/ Operations & Maintenance / RAN Integration and Configuration Management/ LTE EXPERT / NOC Service Management (24*7) /Team Lead/Incident and Problem Management with an organization of repute preferably in India / Overseas


Ericsson/Huawei RAN, ITIL V3 and Ericsson Basic IP Certified professional with nearly 10.5 years of experience in RAN (2G,3G & 4G), LTE Integration, LTE NDS, Change Request, NOC Operations, Incident & Problem Management, Team Handling and Customer Management .

Currently associated with Amdocs, Team lead (SME) LTE/NDS/Troubleshooting

Worked with Huawei; successfully completed 6 overseas projects for Huawei RAN Product

Exposure of MSTOP/eTOM, NOC Team Lead/Shift Lead/Manager (24*7)/ Manage Services Process (SLA,WLA and OLA); worked on Ericsson Services, Products and solutions and Huawei products

Accomplished in executing complex multiple onsite overseas project at Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine, Seychelles, Mexico and Haiti; Visited Nigeria (Lagos) for 3 months for Knowledge Acquisition & Project Transformation for Airtel Africa

Possess comprehensive & conceptual knowledge of BSS/RAN/ Operations & Maintenance, RAN Integration/Configuration, Ericsson Products, Services and Solutions.

Hands-on experience in Core Alarm Monitoring, MSC/MSS/HLR Troubleshooting (AXE 810 Product).

Operations : BSS, NSS (CN), IN, VAS & TXN Fault Surveillance Team Lead/Shift Lead

Strong customer management, communication, interpersonal relations, mentoring, negotiation and leadership skills



Incident & Problem Management Telecom NOC Operations RAN/ BSS Fault Management

BSS/RAN 2G (GSM) 3G (WCDMA) & 4G (LTE/Volte) Team Lead/Customer/People Management

RAN Integration & Configuration RAN Network Deployments/NDS RAN KPI/Project Management


An effective communicator & team leader/Shift lead NOC Operations combined with flexible & detail oriented attitude with ability to interact effectively with people and support & sustain a positive work environment towards the accomplishment of organisational goals

A Change Agent & Turnaround Catalyst with proven track record of utilizing a process-oriented approach towards the accomplishment of organizational objectives

Possess keen understanding of leading edge technologies to create new business opportunities and ability to sustain a positive work environment for accomplishment of organisational goals

Ability to champion organization values & vision and create a clear and compelling view of future through coaching and execution abilities


LTE Integration/Configuration Management, Fault Management, Alarm Troubleshooting, LTE RAN KPI Analysis

Ericsson RBS/DUL/DUS/BBU Integration, Huawei BSC/RNC 6910, 6900 I&C, Integration/Configuration/Fault Management/Interface Script Preparation/ATP

BTS3900/3910 Integration/Commissioning /Interface Creation//Configuration/Fault Management

Operations : BSS, NSS (CN), IN, VAS & TXN Fault Surveillance Team Lead/Shift Lead

Incident & Problem Management

AXE Nodes: Ericsson BSS/NSS Fault Management


In-depth knowledge and understanding of:


oHuawei BSC/RNC 6910 and BTS3900

oEricsson LTE/BBU/RRU/RET/TMA/Antenna

oLTE Radio Interface Structure and Signalling

oLTE Radio Resource & Mobility Management

oLTE Channels, Interfaces and Protocols

oAXE-810 nodes (BSC,MSC)


Amdocs July 17

Team lead (SME) LTE Troubleshooting

Key Result Areas:

oAlarm clearing team handling and support for AT&T Project.

oCoordination with Field Crew for all kind of troubleshooting and KPI Issues.

o Supporting LTE Alarm troubleshooting Activities.

o RRUS32 and AIR antenna scripting for LTE.

o RET (Remote Electrical Tilt) related scripting for LTE nodes.

o RET troubleshooting for LTE nodes.

o Regular health checks for LTE and UMTS nodes.

o RILINKs Creation and Deletion, and supporting Field engineers to get faults rectified.

o Supporting Bandwidth Expansion Activities for 1900 and 2100 Carriers for LTE.

o Troubleshooting RSSI and VSWR deviation issue for LTE and UMTS.

Huawei (Dec’14 to July 17)

Assistant Manager

Key Result Areas:

Spearheading the preparation of:

oBSC/RNC N/W Planning Data, LLD/HLD (Low level and High Level Design)

oScript of all Interfaces as IUcs, IUps, IUb IUr, A and Gb interfaces and Engineering Parameter

Associate with the Installation and Commissioning of:

oBSC6900 in GO/UO/GU mode; New BSC/RNC 6900 Cabinet, ODF, DDF, Alarm Panel and Power Tapping

oEnd to end connectivity of RNC/BSC to CS core and PS core

Providing support for:

oNode Migration, Expansion and Software Upgrade

oTMA, RET, Combiner Related Issues

oTransmission Issue, Changing the Transmission Board/Slot/Port and Traces, Loop Problem

oBBU3900/3910 BTS/NodeB/ENB Integration, Commissioning Fault and Configuration Management

Ensuring execution of preventive maintenance of networks, including schedules / shutdown maintenance to ensure trouble-free and seamless operations

Monitoring the network performance, its KPI & preparation of daily performance report of BSS; performing parameter change, fault management and troubleshooting to achieve the KPI


oIP Planning with the help of tools

oCarrier aggregation Issue, Power Related Issue, CPRI/RRU/Fiber Issue

oProblems related to RRU/RFUs, Position of BBP card and cells arrangement among different baseband equipment resources

oRRC Connection Issue, Handover Issue, Fallback Issues

oSoftware and patch upgrade of BSC/RNC for new feature testing

oBSC/RNC Integration, Interface Testing towards Core Side, making the site On Air and Call /Data Testing

Preparing various project reports for identifying areas of obstruction / defects, conducting troubleshooting, service and repair to rectify the network; possess knowledge regarding the troubleshooting of RTWP/RSSI Issue, RSSI/RTWP Unbalanced issue, VSWR issue, Mimo Rank Issue

Managing ATP of the RNC/BSC with the customer (60 PAT cases in each BSC/RNC)

Assisting in solving design related problem related to RRU/RFUs, Position of BBP card and cells arrangement among different baseband equipment resources

Extending high-end technical support at sites and ensuring high customer satisfaction levels through promptly addressing client’s problems; troubleshooting of hardware, software and conducting signal trace of RNC/BSC & BTS


Supported different RAN Solution, RAN Design, Planning and Configuration

Credited for designing and executing solutions, services and products as per customer requirement

Highly successful in completing ATP of RNC/BSC with the customer and handed over to customer

Acquired specific skills related to:

oLTE Integrations (L850/L1800/LTE21 FDD), LTE RAN KPI Analysis, Alarms Troubleshooting, Parameter change. E-Utran report, GS Audit and Market Launches

oHuawei BSC/RNC 6910, 6900 Installation, Commissioning, Integration and Troubleshooting. BTS 3900/3910 Integration and Troubleshooting

oOperations : BSS, NSS (CN), IN, VAS & TXN Fault Surveillance and TL

oHuawei BSC/RNC 6900/6910/BTS 3900/3910

Overseas Major Projects Undertaken:

Natcome, Haiti

Cable and Wireless, Seychelles

VHA RAN Integration, Sydney, Australia

Ukraine Kyiv Star RAN Swap Project, Kiev (Ukraine)

Maxis GABS Project, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

VHA Vodafone (LTE 2nd carrier L1800), Sydney, Australia

3G MBB Rollout (Software Upgrade & Installation), Manila, Philippines


Ericsson, Noida (Dec 07 to Dec’14)

Senior Engineer

Undertook various projects like:

Title: LTE RAN- NIC/NDS for ATT & Sprint (RNAM)


Part of LRAN, GSC Team (ATT, Sprint & MPCS)

Worked on LTE a 4G technology which includes the radio access part of the network with the US based client (ATT, Sprint & MPCS)

Associate with:

oIntegration (complete script loading followed by pre-check and post-check activities) and maintenance of the eNodeB (for LTE) base stations

oLTE parameter change activity during Maintenance window

oGenerating daily E-UTRAN report to support the project management team and RF team to clear all site issues prior to their drive and market launch. This daily report shows “cluster readiness” status by representing ERBS alarms, PCI information, Power, Cell status, Baseline audits, SW version, Neighbor loaded, MIMO

oGenerating alarm monitoring report to all pre-launch market so that they can clear alarm and identify the sites that’s needs priority before market launch

oGS Audit, Hi Cap, Parameter Changes, Volte Activities

Part of ATT_LTE_L12B_Testing team and perform the OSS test

Title: Fault Management eNodeB (RLAM)


Part of Back office LTE Ericsson Group in Mexico for TELCEL customer (Onsite)


oTroubleshooting & fault rectification activities of eNodeB

oChange Request Handling

oAssignment of task to field team for H/W related problems

oTicket and Work Order

oExecution of Change request (parameter Changes) in MW

Title: Airtel Nigeria (Incident Management)



oIncidents across all customers

oSeverity 1 outages aggressively and ensure that the restoration is done within the Service level agreement with the customer

oIncident 24X7 and ensure minimal disruption to the service

oSetting up of Technical & Management Bridge Speedy Restoration for all incidents

oVerification of MIN messages to ensure completeness & correctness of the information being sent to the customer

oCentre focal point for all departments during Severity 1 incident and coordinate between them to get the speedy results

oThe assembly of Technical Recovery team once severity 1 outage is declared

oAction plan / Back up Plan created for the restoration within SLA

oMajor Incident Report (MIR) delivery towards internal & external customer within the SLA

Title: Airtel Nigeria (People Management)


Managing the team of 20 members

Serving as GNOC team Lead for Over All GNOC 1st level Assurance (Airtel Africa Operation)

Handling various Domains as BSS, NSS, IN, VAS, TXN, and INALA

Real time management of major incidents and also provide updates to the MSIP & Management during Critical/ Major Faults

Co-ordinate the all operational activities

Ensure the smooth, efficient and complete handover b/w the teams

Developing the competence of the team members in terms of technical knowledge, ways of working & Tools Knowledge

Ensure that all team members completed their daily activity i.e. Reports, routines

To maintain a working & healthy environment for better outputs

Prepare the competence & performance tracker for the team

Supervise & guide the team for the process & issues as well for Mails & notifications etc

Highlight the gaps and improvements required in process to the respective interface/support team

Management of TTs, WOs & follow up with the support team for issues pending since long

Title: BSS Bharti (Technical Team Lead/Preventive Maintenance and Fault Surveillance)


Operation and Trouble-shooting of ERICSSON AXE 810 Nodes, BSC & MSC

Hardware and software maintenance of NSS and BSS elements.

Fault management of Mobile Switching Centre and Base Station Controller (Ericsson AXE 810 Platform)

Prioritize hardware faults to meet customer demands within required time frame along with analysis, solution and reports of the same.

Carrying out network related administration activities like Charging files output backup, Processor data backup on optical disks regularly.

Developing the competence of the team members in terms of technical knowledge and ways of working.

First level fault rectifications in HLR, MSC, and BSC.

Managing the team of 12 members.

Execute system configuration changes as per given access right.

Ticket Handling as well as Work Order Handling

Change Request handling


Ericsson and Huawei RAN (LTE,WCDMA and GSM)

Huawei BSC/RNC 6910 and BTS3900

SS7 Signalling & SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN), BICC, GCP

LTE Radio Interface General Principles

LTE Radio Interface Structure and Signalling

LTE Radio Resource & Mobility Management

LTE Channels, Interfaces and Protocols

L12/L13 LTE Parameter

RAN Evolution

MGW Hardware

AXE-810 Nodes (BSC, MSC)

IN, VAS & NSS Domains


2007 B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Department of Electronics and Communication from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar, Haryana with 71.56%

2003 12th from Bhiwani with 72%

2001 10th from Bhiwani with 78%


Date of Birth: 15th January 1986

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Spanish (Beginner)

Mailing Address: Aravali Heights, Sector, 21/C, Faridabad - 121001

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