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Marketing Social Media

Smyrna, GA
$150,000 annually
October 10, 2018

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Would you like your Creative Director of Marketing to be experienced in Advertising,

Marketing, Management, and Production?

Even though your ad is brief, I understand what you’re looking for and would ask you to consider me as a serious candidate. Please let me explain why my experience, skills, and knowledge will benefit you.

Today’s creatives have been taught to design, write, and direct...they have not been taught how to market and they need a leader who is deeply educated in the principles of successful marketing and creative strategies. That’s why I read one book a month as well as take one course every quarter on current marketing techniques - from Social Media to Funnels. I was taught in the Marine Corps never order a lower rank to do something I wouldn’t do or haven’t done. And in my career, I’ve done it all and I still do. Nothing is “beneath me,” and seeing a leader work hard inspires and motivates team members. I began in advertising while Steve Jobs still had a land line and I have served as a Production Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Copywriter. Marketing is my primary focus, because I need to ensure the work I create for my clients produces results and rewarding a ROI. My career in advertising and marketing spans 20+ years and during that time I have led teams of creatives, sales people, and office workers. I much prefer the creatives. I have been self-employed for 15 years and in my previous employment experience, you’ll find corporations, such as Uniden, an International Consumer Electronic manufacturer, and other national companies.

On the skills side of things, I’m at an expert level using Adobe’s CC programs daily; InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. I’m able to produce video in Premier Pro and edit audio in Audition, although my skills are basic. MS Office is another tool with which I’m comfortable. I frequently work in WordPress, however, I do not code PHP or HTML5. Programming is best left to programmers – I prefer English.

By understanding my process for creating effective advertising and marketing, you will see how I think, and how creative team members will engage more fully in their craft under my direction. When creating a campaign for a product, the most valuable information comes from users and potential users; I do not sit in an office and try to dream up connections. By going to the source, I get actual data and information based on the market’s desires, triggers, and hot buttons. From there, I analyze the competitive market for optimum positioning and then I develop messaging to get attention and provoke a call to action. Depending on that action, a well- designed nurturing/ marketing funnel begins to guide the prospect to a sale. Data plays a key role in strategy, message effectiveness, channel performance, and results tracking. Ideally, all campaigns will be market tested before committing to a full rollout. By modelling this process, the creative team will learn to think more strategically. It will give them clarity on goals, methods, and collaboration. Add my level of knowledge and experience, and we’ll create a team that will pursue excellence in work, and discipline in meeting deadlines. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I look forward to talking with you.

Please feel free to call my cell phone, 404-***-****. Kevin

Kevin Kuykendall

62 Melinda Way SE, Smyrna, GA 30082

Cell: 404-***-**** Email: Website: RisingFire.Marketing Results Based Marketing and Team Leadership

Skills – Team & Project Management, Copywriting, Production, Data-Driven Campaigns Digital Marketing– Social Media & Email Campaigns, Funnels, Landing Pages, Analytics,

Traditional Marketing – Display Ads, Collateral, Direct Mail (with Digital Integration) OBJECTIVE: To direct and inspire a team in the creation of omni-channel marketing campaigns for lead generation and brand awareness through media that’s relevant to the prospect or customer.

QUALIFICATIONS: I have deep knowledge and years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. I’m a successful leader of teams and can coordinate numerous concurrent projects to meet deadlines and goals. I’m expert in Adobe’s Creative Cloud and have written and produced many successful ads and campaigns. Data plays a significant role in my Marketing and is used to target prospects, track campaign results, and monitor budgets. SUMMARY:

Marketing Operations

Executive Management

Marketing Strategy

Presentations and Departmental Representation

Vendor Bidding and Coordination

Campaign Creation and Production

Campaign Testing and Tracking

Results and Data Analysis for Milestone and Goal Achievement Budget Creation and Spending Discipline

Reporting to Stakeholders and Upper Management

2014 – 2017

Director of Marketing and Brand Architect, Thrive Senior Living During the construction of 20 communities (average construction cost of $15 million each) across the Southeastern United States, my task was to condition each market by establishing a presence and communicating the brand’s unique value. This included PR and all outbound marketing efforts through Social Media, print, TV / radio, and various grass root actions. Thrive’s President and I travelled together to immerse the field staff in the character and mission of the brand, which was essential for market differentiation. Each new community was brought to occupancy stabilization within 18 months.

1999 – 2017

Owner, Rising Fire Marketing, LLC - Thrive Senior Living contracted my services through Rising Fire, so the timeframes overlap in this document. Rising Fire serves B2B and B2C clients in various verticals using on and offline marketing. Clients are as large a national company selling Back-of-House inventory and POS systems to franchise owners of KFC, Dominoes, and McDonalds, and as small as a local residential mortgage company.

I use Direct Response Marketing for increased response rates and messaging accuracy. 1992- 1999

Director of Marketing, DentiCare, Inc.

For this Texas-based dental HMO, I managed the provider recruiting team as well as personally calling on dentists to participate in the closed provider network. That included cold-calling for appointments and obtaining a signed contract during a single meeting. The company was acquired by American Dental Plan in Atlanta, and I was transferred from Houston and promoted to the Assistant Director of Network Development (network meaning provider network...not computer). I served as a central information resource for the national field recruiting reps. and managed the internal contracting and credentialing team for 1,500 provider dentists. I left to start my company.

1988- 1992

Marketing Director, MacGregor Dental Centers

MacGregor operated 15-offices located throughout Houston. With an average of 5 dentists treating patients at each office, my responsibility was to ensure a continuous flow of new patients. I managed 2 other marketers and negotiated discounting for large local employers. I wrote radio spots, newspaper ads, and collateral.

1988- 1998

Marketing Coordinator - Uniden, Inc. (US HQ)

Uniden is a Japanese owned international consumer electronics manufacturer. I was the traffic manager of a significant amount of outsourced marketing materials involving printers and other production vendors. I also wrote technical copy. My wife was transferred to Houston, so my employment was a brief 6-months.

1986 – 1988

Senior Designer, Landon Design

This was a small design studio in Dallas, TX. I wrote and produced ads for commercial real estate clients and designed and produced college recruiting collateral. Proficient in -

Adobe Creative Cloud:




Premier Pro


Acrobat Pro DC

MS Office:




WordPress (no PHP or HTML5 coding)


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