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Willimantic, Connecticut, United States
Minimum wage
January 17, 2019

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Bruce A. Woodworth

** ****** **.

Willimantic, CT 06266

Phone: 860-***-****




Desk Job


Visual BASIC, Java, HTML, XML, MS Access, MS FrontPage, Assembler(Mainframe: 370, PC: 6502, Z80, 8086, 80x86, 680xx), COBOL, CICS, VSAM, DB2, SQL, BASIC, C, C++, Easytrieve Plus, PC DOS, CMS EXEC, REXX, PC REXX, MS Word, MVS & DOS JCL, CMS, TSO, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/ME/7, Linux, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Office, LAN support (UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Lotus Notes), PANVALET, ENDEVOR, CULPRIT, RPG2, PL1, Visio, Flow4, MS Excel, MS Word, Word Perfect, CA7 Scheduler, IBM mainframe, IBM PC, electronic white boards, projectors, printers, VCRs, computer controlled manufacturing, robotics.


Ocean State Job Lot July 25, 2017 – Present

Willimantic, CT $10 per hour

Cashier Part time, about 25 hours a week.

Woodworth’s Robotics June 3, 2013 - Present

Willimantic, CT

CEO R&D with embedded processors (getting nowhere fast)

Three Rivers Community College

574 New London Turnpike $35 per hour to teach it.

Norwich, CT 06360 Wrote Web Development Course

Quinebaug Valley Community College

742 Upper Maple St.

Danielson, CT 06239 $30 per hour

Instructor Part time, about 15 hours a month.

BJ’s Wholesale Club June 30, 2006 – December 29, 2006

Willimantic, CT $9.90 per hour

Forklift Driver Part time, nights, plus unemployment compensation.

Quinebaug Valley Community College

Danielson, CT $30 per hour

Instructor Summer, Part time, about 15 hours a month.

Home Depot January 2006 – June 2006

Willimantic, CT $11.50 per hour

Garden Associate

BJ’s Wholesale Club June 2005 – January 2006

Willimantic, CT $9 per hour

Forklift Driver

Unemployed May 2005 – Jun 2005

Lowe’s Regional Distribution Center November 11, 2004 – May 2005

1421 Lowes Way, Plainfield, CT 06374

Laborer $12.50 per hour

Woodworth's LLC, November 26, 1997 – December 25, 2005

Willimantic, CT $0 - $50 per hour


As the president of Woodworth's LLC, offer help desk service, repair and upgrade PCs, create Web pages, and train college students in computer courses such as HTML, JavaScript, FrontPage, Excel, Word, Windows XP, Visual Basic, and Robotics. Also, oversee R&D in robotics, write articles and book reviews for “Technical Support” magazine. Use Netscape composer, HTML, XML, Java to create and maintain Internet Web sites. Use Windows 95, Windows XP, Office 97, Office XP. And to pay the bills, work as a laborer at Lowe’s, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Home Depot.

Technical Support Magazine July 2002 - Nov 2004

Milwaukee, WI $450 per article, $250 Per book review (also see Woodworth's LLC)

Freelance Writer

Wrote technical articles and book reviews which were published in magazines in 2003 and 2004.

Micro Tech May 2002 - July 2002

Simsbury, CT $25 per hour ($50 per hour to Woodworth's LLC)

Independent Contractor


CIGNA May 2002 – July 2002

Bloomfield, CT

Assigned to a Production Support team, my responsibilites included the support of the CARBS system. This system consists of COBOL programs with CICS and DB2. I monitor the production system and identify and report any problems. Other accomplishments include documenting existing programs by examining JCL and PROCs and reading COBOL with DB2 programs. The documentation is created and maintained using Microsoft Excel, Word, and Visio. Wrote REXX execs and SQL for automating maintenance functions.

Unemployed Aug 2001 - May 2002

Habasit ABT, Inc., March 2000 - August 2001

150 Industrial Park Road

Middletown, CT 06457 $25 per hour

Software/Hardware Engineer

As an IT Support Specialist, maintaining a variety of systems, maintain old programs and write new programs using Business Basic and SQL. Conducted unit and system testing on all modules. Support Windows 2000 server, Lotus Notes server, UNIX server. Help desk for 50 users of Windows 95, 98, 2000 work stations. Also, repair PCs and Peripherals, maintain computer controlled machines, and set up and maintain training rooms including cameras, projectors, PC's, electronic whiteboards, and VCR's.

Specific accomplishments include:

Help desk for Microsoft platform (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, CAD/CAM)

Installed Lotus Notes R5 onto user workstations

Business Basic programs to maintain and display information from UNIX databases

PC and Peripheral, setup, maintenance and repair

Create and modify user entries on Windows 2000 server

Set up hub and laid cabling to attach factory workstations to the LAN

Quinebaug Valley Community College November 2001 to Present

Danielson, CT

Computer Instructor $25 - $35 per hour

For local colleges Woodworth's LLC creates courseware (Lesson plans, handouts, instructor manuals) and provides training in Microsoft technologies such as Windows operating systems, Excel, Word, Frontpage, and DOS.

Specific accomplishments include:

Train beginning students in Visual Basic programming

Created lesson plans, Handouts, instructor notes, training software (written in Visual Basic) for Intro to Computers course

Created lesson plans, Handouts, instructor notes, training CDs for Windows Overview course

Created lesson plans, Handouts, instructor notes for Microsoft FrontPage course

As a guest lecturer, taught the above classes to students

Teach Robotics for the Kids Academy

Asnuntuck Commuinity College, Fall 2000

Enfield, CT $52 per hour

Computer Programming Instructor

As a COBOL Programming Instructor, taught students many aspects of structured programming using COBOL as a programming language.

Lecture in Structured COBOL Programming

Creation of Labs, Tests, and Quizes

Maintaining syllabus for COBOL/CICS course using Word

Maintain Student Grades using Excel

Create Student handouts using Excel, Word for Windows, Visio, etc.

Woodworth's Computer Services July 1999 - March 2000

Willimantic, CT $22 per hour

Software Engineer, Salesman, President

Wrote a Home Inventory program using Visual Basic 6 and Access. Computer Sales and Service. Used Microsoft office suite for much of the work. Created test plans for all unit and system testing. Also, offered support services for IBM computers, mainframe and midrange such as AS300.

Unemployed Jul 1999 - Mar 2000

Data Pros November 1997 - July 1999

Windsor, CT

Independent Contractor


ITT Hartford, Personal Lines Automation August 1998 - July 1999

Hartford, CT $24 per hour ($50 per hour to Woodworth's LLC)

Assigned to a technical support team, my responsibilites included the support of a State Rate Table system. This system consists of assembler programs, assembler macros, COBOL programs, and REXX programs. I maintain the existing programs plus write new Assembler programs, macros, and REXX execs. The Windows NT versions of both the Assembler and COBOL programs are written and maintained using Microfocus Workbench. Once uploaded to the mainframe, performed all system testing including adjustments to VSAM files using IDCAMS utility. Also, used the Microsoft Office suite.

Unemployed May 1998 - Aug 1998

ITT Hartford, Claims Business Systems November 1997 - May 1998

Hartford, CT $22 per hour ($43 per hour to Woodworth's LLC)

Responsible for analysis and programming on a claims insurance system. My responsibilities included three systems: Daily Output, Miscelaneous Loss Reporting, and Ledger. I downloaded programs and files and set them up to run on Micro Focus COBOL, with Advanced Workbench, in a Windows NT environment. Performed analysis, coding, and all phases of testing.

Unemployed Oct 1997 - Nov 1997

Source Consulting September 1997 - October 1997

East Hartford, CT



Output Technologies September 1997 - October 1997

East Hartford, CT $40 per hour

Wrote and tested control programs using Microfocus COBOL. These control programs were front end programs which read beta files sent by the customer. Certain accumulations were done, records were split off into different files and data editting was done. Microfocus Advanced Workbench was used as a development tool. Also, wrote programs to convert EBCDIC mainframe files into ASCII strings which were to run through an HTML generator for the creation of Internet Web pages. Also, on an AS400, wrote COBOL and Assembler programs for analyzing production problems.

Unemployed Aug 1997 - Sep 1997

Microtech March 1997 - August 1997

Simsbury, CT



Computer Sciences Corporation June 1997 - August 1997

New London, CT $40 per hour

Wrote COBOL programs to create interface files for an IDMS to IDMS conversion. General Dynamics bought two divisions of Lockheed Martin. Both had IDMS systems. Both systems required modifications in order to be able to run together. My programs converted files on one system to a format used on the other and vise versa. Also, wrote automation tools using REXX and Assembler.

Unemployed Apr 1997 - Jun 1997

CIGNA Insurance March 1997 - April 1997

Bloomfield, CT $40 per hour

Analysis on an Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) system to find solutions to production problems. A business Analyst and Systems Analyst designed, coded, tested, and placed into production a system which was riddled with errors. For one year it sent bad data to the customer and when the customer went to use the data to balance the books he was off by millions of dollars. As usual, I was hired to clean up the mess. In one month I rewrote the system which ran perfectly.

Specific accomplishments include:

Used Xpediter and Microfocus COBOL debugging tools to trace through programs to identify problems and come up with solutions.

Used PAN scans (PAN#8) to scan the EOB programs for information which could be used to help the business analyst complete business specifications.

Created data files and MVS JCL to test solutions.

Wrote technical specifications to be used by programmers to code solutions to problems. The technical specs included flowcharts created using FLOW3 and FLOW4.

Unemployed Dec 1996 - Mar 1997

Integrated Systems Resources April 1996 - December 1996

Hartford, CT



TAPCCO (Travelers/AEtna Property Casualty Company) July 1996 - December 1996

Windsor, CT $35 per hour

Wrote Assembler and REXX programs which read through COBOL source code and copylib members to report on various aspects of the SAFARI Homeowners Insurance system. For example, one program read a copybook into a table then read through COBOL source programs in the SAFARI libraries and reported on all programs that referenced the fields contained in the copybook and also printed extracts of code showing how each field from the copybook was referenced in the programs. A summary of all references was created also which showed which programs referenced which fields. Wrote Assembler and REXX programs to create ENDEVOR SCL statements and execute them in foreground. Etc.

Unemployed May 1996 - Jul 1996

Computer Sciences Corporation April 1996 - May 1996 860-***-****

Norwich, CT $35 per hour

Wrote COBOL programs with SQL to modify dates in IMS databases for a Year 2000 project. Wrote REXX programs to automate some functions on TSO. For example, one REXX program accepted a library and a prefix which it would use to create a list of members from the library then create and submit an IEBPTPCH to print out each member in the list.

Unemployed Mar 1996 - Apr 1996

Howard Systems International November 1995 - March 1996

Farmington, CT



ITT Hartford November 1995 - March 1996

Hartford, CT $35 per hour

Modified existing claims programs to accept transactions generated by the COLOSSUS system. Worked with COBOL, CICS, ASSIST. Wrote up test plans and organized all acceptance testing. Wrote REXX EXECs to automate many of the maintenance functions.

State Of Connecticut January 1993 - November 1995

Department of Revenue Services

Hartford, CT $35,000 per year

Computer Programmer

Responsible for application support in the Department of Revenue Services. Maintain existing COBOL and CICS programs and write new COBOL programs. Scheduled all acceptance testing and walk throughs. Conducted all integration testing for front end and back end of Income Tax system.

Specific accomplishments include:

Rewrote backend of Income Tax system written in COBOL. Took ten thousand lines of code and turned it into two thousand lines which were easier to understand and maintain.

Initiated, designed, coded (REXX and JCL), tested, and implemented system to automate Income Tax test cycle. Saved 20 man hours per month and cut down user errors by 90%.

Initiated, designed, coded (Assembler and REXX), tested, and implemented system to automate report distribution to users. Saved 40 man hours per month.

Initiated, designed, coded (C++ and Batch files), and tested system to automate Income Tax test cycle on the LAN.

Unemployed Oct 1992 - Jan 1993

Computer Processing Institute (CPI) July 1987 - October 1992

E. Hartford, CT $28,000 per year

Computer Programming Department Head

Was rehired to set up a Novell LAN for the computer programming department. Promotted to Department Head where I was responsible for hiring and managing computer programming staff in Bridgeport and East Hartford schools. In charge of curriculum development, instructor assignments for both day and evening classes, and contacting outside companies to determine what courses would best prepare students for their environments. Also responsible for training students in computer programming. Wrote many programs for office automation.

Specific accomplishments include:

Wrote C programs to automatically generate, administer, and grade student quizzes and tests. The results were automatically sent to the appropriate instructor. These freed up 3 to 4 hours of time per week for each instructor.

Wrote C programs to emulate TSO and MVS mainframe operating systems on a PC. These saved the school thousands of dollars in mainframe costs.

Wrote PC/REXX programs to simulate the OS and DOS operators consoles. This freed up operations instructor time plus gave students a more solid foundation of running a mainframe.

Trained staff members in C programming language.

Trained hundreds of students in VSAM, PC DOS, Assembly programming, COBOL programming, Structured Analysis & Design using BASIC and REXX, PC DOS, DBASE IV, SQL, TSO, CMS, REXX, IMS.

Substituted as an Electronics Instructor

Unemployed May 1987 - Jul 1987

COMPTECH August 1986 - May 1987

Glastonbury, Connecticut



Torrington Company August 1986 - May 1987

Torrington, CT $30 per hour

Responsible for conversion of PL/1 and COBOL programs. Programs which were currently running on a DOS/VSE system were converted to enable them to run on an MVS/XA system. Also, wrote MVS JCL to test the converted programs and run them in production. Used CA7 Scheduler extensively.

Specific accomplishments include:

Wrote Assembler programs to read through DOS JCL files, standard labels, and PROCs then generate MVS JCL. This saved hundreds of hours of manual labor.

Wrote REXX programs to read through JCL files and COBOL programs to create reports of input and output file names and formats.

Created training materials for educating new contractors to the conversion processes. This shortened the time it took for employees to train contractors.

Computer Processing Institute January 1984 - August 1986

East Hartford, CT $24,000 per year

Computer Programming Instructor

Responsible for the training of classes in Computer Programming. Courses taught include DBASE III, PC DOS, WORDSTAR, COBOL, System 370 Assembly, 6502 Assembly, CMS, XEDIT, CICS, OS JCL, Structured Analysis & Design using BASIC and REXX.

Specific accomplishments include:

Using EXEC language, wrote WorkBench systems to aid students in debugging COBOL and Assembler source programs.

Using EXEC language wrote debugging aid to help students solve run time errors in COBOL and Assembler programs.

Wrote 4 books which included lectures, diagrams, and exercises for training students in Structured Programming using COBOL, Assembler, BASIC, and REXX.

Trained hundreds of students in Computer Programming

Unemployed Dec 1983 - Aug 1986

ACCR-A-DATA May 1983 - December 1983

Unionville, Connecticut $18,000 per year

Computer Programmer/Operator

Responsible for writing new COBOL programs for printing rebate checks, writing reports, and updating VSAM databases. Also responsible for all phases of testing and integration. Operations duties consisted of running programs on an IBM 4321, operating tape drive, chain printer, and operators console. Duties also included technical support, such as writing of forms control buffers, redirecting printed output back to the console, dump reading, and solving technical problems.

Unemployed Jul 1982 - May 1983

Independent Contractor, July 1982 - June 1983

Stafford, CT $0

PC Consultant

Wrote 8086 Assembly programs for Softword Systems (later named MULTIMATE). Wrote various BASIC programs and Batch files which ran under PC DOS. (After the work I did for this company, the owner sold the company and is now sailing around the world in his yacht.) Wrote programs using BASIC programming language which were marketed through own company.

Specific accomplishments include:

Wrote Windows type operating system using 8086 Assembly language

Wrote "Desktop Publishing Program" using Timex/Sinclair BASIC and Z80 Assembly.

Milton Bradley October 1981 - July 1982

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts $24,000 per year

Technical Analyst

Responsible for CICS & VSAM support. Performed CICS table maintenance and debugging. Programmed, in BAL, system modules to control data communications between online and batch programs. These programs allowed online and batch programs to access database files simultaneously. Installed inventory system and used IDCAMS to create and install supporting VSAM files.

Unemployed Aug 1981 - Oct 1981

Jacobs Manufacturing Jun 1981 - Aug 1981

Windsor, Connecticut $22,000 per year


Responsible for maintenance on inventory systems for the Jacobs chuck and the Jacobs brake. Duties included making changes to COBOL programs and testing these changes on a UNIVAC system.

Unemployed May 1981 - June 1981

CG Aetna Feb 1981 - May 1981

Hartford, Connecticut $20,000 per year


Responsible for maintenance on the Home Owners Insurance System. Duties included making changes to COBOL programs and testing these changes on a UNIVAC system.

Aetna Life & Casualty December 1977 - January 1981

Hartford, Connecticut Start $11,700 per year – Finish $18,000 per year


Responsible for analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging and implementation of new programs coded in COBOL, CICS, and Assembler. Acceptance testing, system testing, and integration testing performed under CMS & MVS with OS JCL (JES 2) using IBM 370. In CMS, wrote EXEC programs which were utilized by the application programming department.

Specific accomplishments include:

Designed, coded, tested, and implemented the Pharmacy Claim System. The system consisted of 50 COBOL programs. It automated the processing of claims.

Rewrote the Time Reporting System. The new system eliminated a 200 page user manual by automating most tasks. The new system eliminated 95% of the data entry errors generated by the old system.

Wrote an Assembler program which read through COBOL programs and created documentation required by the Group Data Processing Department. Prior to my writing these programs the programmers were required to go through listings by hand and write down the documentation which was given to secretaries for typing. My system saved the company hundreds of hours a week in manual labor.

Maintained COBOL, CICS programs.


New Horizons

Windsor, CT

2002 Web Development

Java, HTML, XML, .net, Microsoft Access

New Horizons

Windsor, CT

2001 Microsoft Excel

Central Connecticut State University

New Britain, Connecticut

1996 Power Builder

1995 Visual Basic

Greater Hartford Community College

Hartford, Connecticut

1991 C Programming

Computer Processing Institute

East Hartford, Connecticut

1990 Diploma - Electronic Technology

1977 Diploma - Business Computer Programming

Eastern Connecticut State University

Willimantic, Connecticut

1975 B.A. - Music

Manchester Community College

Manchester, CT

1972 A.A. - Liberal Arts

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